Thursday, February 23, 2017

Self Without Characteristics

From the Sri Shivarahasya Purana, Chapter 28 entitle 'The topic of the Self being without characteristics"

21. Devoid of all bodies am I.   Bereft of all actions, am I.  I am the peaceful Self of all mantras, beyond all the inner faculties.  

22.  I am devoid of all invocations.  I am the illuminator of all the gods. I am the Self devoid of all ablutions.  I am the one, the foremost and without a second.

23.  In the sacred center of the Self, in the sacred waters of the Self, in the mind overcome by the bliss of the Self, realizing that I am the Self alone, I repose and revel
in the Self.

24. The Self alone is the enjoyment for the Self, the contented Self, the happy Self.
The Self alone is the Self of the Self.  The Self alone am I, the supreme.

25.  I am the Self, I am the Self that I am.  I am the Self not of the world.  I am the Self of all. I am the perpetual Self. I am the eternal Self different from qualities.

26.  Meditate thus regularly.  Meditate always thus for accomplishment. The goal is ever attained as simply awareness.  That is just certitude.  Even that certainty shall subside. Be happy by yourself.

27.  O Lord!  The innumerable Vedas with their diverse branches proclaim you alone, the only one, variously as Vishnu, Indra, Brahma, Yama the god of Death, Agni the fire god, Vayu the god of air, the Lord of beings and the Lord of the hosts.


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