Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kill Bull 6

When Navratri nights come, I just write another Kill Bull post. These were the different ideas coming at different times. But this great symbolic event continues to unfold in time with each of us at any given time. This is the eternal theme of the struggle between two forces inside and outside of us. The necessity of the fight seems forced and painful but in fact it is absolutely necessary for us. The man can and must obey the dharmic law of good, and in the case of default, he is responsible and be punished. It always has a choice and this choice is a source of responsibility and the possibility of karmic punishment. Devi purifies Mahisasura making him the sacrifice offering to itself. Shakti looks to unburden us of our own illusions and she does this in the same way she killed Mahishasura, with compassion. The Durga-Kali energy is so strongly tied to transformation and the destruction of negativity that this energy can often be misunderstood as harshness. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the power of Shakti. Devi is "beyond good and evil", it is self-evident, for in this side of good and evil is our world, and not God. At the same time, She is Maya, She is Mahashakti - at once both the unknowable Divine Essence, and every veil that simultaneously hides and reveals this Essence, with absolutely no distinction between them. And there is no contradiction in Goddess's character. The seeming cruelty is only compassion and goodness.
We see the struggle, but there is no equal and opposite Power to the Power that created this universe; to the Power that created you and me. That Power is here among us and within us and has the authority and the compassion to silence the lies and bring more of that freedom that is indeed our birthright and our potential.
The glorious fierce compassion of Devi, is one of power, not the kind of power that destroys everything in its past, but instead faces the suffering and darkness and with the fierce gaze of compassionate warrioress love, dissolves it instantly with a heart full of love.
Jai Durga, Jai Ma!

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