Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jagannath Prayer

neelAchala-nivAsAya nityAya paramAtmane
balabhadra-subhadrAbhyAm jagannAthAya te namah
jagadA-nanda-kandAya praNatArta-harAya cha
neelAchala-nivAsAya jagannAthAya te namah

Jai Jagannath!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hanumana Dhyana Shloka

sarvaarishTa nivaarakam shubhakaram pingaaksham akshaapaham |
seetaanvesha tatparam kapivaram koTeendusoorya prabham ||
lankaadveepa bhayankaram sakaladam sugreevasammaanitam |
devendraadi samasta devaavinutam kaakastadootam bhaje ||
kyaata shree raamadoota pavanatanubhava pingaalaka shashikhavan |
seetashokaapahaaree dashamukhavijayee lakshmaNa praaNadaataa ||
aneto bheshajatre lavaNaajalanidhe laghane deekshito ya |
mama manasi vasat kaaryasiddhim tanotu || 4 ||

Om Sri Hanumate Namah

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sadashiva Kavacha

From Bhairava Tantra

shrI devyuvAcha
bhagavan-devadevesha sarvAmnAya prapUjita |
sarvam me kathitam deva kavacham na prakAshitam || 1 ||
prAsAdAkhyasya mantrasya kavacham me prakAshaya |
sarvarakShAkaram deva yadi sneho-sti mAm prati || 2 ||
shrI bhagavAnuvAcha
prAsAda-mantra-kavachasya vAmadeva RuShih |
panktishChandah | sadAshivo devatA | sakalAbhIShTa-siddhaye jape viniyogaha ||
shiro me sarvadA pAtu prAsAdAkhyah sadAshivah |
ShaDakSharasvarUpo me vadanam tu maheshvarah || 3 ||
panchAkSharAtmA bhagavAn-bhujou me parirakShatu |
mrityunjayas-tribIjAtmA Asyam rakShatu me sadA || 4 ||
vaTamUlam samAsIno dakShiNAmUrtir-avyayah |
sadA mAm sarvadah pAtu ShaTtrim-shArNa-svarUpadhruk || 5 ||
dvAvimshArNAtmako rudro dakShiNah parirakShatu |
trivarNAtmA nIlakanThah kanTham rakShatu sarvadA || 6 ||
chintAmaNir-bIjarUpo hyardha-nArIshvaro harah |
sadA rakShatu me guhyam sarva-sampat-pradAyakah || 7 ||
ekAkShara-svarUpAtmA kUTavyApI maheshvarah |
mArtanDa-bhairavo nityam pAdou me pari rakShatu || 8 ||
tumburAkhyo mahAbIja-svarUpah tripurAntakah |
sadA mAm raNabhUmou cha rakShatu tridashAdhipah || 9 ||
Urdhva-mUrddhAnam-IshAno mama rakShatu sarvadA |
dakShiNAsyam tatpuruShah pAyAnme girinAyakah || 10 ||
aghorAkhyo mahAdevah pUrvAsyam parirakShatu |
vAmadevah pashchimAsyam sadA me parirakShatu || 11 ||
uttarAsyam sadA pAtu sadyojAta-svarUpadhruk |
ittham rakShAkaram devi kavacham deva-durlabham || 12 ||
prAtah-kAle paThedyastu so-abhIShTam phalam-ApnuyAt |
pUjAkAle paThedyastu kavacham sAdhakottamah || 13 ||
kIrti-shrI-kAnti-medhAyuh-sahito bhavati dhruvam |
kanThe yo dhArayed-etat-kavacham mat-svarUpakam || 14 ||
yuddhe cha jayamApnoti dyUte vAde sa sAdhakah |
kavacham dhArayed-yastu sAdhako dakShiNe bhuje || 15 ||
devA manuShyA gandharvA vashyAstasya na saMshayah |
kavacham shirasA yastu dhArayed-yatamAnasah || 16 ||
karathAstasya deveshi aNimAdyaShTa-siddhayah |
bhUrjapatre tvimAm vidyAm Shukla-pakSheNa veShTitAm ||
rajatodara-samviShTAm krutvA vA dhArayet-sudhIh |
samprApya mahatIm lakShmI-mante meddeharUpabhAk || 18 ||
yasmai kasmai na dAtavyam na prakAshyam kadAchana |
shiShyAya bhaktiyuktAya sAdhakAya prakAshayet || 19 ||
anyathA siddhihAnih syAt-satyam-etan-manorame |
tava snehAn-mahAdevi kathitam kavacham shubham || 20 ||
na deyam kasya-chid-bhadre yadIcChed-Atmano hitam |
yo archayed-gandha-puShpAdyaih kavacham manmukhoditam |
tenArchitA mahAdevi sarve devA na samshayah || 21 ||

iti bhairava-tantre sadAshiva-kavacham sampUrNam ||


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oneness of Life and Light

Buddhist Metta Karuna Prayer

Oneness of Life and Light,
Entrusting in your Great Compassion,
May you shed the foolishness in myself,
Transforming me into a conduit of Love.
May I be a medicine for the sick and weary,
Nursing their afflictions until they are cured;
May I become food and drink,
During time of famine,
May I protect the helpless and the poor,
May I be a lamp,
For those who need your Light,
May I be a bed for those who need rest,
and guide all seekers to the Other Shore.
May all find happiness through my actions,
and let no one suffer because of me.
Whether they love or hate me,
Whether they hurt or wrong me,
May they all realize true entrusting,
Through Other Power,
and realize Supreme Nirvana.

Without Stepping on The Flowers

Painting by Marc Chagall
From Muhammad Iqbal ’s "Zabur-i ‘Aj am".

Who caused all the uproar in this ancient temple?
For, its chord-wearing devotees are full of lament like the flute.
In the huts of the poor and in the mansions of the rich,
There are sorrows that would arch one's back in youth.
Where is the cure —for the pain gets worse with the cure;
Knowledge is but pretense, illusion, and magic.
Without a flux of water, Adam's boat will not row—
Every heart has a thousand fights to pick with the boatman
Do not ask me to recount the journey of my life;
I reconciled myself to pain and passed on, singing lyrics.
Mingling my breath with the breeze of dawn,
I toured this garden without stepping on the flowers.
Detached from town and street, yet spread out in town and street—
I watched this inn with the eyes of the moon.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Why Do You Sleep?

O FRIEND, dear heart of mine, think well! if you love indeed, then why do you sleep?
If you have found Him, then give yourself utterly, and take Him to you.
Why do you loose Him again and again?
If the deep sleep of rest has come to your eyes, why waste your time making the bed and arranging the pillows?
Kabîr says: "I tell you the ways of love! Even though the head itself must be given, why should you weep over it?"
--- by Kabirdas

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Enter the Door - 18

While you keep certain doors open, such as the door of imagining that you can dominate your own learning with insufficient tools, you cannot open – and go through – the door of a greater understanding. This is why Saadi, for instance, says (in his Bostan, The Orchard): ‘The door of illumination is open to those for whom other doors are closed.’
---by Idries Shah  "The Commanding Self"

Saturday, June 3, 2017

God of Force, God of Love

Immortal, moveless, calm, alone, august,
A silence throned, to just and to unjust
One Lord of still unutterable love,
I saw Him, Shiva, like a brooding dove
Close-winged upon her nest. The outcasts came,
The sinners gathered to that quiet flame,
The demons by the other sterner gods
Rejected from their luminous abodes
Gathered around the Refuge of the lost
Soft-smiling on that wild and grisly host.
All who were refugeless, wretched, unloved,
The wicked and the good together moved
Naturally to Him, the shelterer sweet,
And found their heaven at their Master’s feet.
The vision changed and in its place there stood
A Terror red as lightning or as blood.
His strong right hand a javelin advanced
And as He shook it, earthquake stumbling danced
Across the hemisphere, ruin and plague
Rained out of heaven, disasters swift and vague
Neighboured, a marching multitude of ills.
His foot strode forward to oppress the hills,
And at the vision of His burning eyes
The hearts of men grew faint with dread surmise
Of sin and punishment. Their cry was loud,
“O master of the stormwind and the cloud,
Spare, Rudra, spare! Show us that other form
Auspicious, not incarnate wrath and storm.”
The God of Force, the God of Love are one;
Not least He loves whom most He smites. Alone
Who towers above fear and plays with grief,
Defeat and death, inherits full relief
From blindness and beholds the single Form,
Love masking Terror, Peace supporting Storm.
The Friend of Man helps him with life and death
Until he knows. Then, freed from mortal breath,
Grief, pain, resentment, terror pass away.
He feels the joy of the immortal play;
He has the silence and the unflinching force,
He knows the oneness and the eternal course.
He too is Rudra and thunder and the Fire,
He Shiva and the white Light no shadows tire,
The Strength that rides abroad on Time’s wide wings,
The Calm in the heart of all immortal things.

---by Sri Aurobindo

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

There is No One Your Own, O Traveller

Opening song from the movie "Guide"(1965).
Singer: S D BURMAN
Music : S D BURMAN

wahaan kaun hai teraa,
musaafir, jaayegaa kahaan

There is no one your own, o traveller
take a breather here,
where will you get this cool shade
there is no one your own..

Those days are gone
those moments of love
those nights are dreams now
they have forgotten it,
and you too should forget
those love filled meetings,
those love filled meetings..
It's all dark for long distances..
so where will you go, o traveller

No one is there awaiting you
no one is looking forward for your arrival
nobody felt your pain,
no one shed a tear for you
whom can you call your own
so where will you go, o traveller

You guided others
how come you lost your own destination
having solved the problems of others
how come you got entangled in weak threads
why is the snakecharmer swaying on his own tune
where will you go, o traveller

musaafir.. tu jaayegaa kahaan

O traveller.. where will you go..

Learned people say,
this world is a mirage
everything is written on water
it is seen by all, it is experienced by all
(but) nobody could get/control it
nothing is yours, nothing is mine
so where will you go, o traveller
better take a breather here, you may not get this cool shade again

There is no one your own, o traveller
there is no one yours..