Friday, November 30, 2012

His Love endures Forever

Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa
Psalm 136 from the Book of Psalms, a book of the Hebrew Bible, the Christian Bible, and the Islamic Zabur.

1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
2 Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.

4 to him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.
5 who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.
6 who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.
7 who made the great lights—
His love endures forever.
8 the sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.
9 the moon and stars to govern the night;
His love endures forever.

10 to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt
His love endures forever.
11 and brought Israel out from among them
His love endures forever.
12 with a mighty hand and outstretched arm;
His love endures forever.

13 to him who divided the Red Sea asunder
His love endures forever.
14 and brought Israel through the midst of it,
His love endures forever.
15 but swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea;
His love endures forever.

16 to him who led his people through the wilderness;
His love endures forever.

17 to him who struck down great kings,
His love endures forever.
18 and killed mighty kings—
His love endures forever.
19 Sihon king of the Amorites
His love endures forever.
20 and Og king of Bashan—
His love endures forever.
21 and gave their land as an inheritance,
His love endures forever.
22 an inheritance to his servant Israel.
His love endures forever.

23 He remembered us in our low estate
His love endures forever.
24 and freed us from our enemies.
His love endures forever.
25 He gives food to every creature.
His love endures forever.

26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
His love endures forever.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prayer to the Virgin

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
"The Prayer to the Virgin" is the beginning of the Canto XXXIII of Dante`s "Divine Comedy". Here St. Bernard prays to the Virgin Mary that Dante may have grace given him to contemplate the brightness of the Divine Majesty. This is granted.

"Virgin mother, daughter of your Son,
Humbler and higher than all other creatures,
Fixed aim and goal of the eternal plan,

"You are the one who lifted human nature
 To such nobility that its own Maker
Did not disdain to be made of its making.

"Within your womb was lit once more the flame
Of that love through whose warmth this flower opened
To its full bloom in everlasting peace.

 "To us up here you are the torch of noon
Blazing with love, and for the mortals down there
You are the living fountainhead of hope.

"Lady, you are so highly placed and helpful,
Whoever seeks grace and does not call on you
 Wants his desires to fly up without wings.

"Your loving heart not only offers aid
To those who ask for it, but oftentimes
Free-handedly anticipates the asking.

"In you is mercy, in you largeheartedness,
 In you compassion, and in you is found
Whatever good exists in any creature.

"Now this man who from down the deepest pit
Of the whole universe up to this point
Has seen the lives of spirits, one by one,

 "Begs by your grace that you will give him strength
To enable him to rise on with his eyes
Still higher to the summit of salvation.

"And I, who never burned for my own vision
More than I burn for his, pour out to you
 All of my prayers, and pray they be sufficient

"For you to scatter from him by your prayers
Every last cloud of his mortality
That he may see revealed the highest Pleasure.

"I pray you also, Queen, for you can do
 Whatever you will, that after he has seen
This vision, you keep his affections wholesome.

"Watch and restrain his human impulses:
See Beatrice with so many blessed spirits
Clasping their hands to join me in this prayer."

 The eyes God loves and reverences the most,
Fastened upon this praying saint, displayed
How deeply she is pleased by devout prayer.

Then her eyes turned to the eternal Light
Into whose depth we may believe the eyes
Of no other creature penetrates more clearly.

And I, now drawing closer to the end
Of every longing, lifted to that end,
Just as I should, the flame of all my longing.

Bernard gave me a signal and a smile
 To look straight up, but by myself already
I was intent as he would have me be,

Because my sight, becoming crystal clear,
Was piercing deeper and deeper through the rays
Of that deep Light which in itself is true.

From that point on, my power to see was stronger
Than speech that fails before such sights can show,
As memory falls short of the beyond.

As someone who while dreaming sees a vision
And, after he has dreamed, the feeling stays
Impressed, but all the rest slips from his mind,

I am like that, for almost all my seeing
Now falls away, but sweetness sprung from it
Still drips down, drop by drop, into my heart.

So is the snow unsealed beneath the sunlight;
So were the sayings of the Sibyl upon
The light leaves left to drift off in the wind.

O highest Light, lifted up so far
Above all mortal thinking, lend my mind,
Once more, a little of what you were like,

And grant my tongue such powerful expression
That it may leave behind a single spark
Of glory for a people still to come.

For by returning some spark to my mind
And sounding out a little in these lines,
Your triumph shall be thought of more profoundly.

I think I would have been lost in a daze
With the dazzling I endured from that live beam
If my eyes once had turned away from it.

I remember I grew bolder for this reason
In bearing up with it, until I merged
My gazing with the infinite Goodness.

O grace abounding, by which I have dared
To fix my eyes through the eternal Light
So deeply that my sight was spent in it!

Within its depths I saw gathered together,
Bound by love into a single volume,
Leaves that lie scattered through the universe.

Substance and accidents and their relations
I saw as though they fused in such a way
That what I say is but a gleam of light.

The universal pattern of this knot
I believe I saw, because in telling this,
I feel my gladness growing ever larger.

One moment made more slip my memory than
Twenty-five centuries reft from the adventure
That awed Neptune with the shadow of the Argo.

So my mind, held in absolute suspense,
Was staring fixed, intent, and motionless,
And by its staring grew the more inflamed.

Within that Light a person is so changed
It is impossible to give consent
Ever to turn from it to other sights

Because the Good, the object of the will,
Is gathered all in it, and out of it
The thing that there is perfect has some flaw.

Now shall my telling of what I remember
Fall far below the babbling of a baby
Still bathing its tongue at the mother’s breast.

Not that there is more than a single semblance
Within that living Light on which I looked
And which is always what it was before,

But by the sight that gathered strength in me
As I gazed on, what was One in appearance
Was altering for me as I was changing.

In the profound and shining-clear Existence
Of the deep Light appeared to me three circles
Of one dimension and three different colors.

One seemed to be reflected by the other,
Rainbow by rainbow, while the third seemed fire
Breathed equally from one and from the other.

O how pale now is language and how paltry
For my conception! And for what I saw
My words are not enough to call them meager.

O everlasting Light, you dwell alone
In yourself, know yourself alone, and known
And knowing, love and smile upon yourself!

That middle circle which appeared in you
To be conceived as a reflected light,
After my eyes had studied it a while,

Within itself and in its coloring
Seemed to be painted with our human likeness
So that my eyes were wholly focused on it.

As the geometer who sets himself
To square the circle and who cannot find,
For all his thought, the principle he needs,

Just so was I on seeing this new vision
I wanted to see how our image fuses
Into the circle and finds its place in it,

Yet my wings were not meant for such a flight —
Except that then my mind was struck by lightning
Through which my longing was at last fulfilled.

Here powers failed my high imagination:
But by now my desire and will were turned,
Like a balanced wheel rotated evenly,

By  the  Love  that  moves  the  sun  and  the  other  star.

1000 Arms of Compassion

Avalokiteshvara, is an enlightened being who is a manifestation of all Buddhas' compassion. He is known as the Buddha of Compassion.
The name Avalokiteshvara is made of four parts: the verbal prefix ava, which means "down"; the noun loka, which means "the world"; the suffix ita, which changes the verb ''avalok'' into a noun, "one who looks upon the world"; and finally iśvarā, means "lord" or "master".
From "The Great Compassion Repentance"of Fo Guang Shan ( international Mahayana Buddhist monastic order):

Sincerely we repent. Your disciple and beings in all realms, within their present mind contain the multitude of phenomena, miraculous powers and bright wisdom, and are equal to both the Buddhas above, and sentient beings below.
Yet due to ignorance since the infinite past,
which obstructs this serene light,
we generate delusions in the world,
and our minds are bound with the cords of craving.
Although all phenomena are equal,
we conceptualize self and others.
Desire and views are the root,
and the body is a condition for this.
In the midst of existence,
there is no crime we have not committed,
such as the ten evil acts and the five atrocities,
slandering the Dharma and defaming others,
violating morality and the precepts,
desecrating stupas and destroying temples,
stealing from the Sangha, corrupting others’ pure practice,
ruining public property, food and drink.
Thousands of Buddhas may come and go,
but our offences would never be repented.
Our transgressions are boundless.
On the point of death,
we shall fall into the three lower realms and suffer endlessly.
Even while alive,
there will be much distress, sickness and cruel pains,
which hinder our cultivation, and obstruct our cultivation.
Now we have encountered the complete and full Dharani of Great Compassion,
which can swiftly extinguish all such obstacles and offences.
Therefore we shall now sincerely recite the Dharani.
We pray that most compassionate
Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva,
guard us with Your Thousand Arms
and illuminate us with Your Thousand Eyes.

May all internal and external hindrances be eliminated.
All pledges and practices for the self and others can be completed.
We will see our true natures and realize all wisdom.
We will conquer all evils and diligently purify the three karmas.
Let us take refuge in Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and all Great Masters.
Aspire to Bodhichitta, and practice the cultivation of mantras.
Together with all beings,
we admit our many faults and sincerely beg for forgiveness.
Our sins will be eliminated.
By cultivating the causes for the Pure Land,
on abandoning this body we shall never be born in any other realm,
but will certainly be reborn in Amitabha Buddha’s Land of Ultimate Bliss.
We make offerings to the most compassionate Avalokitesvara in person, to learn the core of the Dharma and help deliver all beings from the painful wheel of rebirth,  into the land of wisdom. Now that we have completed the Repentance and pledges, we shall take refuge and prostrate to the Triple Gem.

namo ratnatrayāya 
nama ārya-jñāna-sagara-vairocana-buddha-rājāya tathāgatāya 
namaḥ sarvatathāgatebhyaḥ arhadbhyaḥ samyaksaṃbuddhebhyaḥ 
nama āryāvalokiteśvarāya bodhisattvāya mahāsattvāya mahākāruṇikāya
tadyathā oṃ dhara dhara dhiri dhiri dhuru dhuru iṭṭe viṭṭe 
cale cale pracale pracale kusume kusumavare
ili mili viṭi citijvalam avanaya svāhā

Eagle Poem

To pray you open your whole self
To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon
To one whole voice that is you.
And know there is more
That you can't see, can't hear
Can't know except in moments
Steadily growing, and in languages
That aren't always sound but other
Circles of motion.
Like eagle that Sunday morning
Over Salt River. Circles in blue sky
In wind, swept our hearts clean
With sacred wings.
We see you, see ourselves and know
That we must take the utmost care
And kindness in all things.
Breathe in, knowing we are made of
All this, and breathe, knowing
We are truly blessed because we
Were born, and die soon, within a
True circle of motion,
Like eagle rounding out the morning
Inside us.
We pray that it will be done
In beauty.
In beauty.

---Joy Harjo, Native American poet

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chandra Kavacham

Om Ganeshaya Namaha
Asya Sri Chandra Kavacha stotra Maha Manthrasya

Gowthama Rishi, Anushtup Chanda,
Chandro Devatha Chandra preethyartham jape viniyoga.

Samam , chathurbhujam vande, keyura makutojjwalam,
Vasudevasya nayanam, Shankarasya cha bhooshanam. 1
I salute the four armed Moon god who is calm,
Who shines in a gem studded great crown,
Who is the eye of Lord Vishnu,
And the ornament of Lord Shiva.

Yevam dhyathwa japen nithyam shasina kavacham shubham,
Shasi pathu shiro desam, phalam pathu kala nidhi. 2
Thus praying ,this holy armour of Moon,
Should be chanted daily,
Let my head be protected by Moon,
and hairs be protected by the treasure of arts.

Chakshushi chandrama pathu , shruthi pathu nisha pathi,
Pranam krupakara pathu ,mukham kumuda bhandhava. 3
Let my eyes be protected by he who has Moon light,
Let my ears be protected by the Lord of the night,
Let my soul be protected by he who is merciful,
And my face be protected by the relative of Lotus.

Pathu kantam cha may soma, skande jaivathrukasthadha,
Karou sudhakara pathu, vaksha pathu nisakara. 4
Let Soma protect my neck,
Let my shoulder be protected by one who is long lived,
Let the maker of nectar protect my hands,
And the maker of night protect my chest.

Hrudayam pathu may chandro, nabhim shankara bhooshana,
Madhyam pathu sura sreshta, katim pathu sudhakara. 5
Let my heart be protected by Moon,
Let my belly be protected by ornament of Shiva,
Let my middle be protected by chief of devas,
And my hip be protected by he who makes nectar.

Ooru tharapathi pathu, mrugango januni sada,
Abdhija padhu may jange ,padhu, padou vidhu sada. 6
Let my thighs be protected by the Lord of the stars,
Let he who has a deer protect my knees,
Let the maker of time protect my calves,
Let my feet be protected by Moon.

Sarvan anyani changaani pathu, chandro akhilam vapu,
Ethdhi kavacham punyam bhukthi mukthi pradayakam. 7
Let all my other organs be protected by Chandra
Who is everywhere
And this armour would give one devotion and salvation.

Ya padeth srunyadhvapi sarvathra vijayi bbhaveth. 8
Ithi Sri Chandra kavacham sampoornam.

Translated by P.R.Ramachander


Nataraja pathu

Poem "Nataraja pathu" (or "Natarajap Paththu") was written by Sri Chirumanavoor Muniswamy Mudaliar. The beautiful verses full of feelings will repeat with a refrain:

IchanE chivakAmi n^EchanE enai InRa thillai vAz n^aTarAchanE
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi , Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me. 

Om chivamayam

You are that which is spread from the beings of the earth
To the planet in the universe,
You are the top to bottom of the four Vedas,
You are the moon, you are the Sun,
You are the stream, you are the fire,
You are the two sets of the seven worlds,
You are woman, you are man, you are the soul of several beings,
You are everything else, you are also the one,
You are the differences and similarities,
You are from foot to head,
You are the mother and father who gave birth to me,
You are the gold, you are the assets,
You are darkness, you are light,
You are the Guru who came to teach,
You are the famous nine planets,
You are the creator of these worlds,
Oh father who gave birth to innumerable beings,
To whom shall I tell my problems,
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi ,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Deer dancing, moon dancing, streams dancing,
Goddess Parvathi dancing,
Lord Vishnu dancing, books dancing, Vedas dancing,
Waves dancing, Brahma who gave Vedas dancing,
King dancing, all the crowd in heaven dancing,
The god with elephant face dancing,
The two ear globes dancing, armlets and the tiger cloth dancing,
The baby Subrahmanya dancing,
Along with Jnana Sambandar, Indra,
The eighteen sages and eight direction guards dancing,
The sparse thumbai flowers dancing,
The Nandi the vehicle of Shiva dancing, dancing girls dancing,
And with fate the time is running, when I sing about you,
Please come to me with a feast.
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi ,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

On this earth which is like the sea, taking the form of tides,
Believing in the dream called life,
Daily, daily getting completely tied up,
In the whirl wind of the three type of desires
Without rest searching day and night
For the food called life to this pot called body,
And spending all the time
In eating and sleeping and nothing else,
I did not achieve anything.
In the track called the shore of life,
Getting me tied up completely with affection and love,
With the concepts called mothers, children, myself,
You made me the baser or little better type,
And was it right on your part right not to question me
Why I was like this?
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

It is not snake nor black magic,
It is not some evil thing kept,
It is not some wish for my death,
It is not something to make me immobile,
It is not something to attract me ,
It is not the cheating of hell,
It is not making one soul enter another body,
It is not alcoholic drink, it is not a trick,
It is not a chant to avoid arrows and bombs,
It is not a tablet from the sky,
It is not black magic being done with affection,
It is not the rare pretty form to attract,
It is not the medical treatment prescribed by,
Agasthya, Macha sage, Chatta sage,
Brahmin sage, the Kongana sage ,
Sage Gorakka, sage Valluvar,
Sage Bhoga but please tell me ,
What should I do,
So that my mind never goes away from your feet.
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Though I have told you thousand times
That I have come with pain,
Are you not able to hear it?
Are there any fathers who do not look after,
Their own son whose understanding is poor?
Is there any heart that does not melt,
Though I have always been holding your feet
Seeking protection ?
Do you not have two sons
Called the elephant faced one and the six faced one,
Are you a barren father?
Though you have tricks and odd nature with you,
I am not able to see any action from you?
Is it not funny, that Vedas and shastras sing your praise?
Please tell me,
Why did you create these two times seven worlds,
I am not going to leave you,
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Though I did not find the way and did not pray your feet,
Though I did not have affection towards you,
Though as a habit I did not go round temples,
Though I was only doing deceit,
Though I sang the language without ornamentation,
Though I am top level boorish,
Though I deceive, though I steal even the nation and
Though I am completely passionate ,
The blame does not come to me
But does not the blame go to my father and mother,
Would not the people who see this tell,
Oh God who publicly gave half your body to your wife,
Can you not protect this boy,
And you who have stacked the big globes so nicely,
Can you not solve my problems,
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Would I cry,
For my father and mother for having given birth to me?
Would I cry for being not intelligent or
Would I find fault with the four headed Brahma?
Would I cry for the three desires,
Would I cry about problems
Created by my previous birth?
Would I cry for my foolish knowledge,
Would I cry thinking that
I would be covered by result of my past sins?
Would I realize that I would get salvation?
Would I blame myself and cry?
Would I blame you and cry?
Would I cry thinking why this penance,
Would I cry for the ladies,
Would I cry for increasing the truth?
Would I cry for my poverty,
Would I cry as to what would be my next birth,
Please come to tell all this,
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Did I pluck the fruit before it got matured,
Did I get blame from virgin ladies,
Did I rob someone in the name of loan
And make any one suffer,
Did I put thorns in the branch short cut path,
Did I do any harm to my mother at birth,
Did I deny the receipt of money by me,
Did I became egoistic and rob or murder someone,
Did I berate sages,
Did I tell great lies and steal wealth,
Did I find fault with gods,
Did I like the ones with form,
Did not allow others to join and beat them ,
What I did, I do afterwards ,
Did I take a bad name as a miser who never gives,
Please pardon me for all these,
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

What if mother is there,
What if father is there,
What if you are born in a noble family,
And made mountains of money,
What if I got great fame ,
What if I ruled the earth,
What if I have children,
What if I am a teacher, what if I have students,
What if I learn several tricks ,
What if I observe penance daily ,
What if I continuously dip myself in sacred river waters,
Will all these,
Help me to stop the call from the god of death,
And so thinking that these are only temporary friends,
I caught hold of your feet
And so wherever you kept your mind ,
I would be satisfied by a mere look,
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Shall I tell further, is your mind stone or steel or big boulder,
Are both your ears not working properly and
Are you acting as if you did not hear,
Is this proper for you, do you like me,
What type of anger is this, is this also your action,
Are you sad because of only two kids,
Whom are you angry with,
But in spite of it, will I leave you,
Wherever I go leaving you, will I not become useless,
Would I suffer in spite of being near to you,
Oh, this is not either my fault nor yours,
See care carefully, are these born to you,
Even if it is my fault or that of yours,
Please come to shower your grace on me,
Oh God, Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me.

Making Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, Mercury,
Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Sun inside me,
Making all the twelve rasis stand equally,
After processing the snow like twenty seven stars ,
And cutting the eleven rays that shine behind
And after shouting at many,
And after talking before me like fruit
And after pulverizing the bad ones wishing bad things,
You saved the volunteer of your volunteers
And made him saluted by your volunteers,
And so it is your job to rule over Vanavai Munichamy
Who has a sweet disposition.
Oh God , Oh darling of Parvathi,
Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram who gave birth to me. 
IchanE chivakAmi n^EchanE enai InRa thillai vAz n^aTarAchanE
Translated by P.R.Ramachander


Monday, November 26, 2012

96 names of Shiva Arunachala

"Getting rid of the `I am the body' idea and merging the mind into the Heart to realize the Self as non-dual being and the light of all is the real significance of darshan of the beacon of light on Annamalai, the centre of the universe." - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Karthigai Deepam 2012 date is November 27.This year we have a combination of Tuesday with Krittika nakshatra on Pournami.

Sri Arunachala, 2012
Here are the names of Shiva (Arunachala) from the chapter 8 of the Arunachala Mahatmya from Maheshwara Khanda of Skanda MahaPurana.

1 Sonadrisah . . Lord of the Red Hill
2 Arunadrisah . . Lord of the Crimson Hill
3 Devadhisah . . Lord of devas
4 Janapriyah . . Beloved of people
5 Prapannarakshakah. . Protector of those who seek refuge with Him
6 Dhirah . . Brave One
7 Sivah . . The auspicious One
8 Sevakavartakah . . He who is devoted to His votaries
9 Amrtesanah . . Lord of the nectar
10 Stripumbhava- pradayakah. . Granter of birth as man or woman
11 Bhaktavijnapti-samadhata . . He who answers the prayers of His devotees
12 Dinabandha-vimochakah  . . He who releases the lowly from bondage
13 Mukharanghripatih . . He from whose footfall sound originates
14 Sriman . . The noble One
15 Mrdah . . He whose form is Bliss
16 Mrgamadesvarah . . He who is fond of musk
17 Bhaktaprekshanakrit . . He who makes His devotees His messengers
18 Sakshi . . The Witness
19 Bhaktadoshanivartakah. . He who removes the delusion of His devotees
20 Sangitavetta . . He who is expert in music
21 Nrittajnah . . He who is proficient in the art of dancing
22 Trivedi . . Lord of the three Vedas
23 Vrddhavaidikah . . The Ancient One of the Vedas
24 Tyagarajah . . The Ocean of Compassion
25 Krpasindhuh . . The merciful one
26 Sugandhi . . The sweet-scented One
27 Sourabhesvarah . . The Lord of the Bull
28 Kartaviryesvarah . . The Lord of Kartavirya
29 Santah . . The Peaceful One
30 Kapali . . The wearer of skulls
31 Kalasaprabhuh . . The Lord of the ceremonial pitcher in which all gods are worshipped
32 Jnanasambandhanatah. . Lord of Jnanasambandha
33 Sri Halahalasundarah . . The Lord who consumed the deadly poison
34 Ahvaisvaryadata . . He who confers prosperity spontaneously
35 Smartrsarvaghanasanah. . He who removes the impurities of those who think of Him
36 Vyatyastanrityah . . He who raised the left foot in dancing
37 Dhwajadhrk . . Bearer of the banner
38 Sakantih . . The bright One
39 Natesah . . Lord of dancing
40 Samapriyah . . Lover of the Sama Veda
41 Papaharah . . Destroyer of sin
42 Vedamurtih . . Embodiment of the Vedas
43 Niranjanah . . The taintless One
44 Jagannathah . . Lord of the world
45 Mahadevah . . The Great God
46 Trinetrah . . The three-eyed God
47 Tripurantakah . . Destroyer of the three cities
48 Bhaktaparadhasoda . . He who pardons the faults of His devotees
49 Yogisah . . King of yogis
50 Bhoganayakah . . Lord of enjoyments
51 Kalamurtih . . Embodiment of Time
52 Kshamarupi . . Embodiment of forgiveness
53 Dharmarakshakah . . Protector of Dharma
54 Vrshadhwajah . . He whose banner bears the emblem of the Bull
55 Harah . . The Destroyer
56 Girisvarah . . Lord of the Hill
57 Chandrarekhavatamsakah. .The wearer of the Crescent Moon
58 Smarantakah . . The foe of Kama
59 Andhakaripuh . . The destroyer of the demon Andhaka
60 Siddharajah . . The All-powerful One
61 Digambarah . . He for whom the quarters are clothes
62 Isanah . . The Originator
63 Devadevah . . Deva of devas
64 Bhasmarudraksha-lanchanah . . The wearer of the sacred ash and rudraksha beads
65 Sripatih . . Lord of wealth
66 Sankarah . . The Gracious One
67 Srashta . . The Creator
68 Sarvavoidyesvarah . . He who is well-versed in the arts
69 Anaghah . . He who is faultless
70 Gangadharah . . The wearer of the Ganga
71 Kratudhvamsi . . Destroyer of the sacrifice
72 Vimalah . . He who is without blemish
73 Nagabhushanah . . Wearer of the serpent
74 Arunah . . He who is fiery and therefore without form
75 Bahurupah . . He who has many forms
76 Virupakshah . . The possessor of the Infinite Eye
77 Aksharakrtih . . He whose form is Akshara
78 Anadirantarahitah . . He who has no beginning or end
79 Sivakamah . . He who desires the welfare of all
80 Swayamprabhuh . . He who is His own chief
81 Satchidanandarupah . . He whose form is Being-Consciousness-Bliss
82 Sarvatma . . The Self of all
83 Jivadharakah . . The supporter of all
84 Strisangavamasubhagah. . He from whom emanates Shakti and who is the most beautiful One
85 Vihitasundarah . . The One who is beautiful when taken out in procession
86 Jnanapradah . . The Teacher of Wisdom
87 Muktidah . . The bestower Liberation
88 Bhaktavanchitadayakah. . Granter of devotees’ prayers
89 Ascharyavaibhavah . . The possessor of wonderful glory
90 Kami . . He who is full of love
91 Niravadhyah . . He who is free from evil
92 Nidhipradah . . The bestower of wealth
93 Sarvanami . . The possessor of all names
94 Manovasah . . The dweller in the mind
95 Sarvah . . The Lord of all
96 Arunagirisvarah . . The Lord of Arunagiri


Friday, November 23, 2012

The lover who saw a blemish in his beloved’s eye

"The Portrait of Beatrice di Cenci"attributed to Guido Reni

A lion-hearted hero met defeat --
Five years he loved, and slavery was sweet.
The girl for whom he was content to sigh
Had one small blemish lurking in her eye,
And though, as often as she would permit,
He gazed at her he never noticed it.
(How could a man possessed by frenzy see
This unimportant, faint deformity?)
Then imperceptibly love ceased to reign;
A balm was found to ease his aching pain --
The girl and all her blandishments
Became a matter of indifference;
And now the blemish in her eye was clear --
He asked her: ‘When did that white speck appear?’
She answered: ‘As your love began to die,
This speck was brought to being in my eye.’
How long will others’ faults distract your mind?
Your own accuse you, but your heart is blind.
Your sins are heavy, and while they are there,
Another’s guilt is none of your affair.

--- Farid ud-din Attar
Translated by Afham Darbandi and Dick Davis

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looking for your own face

Photo by John Phillips
Your face is neither infinite nor ephemeral.
You can never see your own face,
only a reflection, not the face itself.

So you sigh in front of mirrors
and cloud the surface.

It’s better to keep your breath cold.
Hold it, like a diver does in the ocean.
One slight movement, the mirror-image goes.

Don’t be dead or asleep or awake.
Don’t be anything.

What you most want,
what you travel around wishing to find,
lose yourself as lovers lose themselves,
and you’ll be that.

---Abū Hamīd bin Abū Bakr Ibrāhīm or Attar,
an Iranian Muslim poet and Sufi

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You're inside me

I drink no ordinary wine,
but Wine of Everlasting Bliss,
As I repeat my Mother Kali's name;
It so intoxicates my mind that people take me to be drunk!
First my guru gives molasses for the making of the Wine;
My longing is the ferment to transform it.
Knowledge, the maker of the Wine,
prepares it for me then;
And when it is done,
my mind imbibes it from the bottle of the mantra,
Taking the Mother's name to make it pure.
Drink of this Wine, says Ramprasad,
and the four fruits of life are yours.


Ma, You're inside me;
who says You keep Your distance, Shyama?
You're a stony girl, terrible illusion,
dressing in many guises.
For different methods of prayer You put on
the five chief forms.
But once someone realizes
the five are one,
there'll be no escape for You!
Understanding the truth,
he won't encumber You with false worship
and You'll have to stop
as if You'd sneezed
to tank his burdens.

Once he knows the value of gold
will he welcome glass
by mistake?

Prasad says, My heart is shaped like a flawless lotus.
I place You there, my mental Goddess:

Now dance!

--- Ramprasad Sen, the eighteenth-century Bengali poet-saint, and a great Kali worshipper. 

100 names of Kali

100 names of Kali starting with K ( from Mahanirvana Tantra):
  1. Kalakarshini Conqueror and/or Destroyer of Time
  2. Karali Tremendously Terrific one
  3. Kalyani Bestower of Peace and Happiness
  4. Kalavati Possessor of all the (64) Arts
  5. Kamala Who enjoys and is herself enjoyed , the name of Lakshmi. KAmakalArUpA
  6. Kalidarpaghni Destroyer of the Pride of KAli age
  7. KapardIsha-kripanvitA Kind and Devoted to Him with the Matted Hair (Shiva) 
  8. Kalika Devourer of Him who Devours (Shiva) 
  9. KAlamAtA Mother of Time
  10. KAlAnalasamadyuti Brilliant as the Fires of the final Dissolution
  11. Kapardini Spouse of Him with the Matted Hair
  12. KarAlAsyA Thou of Formidable Countenance
  13. Karunamrita-sagara Ocean of the Nectar of Compassion
  14. KripAmayi Merciful
  15. KripAdhArA Vessel of mercy
  16. KripApArA Whose Mercy is without Limit
  17. KripAgamA Attainable Only by Thy mercy
  18. KrishAnu Thou Art Fire
  19. KapilA One of tawny color
  20. KrishnA Black of hue.  
  21. KrishnAnanda-vivardhinI She who Increases joy (and bliss) of Krishna
  22. KAlaratri Night of Darkness
  23. KAmarUpa She in the Form of Desire
  24. KAmapAsa-vimocinI Liberator from the Bonds of Desire
  25. KAdambinI Dark as a bank of nimbus clouds
  26. KalAdhAra Wearer of the Crescent Moon
  27. Kalikalmasa-nAsini Destructress of sin (in Kali age)
  28. KumAri-pUjanapritA Pleased by the Worship of Virgins
  29. KumAri-pUjakAlayA Refuge of all worshipers of Virgin
  30. KumAri-bhojanAnanda Who is Pleased by the Feasting of Virgins
  31. KumAri-rUpadhArini Who is in the Form of a Virgin
  32. Kadamba-vanasamcara Who wanders in the Kadamba Forest
  33. Kadamba-pushpasantosA She shows pleasure with Kadamba flowers
  34. Kadamba-vanavasini She lives in the Kadamba Forest
  35. Kadamba-pushpamAlinI Wearing a Garland of Kadamba-Flowers
  36. Kishori Thou Who Art Ever Youthful
  37. KAlakanthA She has a soft low Voice
  38. Kalanada-ninadini She has sweet voice as the Chakravaka-Bird
  39. Kadambari-panarata She who drinks the Kadambari Wine
  40. Kadambari-priya The pleased imbiber of Kadambari wine
  41. Kapalapatra-nirata Whose eating bowl is a hollow skull
  42. Kamkalamalya-dharini Who wears a Garland of Bones
  43. Kamalasana-santushta Who expresses happiness with the Lotus Flower
  44. Kamalasana-vasini Who sits on the Lotus
  45. Kamalalaya-madhyastha Who Abides in the Center of the Lotus
  46. Kamalamoda-modini Who likes the fragrance of lotus flower
  47. Kalahamsa-gati Who moves like a swan
  48. Klaibyanasini Destroyer of fear
  49. Kamarupini She who assumes forms at will
  50. Kamarupa-kritavasa Whose abode is Kamarupa
  51. Kamapitha-vilasini whose abode is Kamapitha
  52. Kamaniya Beautiful One
  53. Kalpalata Creeper who Provides every Desire
  54. Kamaniya-vibhushana Beauty is Your Ornament
  55. Kamaniya-gunaradhya Adorable Image of all Tenderness
  56. Komalamgi Who has a tender Body
  57. Krishodari Slender of Waist or small abdomen
  58. Karanamrita-santosha Who is pleased with the Nectar of purified wine
  59. Karanananda-siddhida Giver of Success to those who enjoy that wine
  60. Karanananda-japeshta Wine-bliss worship
  61. Karanarchchana-harshita Wine-homage delight. 
  62. KArana-arnava-sanmagnA Wine-ocean-immersion 
  63. Karanavrata-palini Protector of those Who observe ritual with wine
  64. Kasturi-saurabhamoda Gladdened by the Scent of Musk
  65. Kasturi-tilakojjvala Luminous with musk Tilakam on forehead
  66. Kasturi-pujanarata Attached to those who worship with Musk
  67. Kasturi-pujakapriya Loving those Who Worship Her with Musk
  68. Kasturi-dahajanani Mother of those who Burn Musk as Incense
  69. Kasturim-rigatoshini Who is fond of the Musk-Deer
  70. Kasturi-bhojanaprita Who is pleased to Eat Musk
  71. Karpuramoda-modita Whom the Scent of Camphor Gladdens
  72. Karpura-malabharana Who is adorned with Garlands of Camphor
  73. Karpura-candanakshita Body smeared with Camphor and Sandal Paste
  74. Karpura-karanahlada Who is Pleased with Purified Wine flavored with Camphor
  75. Karpuramrita-payini Who Drinks of wine-nectar Flavored with Camphor 
  76. Karpura-sagarasnata Who bathes in the Ocean of Camphor
  77. Karpura-sagaralaya Camphor-ocean-abode
  78. Kurchabija-japaprita Bija Mantra-Hum-worship-Liker 
  79. Kurchajapa-parayayana Who threatens with Bija HUM
  80. Kulina Embodiment of the KulAcAra
  81. Kaulika-radhya Adored by Kaulikas
  82. Kaulika-priyakarini Benefactress of the Kaulikas
  83. Kulacara Observant of the KulAcAra
  84. Kantukini Joyous One
  85. Kulamarga-pradarshini Revealer of the Kaulikas
  86. Kasishvari Queen of KAsi (VarnAsi)
  87. Kashtahartri Allayer of Suffering
  88. Kasishvara-dayini Giver of Blessings to the Lord of KAsi (Shiva)
  89. Kasishvara-kritamoda Giver of Pleasures to the Lord of KAsi
  90. Kasishvara-manorama KAsi-Lord-beloved
  91. Kalamanjira-carana Whose Toe-bells Sound Sweet Melodies as You move
  92. Kvanatkanci-vibhusana Whose Girdle bells Tinkle Sweetly
  93. Kancanadri-kritagara abiding in the mountain of gold
  94. Kancanacala-kaumudi Moonbeam on the Mountain of Gold
  95. Kamabija-japananda KAmabija Mantra (Klim) recitation gladness
  96. Kamabija-svarupini Embodiment of the mantra Klim 
  97. Kumatighni Destructress of all Evil Inclinations
  98. Kulinarti-nasini Destructress of the Kula's Afflictions
  99. Kulakamini Lady of the Kula
  100. Kalakantaka-ghatini Destructress of the Fear of Death

Angaraka Astottara Sata Namavali

In Vedic astrology Mars is know as Mangal, Angaraka, what signifies: "auspicious, burning coal, and the fair one", and it signifies aggressive energy in a human being.  However, the courage is not always an  aggression and Mangal can help us to become more courageous on our way.
But at the same time, Mars is considered to be the planet of happiness.
Om veeradhwajaaya vidmahae
vighna hastaaya dheemahi
tanno bhouma prachodayaat

1. Om mahisutaya namaha
2. Om maha-bhagaya namaha
3. Om mangalaya namaha
4. Om mangala-pradaya namaha
5. Om maha-virayam namaha
6. Om maha-shuraya namaha
7. Om maha-balaparakramaya namaha
8. Om maharoudraya namaha
9. Om mahabhadraya namaha
10. Om mananiyaya namaha
11. Om dayakaraya namaha
12. Om manadya namaha
13. Om aparvanaya namaha
14. Om kruraya namaha
15. Om tapa-traya-vivarjitaya namaha
16. Om supratipaya namaha
17. Om sutamrakshaya namaha
18. Om subrahmanyaya namaha
19. Om sukhapradaya namaha
20. Om vakra-stambhadi-gamanaya namaha
21. Om varenyaya namaha
22. Om varadaya namaha
23. Om sukhine namaha
24. Om virabhadraya namaha
25. Om virupaksaya namaha
26. Om vidurasthaya namaha
27. Om vibhavasave namaha
28. Om naksatra-cakra-samcarine namaha
29. Om ksatrapaya namaha
30. Om ksatravarjitaya namaha
31. Om ksayavriddhivinirmuktaya namaha
32. Om ksama-yuktaya namaha
33. Om vicaksanaya namaha
34. Om aksinaphaladaya namaha
35. Om caturvarga-phala-pradaya namaha
36. Om vitaragaya namaha
37. Om vitabhayaya namaha
38. Om vijvaraya namaha
39. Om vishva-karanaya namaha
40. Om naksatra-rashisancaraya namaha
41. Om nanabhayanikrintanaya namaha
42. Om vandarujanamandaraya namaha
43. Om vakrakuncitamurddhajaya namaha
44. Om kamaniyaya namaha
45. Om dayasaraya namaha
46. Om kanatkanakabhusanaya namaha
47. Om bhayaghnaya namaha
48. Om bhavya-phaladaya namaha
49. Om bhakta-bhaya-varapradaya namaha
50. Om shatru-hantre namaha
51. Om shamope taya namaha
52. Om sharanagataposhanaya namaha
53. Om sahasine’ namaha
54. Om sad-gunadhyaksaya namaha
55. Om sadhave’ namaha
56. Om samaradurjayaya namaha
57. Om dushtha-duraya namaha
58. Om shishtha-pujyaya namaha
59. Om sarva-kashtha-nivarakaya namaha
60. Om dushcheshtha-varakaya namaha
61. Om duhkha-bhanjanaya namaha
62. Om durdharaya namaha
63. Om haraye namaha
64. Om dhu-svapna-hamtre namaha
65. Om dur-dharshaya namaha
66. Om dushta-garva-vimocanaya namaha
67. Om bharadvaja-kulam-adbhutaya namaha
68. Om bhu-sutaya namaha
69. Om bhavya-bhushanaya namaha
70. Om raktam-varaya namaha
71. Om rakta-vapushe namaha
72. Om bhakta-palana-tatparaya namaha
73. Om catur-bhujaya namaha
74. Om gada-dharine namaha
75. Om mesha-vahaya namaha
76. Om sitashanaya namaha
77. Om shakti-shula-dharaya namaha
78. Om shaktaya namaha
79. Om shastra-vidya-visharadaya namaha
80. Om tarkakaya namaha
81. Om tamasa-dharaya namaha
82. Om tapasvine’ namaha
83. Om tamra-locanaya namaha
84. Om taptakancana-samkashaya namaha
85. Om rakta-kinjalkamannibhaya namaha
86. Om gotra adhi-devaya namaha
87. Om gomadhy-acaraya namaha
88. Om guna-vibhushanaya namaha
89. Om asrije namaha
90. Om angarakaya namaha
91. Om avanti-desha-adhishaya namaha
92. Om janardanaya namaha
93. Om suryayamya-pradeshasthaya namaha
94. Om ghune namaha
95. Om yamya-harin-mukhaya namaha
96. Om trikona-mandala-gataya namaha
97. Om tridasha-adhipasannutaya namaha
98. Om shucaye’ namaha
99. Om shucikaraya namaha
100. Om shuraya namaha
101. Om shuci-vashyaya namaha
102. Om shubha-vahaya namaha
103. Om mesha-vriscika-rashishaya namaha
104. Om medhavine namaha
105. Omita-bhashanaya namaha
106. Om sukha-pradaya namaha
107. Osurupa-aksaya namaha
108. Om sarva-bhishta-phala-pradaya namaha

 || Om kraam kreem kraum sah bhaumaay namaha ||

Monday, November 19, 2012

I love the Handsome One

I love the Handsome One:
He has no death
decay nor form
no place or side
no end nor birthmarks.

I love Him O mother. Listen.
I love the Beautiful One
with no bond nor fear
no clan no land
no landmarks

So my Lord, white as jasmine, is my husband.

by Akka mahadevi, translated by A. K. Ramanujan

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Song of Songs

Gustave Moreau "The Song of Songs" 

The Song of Songs, or, as some know it, the Song of Solomon, separates itself from the other books in the Bible and is considered the most enigmatic book in the Scriptures. 

Chapter 5
1. I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice;
I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey;
I have drunk my wine with my milk.
Eat, O friends; drink,
yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.

2. I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying,
Open to me, my sister, my love,
my dove, my undefiled:
for my head is filled with dew,
and my locks with the drops of the night.

3. I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on?
I have washed my feet;
how shall I defile them?

4. My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.

5. I rose up to open to my beloved; and my hands dropped with myrrh,
and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh,
upon the handles of the lock.

6. I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone:
my soul failed when he spake:
I sought him, but I could not find him;
I called him, but he gave me no answer.

7. The watchmen that went about the city found me, they smote me, they wounded me;
the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me.

8. I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if ye find my beloved, that ye tell him,
 that I am sick of love...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

MaitrIm Bhajata

Lyrics of this song was written by Jagathguru Sankaraachaarya Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi who was famously known as "Paramaachaarya".

maitrIm bhajata, akhila hrit jaitrIm |
Serve with Friendship and Humility, which will conquer the Hearts of Everyone.
Atmavad Eva parAnn api pashyata |
Look upon others similar to yourself.
yudhham tyajata,
Renounce War
spardhAm tyajata |
Renounce unnecessary Competition for Power
tyajata parEShu akrama-AkramaNam
Give up Aggression on others' properties which is wrong
jananI prithivI kAma-dukhArtE |
Mother Earth is wide enough and ready to give us all we desire like a Kaamadenu
janako dEvah sakala dayALuh |
God, Our Father, is very Compassionate to All
So, Restrain yourself
So, Donate
dayadhvam' janatA |
So, Be Kind to others people of the World
shrEyO bhUyAt sakala janAnAnAm ||
May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
shrEyO bhUyAt sakala janAnAnAm ||
May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
shrEyO bhUyAt sakala janAnAnAm ||
May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Be Satisfied with Me

"Rabia Al Adawiyya" by Rachid Koraïchi

Poem of Rābiʻa al-ʻAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya, an eighth century female Muslim saint and Sufi mystic.

My joy -

My Hunger -

My Shelter -

My Friend -

My Food for the journey -

My journey's End -

You are my breath,

My hope,

My companion,

My craving,

My abundant wealth.

Without You - my Life, my Love -
I would never have wandered across these endless countries.
You have poured out so much grace for me,
Done me so many favors, given me so many gifts -
I look everywhere for Your love -
Then suddenly I am filled with it.
O Captain of my Heart
Radiant Eye of Yearning in my breast,
I will never be free from You
As long as I live.

Be satisfied with me, Love,
And I am satisfied.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prayers for Peace

Giotto di Bondone "Hope"

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

 ---By St. Francis of Assisi


Allahumma antas-salaam,
wa minkas-salaam,
wa ilaika yarjaus-salaam,
haiyyina rabbana bis-salaam,
wa adkhilna daras-salaam,
tabarakta rabbana wa-ta'laita,
ya zal jalali wal ikram

O God! You are the Peace.
The everlasting peace is from You
and it returns to You.
O our Sustainer! Grant us the life of true peace
and enter us into the abode of Peace.
O Glorious and Bounteous One!
You are blessed and majestic.

---Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, Islamic Society of North America


Oh Thou, the Almighty Sun,
whose light clear away all clouds  
We take refuge in Thee  king of all people,
God of all deities, Lord of all angels. 
We pray Thee dispel the mists of illusion
from the hearts of the nations
and lift their lives by Thy all-sufficient power.
Pour upon them
Thy limitless love
Thy everlasting life
Thy heavenly joy  and
Thy perfect peace.  
--- By Hazrat Inayat Khan


Eternal God, the Guide of humanity, You have called us to peace, for You are Peace itself.
May we have the vision to see that each of us, in some measure, can help to realize these aims:

Where there are ignorance and superstition,
Let there be enlightenment and knowledge.

Where there are prejudice and hatred,
Let there be acceptance and love.

Where there are fear and suspicion,
Let there be confidence and trust,

Where there are tyranny and oppression,
Let there be freedom and justice.

Where there are poverty and disease,
Let there be prosperity and health.

Where there are strife and discord,
Let there be harmony and peace.

---By Shaarei T’fillah

Mangalya Prarthana

Swasthi prajabhya paripalayantham,
Nyayena margena maheem maheesa,
Gobrahmanebhyo shubhamasthu nithyam,
Loka samastha Sukhino bhavantu.
Let good things occur to the king of the country,
Who looks after his people well, in the path of justice,
Let Cows and Brahmins have a pleasant life daily,
Let all people of the world have a very pleasant life.
Kale varshathu parjanya,
Prauthwee sasya shalini,
Deso yam kshobha rahitha,
SAjjana santhu nirbhaya.
Let the monsoon be timely and plentiful,
Let earth be covered with vegetation,
Let the country live without problems,
And let good people never have fear.
Aputhra puthrina santhu,
Puthrina santhu pouthrina,
Adhana sadhana,
Santhu jeevanthu sarada satham.
Let sonless people have son,
Let people with son have grand sons,
And let people who are poor or rich,
Live and see one hundred autumns.
Sarvathra sukhina santhu,
Sarve santhu niramaya,
Sarve bhadrani pasyanthu,
Ma kaschid dukha bhag bhaveth.
Let people live with pleasure everywhere,
Let all people live without diseases,
Let every one feel themselves secure,
And let none have at anytime sorrow,
Om Sarvesham swasthir bhavthu,
Om Sarvesham santhir Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham poornam Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavathu.
Let comfort be every where,
Let peace be everywhere,
Let there be plenty everywhere,
And let good things happen everywhere.

Om Shanthi, Om Shanthi, Om Shanthi
Let there be peace, Let there be peace, Let there  be peace.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranamavali

Padma nabha priyam Devim Padmakshim Padma vasinim,
Padmavakthram, Padma hasthaam Vande Padma maharnisam.
Poornendu vadanam, divya rathnabharana bhooshithaam,
Varada abhaya hasthaadyam dyayeth chandra sahodharim.
Icharoopam bhagwatha sachidananda roopinim,
Sarvagnaam sarva jananim Vishnu vaksha sthalalayam,
Dayalumanisam dhyayeth suka sidha swaroopinim.

1008 names of Sri Lakshmi. Each name is recited  individually in the format of "OM" Namaha"

1.Nithyagatha - She who keeps on traveling
2.Anantha nithya - She who is endless and is forever
3.Nandini - She who makes others happy/She who was the daughter of Nandagopa
4.Jana ranjini - She who makes people happy
5.Nithya Prakasini - She who shines permanently
6.Swaprakasa swaroopini - She who is naturally shining
7.MahaLakshmi - She who is the great Lakshmi
8.Mahakali - She who is the great Goddess Kali
9.Mahakanyaa - She who is the great virgin
10.Saraswathi - She who is Goddess Saraswati
11.Bhoga vaibhava sandhathri - She who gives pleasure and wealth
12.Bhkthanugraha karini - She who blesses her devotees
13.Easavasya - She who is everywhere
14.Mahamaya - She who is the great enchantress
15.Mahadevi - She who is the great goddess
16.Maheswari - She who is the wife of great Shiva
17.Hrullekha - She who is in letter Hreem
18.Paramaa - She who is the greatest
19.Shakti - She who is the power
20.Mathruka bheeja roopini - She who is model root letter
21.Nithayananda - She who is forever happy
22.Nithyabhodha - She who has permanent wisdom
23.Naadini - She who makes musical note
24.Janamodhini - She who entertains people
25.Sathya prathyayani - She who believes in truth/She who is truth
26.Swaprakasathma roopini - She who by herself has a shining form
27.Tripura - She who is the wife of Shiva who destroyed the three cities
28.Bhairavi - She who has a fearful form
29.Vidyaa - She who is knowledge
30.Hamsaa - She who is the Hamsa
31.Vagheswari - She who is the Goddess of words
32.Shivaa - She who is the consort of Lord Shiva.
33.Vagdevi - She who is the Goddess of words
34.Maharatri - She who is the night before the deluge
35.Kalaratri - She who is the night before death
36.Trilochana - She who has three eyes
37.Bhadrakali - She who is the Kali who protects
38.Karali - She who is fearsome
39.Mahakali - She who swallows time
40.Thilothama - She whose every atom is pretty
41.Kali - She who is black
42.Karalavakthranta - She who has a horrifying mouth
43.Kamakshi - She who fulfills desires by her eyes
44.Kamadha - She who fulfills desires
45.Shubhaa - She who is auspicious
46.Chandika - She who has great anger/She who killed Mahishasura
47.Chanda roopesa - She who has a fearsome form
48.Chamunda - She who killed Chanda and Munda
49.Chakradharini - She who is armed with a wheel
50.Trilokya jayini - She who has won over the three worlds
51.Devi - She who is the Goddess
52.Trilokya vijayothama - She who is the first among those who won over the three worlds
53.Sidhalakshmi - She who grants occult powers
54.Kriyalakshmi - She who is behind all actions
55.Moksha lakshmi - She who is the Lakshmi giving salvation
56.Prasadini - She becomes pleased with devotees
57.Uma - She who is the daughter of Himavan
58.Bhagwathi - She who is the goddess with all types of wealth
59.Durgaa - She who killed Durgamasura
60.Chaandri - She who shines like the moon
61.Dakshayani - She who is the daughter of Daksha
62.Shivaa - She who is extremely peaceful
63.Prathyangira - She who took the form of the fearsome Atharvana Bhadrakali
64.Dharaa - She who carries
65.Velaa - She who is in the edge of time
66.Lokamatha - She who is the mother of the world
67.Haripriya - She who is loved by Vishnu
68.Parvathi - She who is the daughter of the mountain
69.Paramaa - She who is the first among everything
70.Devi - She who is the Goddess
71.Brahmavidhyaapradhayini - She who grants knowledge of God
72.Aroopa - She who does not have any form
73.Baheeroopa - She who has several forms
74.Viroopaa - She who has a horrible form of Durga
75.Viswaroopini - She whose form is the universe
76.Panchabhoothathmika - She who is the soul of the five elements
77.Vani - She who plays Veena
78.Panchabhoothathmika - She who exists in all souls as the five elements
79.Paraa - She who is above the five elements
80.Kalimaa - She who is the Goddess of time
81.Panjikaa - She who is the world spread through the five elements
82.Vagmi - She who controls words
83.Havi - She who is cooked rice and ghee to be offered in the fire
84.Prthyadhidevatha - She makes the mind and body work as its Goddess
85.Devamatha - She who is the mother of Devas
86.Suresana - The Goddess of the Devas
87.Vedagarbha - She who is the origin of Devas
88.Ambika - She who is the mother
89.Dhruthi - She who is the courage
90.Sankhya - She who is the numbers
91.Jaathi - She who lives as all castes and creeds
92.Kriya Shathi - She who is the power behind action
93.Prakruthi - She who is the nature
94.Mohini - She who bewitches
95.Mahi - She who is the earth
96.Yagna vidhya - She who is the science of Yaga
97.Mahavidhya - She who is the greatest knowledge
98.Guhya Vidhya - She who is the secret knowledge
99.Vibhavari - She who drives away darkness/ignorance
100.Jyothishmathi - She who possesses light
101.Mahamatha - She who is the great mother
102.Sarva manthra phalapradha - She who makes all mantras yield results
103.Daridhrya dwamsini - She who destroys poverty
104.Devi - She who is the Goddess
105.Hrudhya grandhi bedhini - She who breaks the knot of heart
106.Sahasradhithya sangasa - She who is like one thousand suns
107.Chandika - She who is like the light of moon
108.Chandra roopini - She who has the form of moon
109.Gayathri - She who is Gayathri mantra
110.Soma sambhoothi - She who wears the crescent
111.Savithri - She who gave birth to Vedas
112.Pranavathmika - She who is the soul of Pranava
113.Saankari - She who is the consort of Shiva
114.Vaishnavi - She who is the consort of Vishnu
115.Brahmi - She who is the aspect of Brahma
116.Sarva deva namaskrutha - She who is saluted by all devas
117.Sevyadurga - She who is Durga who should be saluted
118.Kubherakshi - She who by her mere glance can make a man rich
119.Karaveera nivasini - She who lives in Nerium Oleander flowers
120.Jayaa - She who is victorious
121.Vijayaa - She who is ever victorious
122.Jayanthi - She who always wins everywhere
123.Aparajitha - She who cannot be defeated
124.Kubhjika - She who is a eight year old girl/who is curled up and sleeping
125.Kalika - She who is in the form of Kali
126.Sasthri - She who rules over knowledge
127.Veenapusthaka dharini - She who carried a book and a veena
128.Sarvagna shakthi - She is the power behind Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
129.Sri Shakthi - The power of wisdom
130.Brahma Vishnu Shivathmika - She who takes the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
131.Ida pingalika madhyaa mrunaalithanthu roopini - She who goes in between Ida and Pingala and reaches the Sahasrara
132.Yajnesan - She Who rules over Yagnas (fire sacrifice)
133.Pradhaa - She Who is famous
134.Deekhaa - She Who gives you license to do Yagna
135.Dakshinaa - She Who is an expert
136.Sarva Mohini - She Who is prettier than all
137.Ashtanga yogini - She Who can be seen by eight fold yoga
138. Devi - She Who is the Goddess
139.Nirbheeja dhyana gocharaa - She Who is visible to those who meditate using yoga
140.Sarva theertha sthithaa - She Who is in all sacred waters
141.Shuddha - She Who is pure
142.Sarva parvatha vasini - She Who lives on all mountains
143.Veda Sashthra prabha - She Who throws light on Vedas and Shasthras
144.Devi - Goddess
145.Shadangadhi pada krama - She Who codifies the six branches of Vedas-Siksha, Chandas, Niruktha, Yothisha, Vyakarana and Kalpa
146.Shivaa - She Who is auspicious
147.Dhathri - She Who gives/Mother
148.Shubhanandha - She Who is auspiciously happy
149.Yagnakarma swaroopini - She Who is the form of carrying out of fire sacrifices
150.Vrathini - She Who does penance
151.Menaka - She Who is the daughter of Mena
152.Devi - She Who is the Goddess
153.Brahmani - She Who is the power of Brahma
154.Brahmacharini - She Who meditates on Brahma
155.Yekasharapara - She likes Om
156.Tharaa - She Who helps to cross the sea of misery
157.Bhava banda vinasini - She Who destroys attachment to domestic life
158.Viswambhara - She Who supports the universe/she who wears the universe
159.Dharaa - She Who supports the earth
160.Niradhara - She Who does not have any support
161.Adhikaswaraa - She Who is beyond description
162.Rakaa - She Who is like the full moon
163.Kuhoo - She who is the goddess of new moon day
164.Amavasya - She who is the new moon day
165.Poornima - She who is the full moon day
166.Anumathi - She Who  is one day previous to full day/She Who permits
167.Dhruthi - She Who is the form of light
168.Sinivali - She Who is one day previous to new moon day
169.Shivaa - She Who is the consort of Shiva
170.Vasyaa - She Who attracts
171.Vaiswadevi - She Who is the form of Viswa devas
172.Pisangilaa - She who has a very soft body
173.Pippalaa - She who is the form of Banyan tree
174.Visalakshi - She who has a broad eyes
175.Rakshogni - She who is the fire that kills rakshasas
176.Vrushti karini - She who is the reason of rain
177.Dushta vidhravini - She who drives away bad people
178.Devi - She Who is the Goddess
179.Sarvopadrava nasini - She Who destroys all type of troubles
180.Saradhaa - She who gives wisdom
181.Sarasandhaana - She who is the power of sending arrows using the bow
182.Sarva Sasthra swaroopini - She who is the form of all weapons
183.Yudha madhya sthitha - She who is in the middle of the battle
184.Devi - She who is the Goddess
185.Sarva Bhootha bhanjani - She who destroys all evil spirits
186.Ayddha - She who does mot participate in a war
187.Yudharoopa - She who is the form of battle
188.Shantha - She who is peaceful
189.Shanthi swaroopini - She who is personification of peace
190.Ganga - She who is in the form of Ganges
191.Saraswathi - She who is the form of Saraswathi
192.Veni - She who is the braid
193.Yamuna - She who is the river Yamuna
194.Narmadha - She who is the river Narmadha
195.Aapaga - She who was once a river
196.Samudhravasanaa vasaa - She who lives in between the seas
197.Brahmanda sreni mekhala - She who wears the universe as hip belt
198.Panchavakthra - She who has five faces
199.Dasa bhujaa - She who has ten hands
200.Shuddha sphatika sannibha - She who is like a clear crystal
201.Rakthaa - She who is of blood red colour
202.Krishnaa - She who is of black colour
203.Sithaa - She who is of white colour
204.Peetha - She who is of yellow colour
205.Sarva varnaa - She who is of all colours
206.Nireeswari - She who does not have any other goddess
207.Chakrikaa - She who is in Sri Chakra
208.Kalikaa - She who is Kali
209.Devi - She who is the Goddess
210.Sathyaa - She who is truth
211.Badukaa - She who is always a lass
212.Sthithaa - She who is stable
213.Tharuni - She who is a lass
214.Vaaruni - She who is the power of Varuna
215.Naree - She who is a woman
216. Jyeshta - She who is elder
217.Devi - She who is Devi
218.Sureswari - She who is the Goddess of Devas
219.Viswambara - She who wears the universe as cloth
220.Dharaa - She who carries/earth
221.Karthree - She who is the doer
222.Galargala Vibhanjini - She who breaks problems/She who stopped the flow of poison in to Shiva
223.SAndhyaa - She who is of dusky colour/She who is dawn, dusk and noon
224.Rathri - She who is night
225.Divaa - She who is day time
226.Jyothsnaa - She who is the night lit by full moon
227.Kalaa - She who is the crescent
228.Kashtaa - She who is the limit/She who is quarter of the world
229.Nimeshikaa - She who does everything in a Nimisha (time between opening and closing of eye)
230.Urvee - She who is in the form of earth
231.Kathyayani - She who is the daughter of sage Kathyayana
232.Shubra - She who is white and clean
233.Sasarnavatharini - She who makes us cross the forest of domestic life
234.Kapilaa - She who is of reddish colour/wife of sage Kapila
235.Keelikaa - She who is the axis of everything
236.Asoka - She who is never sad
237.Mallika - She who is jasmine flower
238.Navamalika - She who wears garland of fresh flowers
239.Devika - She who is the goddess with a form of a child
240.Nandika - She who is the daughter/She who makes us happy
241.Shantha - She who is patient
242.Bhanjika - She who breaks
243.Bhayabhanjika - She who breaks fear
244.Koushiki - She who came out of the hair of Parvathi
245.Vaidhiki - She who is Vedic in form
246.Devi - She who is the Goddess
247.Souri - She who is the power of Sun
248.Roopadhika - She who transcends the form
249.Athibhaa - She who has relatively more light
250.Digvasthra - She who wears the directions as cloth
251.Navavasthra - She who wears new cloths
252.Kanyaka - She who is an unmarried girl
253.Kamladhbhava - She who was born out of lotus
254.Sree - She who is Goddess Lakshmi
255.Soumyalakshana - She who has calm look
256.Atheetha durga - She who is unapproachable in the fort
257.Soothra prabodhika - She who teaches Vedic sutras
258.Sradha - She who is attentive
259.Medha - She who is the intelligence
260.Kruthi - She who is the composition
261.Pragna - She who is the conscience
262.Dharana - She who is understanding
263.Kanthi - She who is the light
264.Sruthi, Smruthi, druthir Dhanya - She who is blessed with knowledge of Sruthi, Smruthi and bravery
265.Bhoothi - She who is the cause of all wealth
266.Ishtee - She who is the fire sacrifice
267.Maneeshini - She who gives wisdom
268.Virakthi - She who is detached
269.Vyapini - She who is spread everywhere
270.Mayaa - She who is illusion
271.Sarva maya prabhanjani - She who breaks all illusion
272.Mahendri - She who is greater than Indra
273.Manthrini - She who is the minister/She who is the goddess of all chants
274.Simhi - She who assumes the form of a lion/She who is as brave as a lion
275.Indra jala swaroolpini - She who is the personification of magic
276.Avastha thraya nirmuktha - She who is not subject to three activities of waking, sleep and dream
277.Guna thraya vivarjitha - She who is beyond three qualities of Sathwa, Rajas and Tamas
278.Eeshanathraya nirmuktha - She who does not have the three desires of sons, wealth and heaven.
279.Sarva roga vivarjitha - She who cures all diseases
280.Yogi dhyanantha gamya - She who can be attained at the end of yoga
281.Yogadhyana parayana - She who is the aim at the end of yoga
282.Thrayee Shikhaa viseshakgna - She who is an expert in three Vedas
283.Vedantha Jnana roopini - She who is the form of the experts in Vedantha
284.Bharathi - She who gives form of letter and words to knowledge
285.Kamala - She who is as pretty as a lotus
286.Bhasha - She who is the language
287.Padma - She who was born out of a lotus
288.Padmavathi - She who sits on a lotus
289.Kruthi - She who is the result of action/She who is action
290.Gowthami - She who was born as a daughter of sage Gowthama
291.Gomathi - She who is the river Gomathi
292.Gowri - She who is white/She who is Goddess Parvathi
293.Ishaanaa - She who is consort of Ishwara
294.Hamsavahini - She who rides on a swan
295.Narayani - She who is the refuge of humans/She who is the power of Narayana
296.Prabhadhara - She who is the continuous shower of light
297.Jahnavi - She who is the daughter of sage Jahnu
298.Shakarathmaja - She who has Shiva as son
299.hithraghanta - She who has picturesque neck
300.Sunanda - She who is with happiness
301.Sri - She who gives all type of wealth
302.Manavi - She who is daughter of Manu
303.Manusambhava - She who was born to Manu
304.Sthambhini - She who is very stable
305.Kshobhini - She who makes the mind of others shake
306.Maari - She who kills asuras
307.Bhramini - She who makes the world rotate
308.Shathrumarini - She who is the killer of her enemies
309.Mohini - She who bewitches
310.Dweshini - She who is the power behind hating
311.Veera - She who has a valour
312.Aghoraa - She who is not horrible
313.Rudhra roopini - She who has an angry form
314.Rudraikadasini - She who is in the form of eleven Rudras
315.Punyaa - She who appreciates good deeds
316.Kalyani - She who is auspicious
317.Lanhakarini - She who causes profit
318.Devadurga - Durga in the state of wakefulness
319.Maha Durga - Durga who is sleeping
320.Swapnadurga - Durga who is in the dream state
321.Ashtabhairavi - She who is the eight Bhairavis
322.Suryachadragni roopa - She who has sun, moon and fire as eyes
323.Grahanakshatra roopini - She who is the form of stars and planets
324.Bindu nadha kalathhetha - She who is in the form of Bindu and Nadha
325.Bindu nadha kalathmika - She who is the of dot, sound and crescent
326.Dasa vayu jyaakaraa - She who wins as 10 vayus
327.Kala Shodasa samyutha - She who is with 16 crescents of the moon
328.Kasyapi - She who is the daughter of sage Kasyapa
329.Kamala Devi - The Goddess of lotus
330.Nadha Chakra nivasini - She who lives in Srichakra as well as in sound
331.Mrudaadhaara - She who is the foundation for Lord Shiva
332.Sthiraa - She who is permanent
333.Guhya - She who is secret
334.Deikaa - She who is like the Goddess
335.hakra roopini - She who is the form of Sri Chakra
336.Avidhyaa - She who is the power behind ignorance
337.Sarvaree - She who is the form of night
338.Bhunjaa - She who has undergone all pleasures
339.Jambasura nibharhini - She who killed Jambhasura in the form of Indra
340.Srikaayaa - She who was born as wealth
341.Srikalaa - She who knows auspicious art forms
342.Shubraa - She who is neat
343.Karma nir moola karini - She who completely destroys attachment to action
344.Aadhilakshmi - She who is the primeval Lakshmi
345.Gunaadharaa - She who is the stream of good qualities/She who is the basis for Sathwa, Rajas and Tamo Gunas
346.Panchabrahmathmika - She who has the five Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Easwara, Sadashiva and Rudra within herself.
347.Paraa - She who is above everything
348.Sruthi - She who is the Vedas
349.Brahma mukhaa vasaa - She who is Saraswathi who lives in the face of Brahma
350.Sarva sampathi roopini - She who is the form of all wealth
351.Mruth sanjeevini - She who makes the dead alive
352.Maithree - She who has friendship
353.Kamini - She who has passion
354.Kamavarjitha - She who is detached from passion
355.Nirvana margadha Devi - She who shows the way to salvation
356.Hamsini - She who is in the state of Hamsa
357.Kashikaa - She who is luminous
358.Kshama - She who is patience
359.Saparya - She who is fit to be worshiped
360.Gunini - She who is the treasure of good qualities
361.Bhinna - She who is different
362.Nirgunaa - She who is devoid of any characteristics
363.Akhaditha - She who has not been split
364.Shubha - She who is auspicious
365.SWamini - She who is the master
366.Vedhini - She who should be understood
367.Shakya - She who can be understood
368.Shaambhari - She who is the great illusion
369.Chakra Dharini - She who holds the wheel
370.Dandini - She who punishes
371.Mundini - She who wears garland of cut heads
372.Vyagri - She who is the tigress
373.Shikiny - She who is the peahen
374.Somasamhathi - She who is the sister of moon
375.Chinthamani - She who gives all that is thought off
376.Chidanandha - She who is in the state of divine joy
377.Panchabana prabodhini - She who makes God of love with five flower arrows work
378.Bana sreni - She who has a sequence of arrows
379.Sahasthrakshi - She who has thousand eyes
380.Sahasra bhujja Paduka - She who has thousand hands and legs
381.Sandhyavalee - She who has three folds on her hip joint
382.Trisandhyakhya - She who makes dawn, non and dusk/She who is to be sung in dawn, noon and dusk
383.Bramanda mani bhooshana - She who is the ornament for the universe
384.Vasavi - She who is the power of Indra
385.Dhaaruni sena - She who has a dreadful army
386.Kulika - She who belongs to a good lineage
387.Manthra ranjani - She who becomes happy with prayers (mantras)
388.Jitha prana swaroopa - She who has the form which has won the soul
389.Kanthaa - She who is liked by every one
390.Kamya vara pradha - She who grants desired boons
391.Manthra Brahmana Vidhyartha - She who would like to know the Brahma mantra
392.Nadha roopa - She who is the form of sound
393.Havishmathi - She who offers offerings in fire
394.Adharvani sruthi - She who is Atharvana Veda
395.Soonyaa - She who is without beginning or end
396.Kalpana varjitha - She who does not have any expectation
397.Sathi - She who is Sathi the daughter of Daksha
398.Sathaa Jathi - She who belongs to a noble family
399.Pramaa - She who can estimate devotees through her intelligence
400.Ameyaa - She who does not have any boundaries
401.Pramithi - She who could be known by axioms of Vedas
402.Pranadhaa - She who gives life
403.Gathi - She who is the destination
404.Avarnaa - She who does not have colours
405.Panchavarnaa - She who is described by the five letters NAMASHIVAYA, She who has five colours
406.Sarvadhaa - She who gives everything always
407.Bhuvaneswari - She who is the goddess of the universe
408.Trilokyamohini - She who bewitches the three worlds
409.Vidhyaa - She who is knowledge
410.Sarva bharthree - She who administers every one
411.Ksharaa - She who has a form that can be destroyed
412.Aksharaa - She who cannot be destroyed
413.Hiranyavarnaa - She who is of the colour of Gold
414.Harini - She who is like a doe/She who destroys sorrows
415.Sarvopadrava nasini - She who destroys all painful problems
416.Kaivalya padavi rekha - She who is the way to attain salvation
417.Soorya mandala samsthithaa - She who is in the solar system
418.Soma Mandala Madhyastha - She who is in the middle of moon
419.Vahni mandala samsthithaa - She who stays in between fire/She who stays in Mooladhara
420.Vayu mandala madhyastha - She who is in the midst of wind
421.Vyoma mandala samsthithaa - She who stays in the sky
422.Chakrikaa - She who has the divine wheel
423.Chakra madhyastha - She who is in the middle of Sri Chakra
424.Chakra marga pravarthini - She who travels in the path of wheels of the body
425.Kokilaa kula chakresa - Who is the king of the universe of Koels
426.Pakshathi - The beginning of the phases of moon
427.Pankthipaavani - She who purifies the world
428.Sarva sidhantha margastha - She who is the way to all knowledge
429.Shad varna - She who has six colours
430.Varavarjitha - She who does not need any boons
431.Sara rudhra haraa - She who cures pain caused by arrows
432.Hanthri - She who kills
433.Sarva samhara karini - She who is the cause of all destruction
434.Purushaa - She who is ancient
435.Pourushee - She who is complete/masculine
436.Thushti - She who is satisfaction
437.Sarva thanthra prasoothikaa - She who gave birth to all Thantras
438.Ardha nareeswari - She who has occupied left side of Shiva
439.Devi - She who is the Goddess
440.Sarva Vidhyaa pradahyani - She gives all types of knowledge
441.Bhargavi - She who is daughter of sage Bhrugu
442.Bhoojhooshi vidhyaa - She who is the knowledge that protects the Earth
443.Sarvopanishadhaa sthithaa - She who is in all Upanishads
444.Vyomakesa - She who has sky as hair
445.Akhila praana - She who is the soul of all beings
446.Pancha kosa vilakshanaa - She who is not affected by the five koshas like Annamaya kosha
447.Panchakosathmika - She who lives in the five koshas of the body
448.Prathyak - She who can be seen inside
449.Pancha Brahmathmika - She who is the form of the five Brahmas
450.Shivaa - She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
451.Jagajjara janithri - She who creates the world when it is affected by old age/The old mother of the Universe
452.Pancha karma prasoothika - She who gave birth to five type of actions: creation, upkeep, merging, disappearance and blessing
453.Vagdevi - The goddess of words
454.Aabharanakaara - She who wears ornaments
455.Sarva kamya sthitha - She who is in all desires
456.Sthithi - She who is stable
457.Ashta dasa chathu Sashti peetikaa - She who has 18 or 64 peethas
458.Vidhyayuthaa - She who is with knowledge
459.Kaalika - She who is Kali
460.Aakarshani - She who attracts
461.Shyama - She who is black
462.Yakshini - She who is a Yaksha woman
463.Kinnareswari - She who is the goddess of Kinnaras (people with human body and head of a horse)
464.Kethaki - She who likes screw pine flower
465.Mallika - She who likes jasmine flowers
466.Asoka - She who does not have sorrow
467.Varahi - She who is the power of boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu
468.Dharani - She who is earth
469.Dhruvaa - She who is very stable
470.Narasimhi - She who is the power of man lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu
471.Mahograsa - She who swallows great quantities
472.Bhaktha namarthi nasini - She who destroys the sorrows of devotees
473.Antharbalaa - She who is mentally strong
474.Sthiraa - She who is permanent
475.Lakshmi - She who has all the good qualities
476.Jara marana nasini - She who prevents old age and death
477.Sri Ranjitha - She who shines because of wealth
478.Maha maya - She who is the great illusion
479.Soma suryagni lochana - She who has moon, sun and fire as eyes
480.Adhithi - She who is Adithi-the mother of all devas
481.Deva matha - She who is the mother of devas
482.Ashtaputhaa - She who is Devaki with eight sons
483.Ashtayogini - She who is an expert in eight yogas: Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Pranayama, Prathyahara, Harana, Dhyana and Samadhi
484.Ashta prakruthi - She who has eight types of nature
485.Ashtashta vibhrajadwikrutha krithi - She who shines in all 64 arts
486.Durbhiksha dwamsini - She who is destroyer of scarcity
487.Devi - She who is the Goddess
488.Sitha - She who is Sita, wife of Lord Rama
489.Sathya - She who is the truth/Sathya who is one of the wives of Lord Krishna
490.Rukmini - She who is Rukmini , the wife of Lord Krishna
491.Khyadhija - She who was born with fame
492.Bhargavi - She who is the daughter of Bhrigu
493.Devi - She who is the Goddess
494.Devayoni - She who gave birth to all devas
495.Thapawini - She who does penance
496.Sakambari - She who is an incarnation who produced several vegetables from her body and sustained the world
497.Mahasonaa - She who is dark red
498.Garudopari samsthithaa  - She who sits on the Garuda
499.Simhaga - She who sits on the lion
500.Vyagraga - She who sis on a tiger
501.Devi - She who is the Goddess
502.Vayuga - She who makes wind move
503.Mahadriga - She who sits on a big mountain
504.Akaradhi kshakarantha - She who is alphabets from Aa to Ksha
505.Sarva vidhyadhi devatha - She who is the goddess of all learning
506.Mantha vyakhyana nipuna - She who is an expert in explaining Mantras
507.Jyothi sasthraika lochana - She who makes us see the science of astronomy
508.Ida pingalika madhyaa sushumnaa grandhi swaroopini - She who is the Sushumna nadi which is in between Ida and Pingala Nadis
509.Kala chakra srayopetha - She makes the wheel of time work
510.Kalachakra swaroopini - She who is the wheel of time
511.Vaisaradhi  - She who is expert in every knowledge
512.Mathi sreshta - She who is the most intelligent
513.Varishtaa - She who is the best
514.Sarva dheepika - She who is the light to every one
515.Vainayaki - She who is the power of Lord Ganesa
516.Vararoha - She who is the ultimate refuge
517.Srenivelaa - She who is surrounded by Vedas
518.Bahirbali - She who gives strength to the body
519.Jam bini - She who is very proud of her beauty
520.Jrumbini - She who is spread all over the world
521.Jamba Karini - She who is the cause of opening of flower
522.Ganakarika - She who was responsible for making Ganesha
523.Sharini - She who has arrows
524.Chakrikaa - She who has the divine wheel
525.Anantha - She who does not have an end
526.SArva vyadhi chikithsaki - She who treats all diseases
527.Devaki - She who is the mother of Krishna
528.Deva sankaasa - She who is like the devas
529.Vaaridhi - She who is the ocean
530.Karunaakaara - She who is the form of mercy
531.Sarvaree - She who removes darkness (ignorance) from people
532.Sarva Sampanna - She who has every sort of wealth
533.Sarva papa prabhanjani - She who breaks all sort of sins
534.Yeka mathraa - She who is one syllable-Om (waking up state)
535.Dwimathra - She who is two “Om”s , one after another (dream state)
536.Trimathra - She who is three syllables (sleep state)
538.Aparaa - She who is outside there (thureeyaa state)
539.Ardha mathraa - She who is half syllable-Anuswara
540.Paraa - She who is great
541.Sookshmaa - She who has micro form
542.Sookshmaardhadha - She who is micro in micro
543.Aparaa - She who is incomparable
544.Yeka veeraa - She who is alone valorous
545.Viseshakhyaa - She who has a special activity
546.Shashtee - She who is Mahalakshmi with six forms
547.Devi - She who is the Goddess
548.Manaswini - She who is in the mind of every one
549.Naiskarmya - She who does not do any action
550.Nishkalaa lokaa - She who cannot be found fault by people
551.Jnana karmadhikaa - She who can be realized by Jnana
552.Gunaa - She who has all characters
553.Sabandhwananda sandhohaa - She who gives happiness to people and stays with them
554.Vyomaakaaraa - She who is in the form of sky
555.Aniroopithaa - She whose form cannot be described
556.Gadhya padhyathmikaa - She who is the soul of prose and poem
557.Vani - She who is Saraswathi
558.Sarvalangara samyuktha - She who is well made up with all ornaments
559.Sadhu bandha pada nyasa - She who is with good people and guides them
560.Sarvaika - She who is the home of everything
561.Ghatikavali - She who measures time
562.Shadkarma - She who does six acts viz teaching, learning, sacrificing, requesting, giving and taking
563.Karkasaakaraa - She who is like stone towards asuras
564.Sarvakarma vivarjitha - She who has no need to do Karmas
565.Aadsithyavarnaa - She who is red coloured like the Sun
566.Aparnaa - She who did not eat even leaves
567.Kamini - She who is the lover
568.Vara roopini - She who has the chosen form
569.Brahmaani - She who is the power of Lord Brahma
570.Brahma Santhana - She whose son is Brahma
571.Vedavagi - She who is the Goddess of Vedic words/She who is praised by Vedic words
572.Easwari - She who is the consort of Ishwara
573.Shivaa - She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
574.Purana nyaya memasaa dharma Sathra agama sruthaa - She who is described in Puranas, Nyaya, meemamsa, Dharma Sasthras and Agamas
575.Sadhyoveda vathi - She who knows Vedas
576.Sarvaa - She who is everywhere
577.Hamsee - She who is in the form of a swan/She who rides on a swan
578.Vidhyadhi devatha - She who is the goddess of learning
579.Visweswari - She who is the Goddess of universe
580.Jagadhatri - She who is the mother of universe
581.Viswa nirmana karini - She who was the cause of creating the world
582.Vaidheeki - She who is in the form of Vedas
583.Vedatroopa - She who is personification of Vedas
584.Kalika - She who is a form of time
585.Kala roopini - She who is the personification of time
586.Narayani - She who is the power of Lord Narayana
587.Mahadevi - She who is the great Goddess
588.Sarva Thathwa pravarthini - She who makes all principles work
589.Hiranya varna roopa - She who has a golden coloured form
590.Hiranya pada sambhava - She who is the form of Virat Purusha who is the form of 14 worlds
591.Kaivalya padavi - She who leads you to oneness with God
592.Punyaa - She who is auspicious deeds
593.Kaivalya Jnana lakshithaa - She who is known by people who try to become one with God
594.Brahma sampathi roopa - She who is the wealth of Brahma
595.Brahma sampathi karini - She who is the cause of wealth of Brahma
596.Varuni - She who is the power of Varuna
597.Vaarunaradhyaa - She who is worshipped by son of Varuna –sage Bhrugu
598.Sarva karma pravarthini - She who makes us do all actions
599.Yekakshara para - She who is indicated by “OM”
600.Ayukthaa - She who is in alphabets
601.Sarva daridrya bhanjani - She who breaks all types of poverty
602.Pasangusanvithaa - She who holds the rope and the goad
603.Divyaa - She who is divine
604.Veena vakhyaksha suthra bruth - She who holds Veena, book and the rosary
605.Yeka moorthi - She who has one form
606.Thrayee murthi - She who has three forms of Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi
607.Madhu kaidabha bhanjini - She who killed Madhu and Kaidabha
608.Saankhyaa - She who is the goddess of Sankhyaa cult/She who is the form of numerals
609.Sankhyavathi - She who is described by numerals Sankhyaa sasthra
610.Jwalaa - She who is the flame
611.Jwalanthi - She who shines
612.Kama roopini - She who can take any form She likes
613.Jagrathi - She who is always awake
614.Sarva sampathi - She who is all types of wealth
615.Sushupthaa - She who is in deep sleep
616.Sweshta dhayini - She who fulfills one’s desires
617.Kapalini - She who holds a skull
618.Maha damshtraa - She who has big teeth
619.Brukuti kutilalanaa - She who has bent and dense eye brows
620.Sarva vaasa - She who lives in everything
621.Suvasaa - She who lives with good people
622.Bruhathi - She who has a macro form
623.Ashtaye - She who has eight forms
624.Shakvari - She who rides on the bull
625.Chandhogana prathikaasaa - She who is merged with the Vedas
626.Kalmashi - She who has several colours
627.Karunathmikaa - She who is merciful
628.Chakshushmathi - She who is the eye sight
629.Mahaghoshaa - She who is the chanting of Vedas/She who is the great shouting
630.Gadga charma dharaa - She who wears a sword and a shield
631.Asani - She who is the Vajrayudha of Indra
632.Shila vaichithrya vidhyothaa - She who is the knowledge of Sculpture making
633.Sarvatho Bhadra vasini - She who is safe in all places
634.Achinthya lakhshanaa kara - She who has unimaginable good properties
635.Suthra bhashya nibhandhanaa - She who is in the form of people writing explanations to Vedas
636.Sarva vedartha sampathi - She who is the import of all Vedas
637.Sarva sas thratha mathrukaa - She who is the model meaning of all Sasthras
638.Aakaradhi kshakarantha nathra varna krutha sthalaa - She who is the form of all alphabets from "Aa" to "Ksha"
639.Sarva Lakshmi - She who is all forms of Lakshmi
640.Sadananda - She who is always happy
641.Sara Vidhyaa - She who is the essence of wisdom
642.Sadashivaa - She who is always peaceful/She who is the consort of Lord Sadashiva
643.Sarvagnaa - She who knows everything
644.Sarva Shakthi - She who is all powers
645.Kechari roopa - She who is in the form all beings who fly
646.AAchrithaa - She who is great
647.Animadhi gunopethaa - She who is surrounded by occult powers like Anima
648.Araa - She who is divine
649.Kaashtaa - She who is at the end
650.Paraa Gathi - She who is the divine destination
651.Hamsa yuktha vimanasthaa - She who drives a chariot drawn by swans
652.Ham saarooda - She who travels on a swan
653.Sashi prabhaa - She who shines like moon
654.Bhavani - She who gives life to the sea of domestic life/She who wife of Lord Shiva
655.Vasannashakthi - She who is in born talents
656.Aakruthisthaa. - She who can take a form
657.Khilaa - She who is all living beings
658.Akhilaa - She who is everywhere
659.Thanthra hethu - She who is the cause of all 64 thanthras
660.Vichithraangi - She who has wonderful limbs
661.Vyoma gangaa vinodhini - She who plays in the Akasa Ganga
662.Varshaa - She who is rain
663.Varshikaa - She who rains mercy on devotees
664.Rik Yajur Sama roopini - She who is the form of Rik, Yajur and Sama Vedas
665.Maha Nadhi - She who is the great river Ganga
666.Nadhi punyaa - She who is the sacred river
667.Aganya punya guna kriyaa - She by serving her we will get innumerable blessings
668.Samadhi gatha labhyaa - She who can be got by Samadhi
669.Arthaa - She who is the meaning
670.Srothavya - She who should be heard about
671.Swapriyaa - She who likes herself
672.Agrunaa - She who does not hate
673.Namakshara paraa - She who is above her names
674.Devi - She who is Goddess
675.Upa sarga nakhanjitha - She who shines with her long nails/She who is in the form of grammar
676.Nipathoru dwayee Jangaa - She who has pretty thighs which does not get tired
677.Mathukaa - She who is an example
678.Manthra roopini - She who is the form of Mantras
679.Aseenaa - She who is sitting
680.Sayanaa - She who is lying down
681.Thishtanthi - She who is standing
682. Dhanaddhikaa - She who is stable without movement
683.Lakshya Lakshana yogaadyaa - She who is worshiped as a form and without form
684.Thaad roopya ganana kruthi - She who has several forms which are different
685.Yeka roopa - She who has one form
686.Naika roopaa - She who does not have only one form
687.Thasyai - She who is you
688.Sendhu roopa - She who has the form of moon
689.Thadha kruthi - She who is in that form/God’s form
690.Samasa thadvidhaakara - She who has the form of the world that is pointed to
691.Vibhakthi vachanathmikaa - She who is in a grammatical sentence
692.Swahakaraa - She who is in the form of Swahaa who is the wife of Fire
693.Swadhakara - She who in the form of offering to the manes
694.Sri pathyardhanga nandhini - She occupies half the body of Lord Vishnu as Srivathsa
695.Gambheera - She who is serious
696.Gahanaa - She who is deep
697.Guhyaa - She who is secretive
698.Yoni lingardha dharini - She who has half male and half female organ as Ardha nareeswari
699.Sesha Vasuki samsevyaa - She who is served by Adhi Sesha and Vasuki
700.Chapalaa - She who does stay permanently in one place
701.Varavarninee - She who belongs to the blessed category
702.Karunyakara sampathi - She who has wealth of mercy
703.Keela kruth - She who shuts illusion from devotees
704.Manthra keelikaa - She who is being worshiped by Mantras
705.Shakthi bheejathmikaa - Se who is the soul of seed chants like Aim, Hreem, Sreem
706.Sarva manthreshtaa - She who likes all mantras
707.Akshata kaamaanaa - She who has desires which never decrease
708.Aagneyi - She who is fire
709.Prthivaa - She who is earth
710.Aapyaa - She who is water
711.Vyavyaa - She who is air
712.Vyoma kethanaa - She who has sky as flag
713.Sathya jnanathmikaa- She whose soul is truth and wisdom
714.Nandaa - She who makes one happy
715.Brahmee - She who is the power of Brahma
716.Brahma - She who is the Brahman
717.Santhani - She who does not have any origin
718.Avidhyaa Vasanaa - She who has habit of ignorance
719.Mayaa - She who is the illusion
720.Prakruthi - She who is the nature
721.Sarva Mohini - She who attracts every one
722.Shakthi - She who is the power
722.Dhaaranaa shakthi - She who is the strength of understanding
723.Chidhachith Shakthi yogini - She who is an expert in Yoga with wisdom and ignorance
724.Vakthraaruna - She who has a red face
725.Mahamayaa - She who is a great illusion
726.Mareechi - She who is hiding
727.Madhamardhini - She who kills unnecessary exuberance
728.Viraat - She who is the supreme
729.Swaha - She who takes the form of Swaha, wife of fire god
730.Swadha - She who is the form of Swadha, offering for manes
731.Shudhaa - She who is clean
732.Nbiroopasthi - She who is fit to be worshiped
734.Subhakthigaa - She who likes people with good devotion
735.Nirupithadwayi vidhyaa - She who proves knowledge and ignorance
736.Vidhyaa - She who is knowledge
737.Nithyaa anithya swaroopini - She who is permanent as well as temporary
738.Vairaja marga sanchaaraa - She who travels in path of detachment
739.Sarva sathpada pradarsini - She who shows the right path
740.Jalandhari - She who is ever young/She who keeps the net called illusion
741.Mrudaani - The wife of Lord Shiva
742.Bhavani - She who is the wife of Lord Shiva
743.Bhava bhanjani - She who breaks the misery of birth
744.Trikalika Jnana thanthu - She who gives wisdom in al three periods of time
745.Trikala Jnana dhayini - She who gives knowledge of the past present and future
74.Nadhtheethaa - She who is beyond sound
747Smruthi - She who is Smruthi part of Vedas/She who is memory
748.Pragnaa - She who is intuitiveness
749.Dhathri roopa - She who has a form carrying the world
750.Tripushkaraa - She who looks after body, mind and wisdom/Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva/Rik, Yajur and Sama Vedas
751.Parajithaa - She who is defeated by devotees
752.Vidhanagnaa - She who knows how to arrange for things
753.Visesha gunathmikaa - She who has special auspicious qualities
754.Hiranyakesini - She who has golden hair
755.Hema brhama suthra vichakshanaa - She who knows the golden sacred thread/She who knows the Golden book called Brahma Suthra
756.Asankyeya aparardantha swara vuanjanavaikharee - She who is birth place of innumerable alphabets, consonants and vowels
757.Madhu jihwa - She who has a sweet toungue
758.Madhumathi - She who is Madhumathi the seventh step in Yoga/She who has a sweet brain
759.Madhumasodhayaa - She who is the beginning of pleasurable months /honey moon
760.Madhoo - She who is like honey
761.Madhavi - She who is the wife of Madhava
762.Mahaabhaagaa - She who has lot of wealth/luck/fame
763.Megha Gambheera niswanaa - She whose voice is like thunder
764.Brhama Vishnu Maheswaradhi jnathavyarthaa viseshagaa - She who has greatness known to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
765.Nabhou vahni shikhaakaaraa - She who keeps fire in her belly
766.Lalate Chandra sannibhaa - She who has a crescent like forehead
767.Broo madhye bhaskaraakaaraa - She who has sun like light in the middle of her eyebrows
768.Sarva thara kruthirhrudhi - She who keeps stars in her heart
769.Kruthikadhi bharanyantha nakshathredyarchithothayaa - She who worshiped during all the 27 stars
770.Graha vidhyathmika - She who knows all about the planets
771.Jyothi - She who is the light of a flame
772.Jyothirvinmathi - She who is the place for light
773.Jeevikaa - She who helps all beings to lead their life
774.Brahmanda garbhini - She who keeps the Universe in her womb
775.Balaa - She who is a lass
776.Sapthavarana devathaa - She who is the form of the gods of the seven avaranas of Sri Chakra
777.Vairarjothama samraajyaa - She who rules the world
778.Kumara kusalodhayaa - She who is the reason for greatness of her son Subrahmanya
779.Bagalaa - She who is the world that cannot be measured
780.Bramarambaa - She who is the form of a bee/She who has a curly hair on the forehead
781.Shiva Dhoothi - She who sent Lord Shiva as her emissary
782.Shivathmikaa - She who is the soul of Lord Shiva
783.Meru vindhyaadhi samsthaanaa - She who stays in mountains like Meru and Vindhyaa
784.Kasmeera pura vasini - She who lives in Kashmir
785.Yoga nidhraa - She who is in yogic sleep
786.Maha nidhraa - She who is in great sleep
787.Vinidhraa - She who never sleeps
788.Rakshasarithaa - She who made Rakshasas surrender
789.Suvarnadaa - She who is golden
790.Maha Gangaa - She who is the great Ganges
791.Panchaakhyaa - She who is the five elements
792.Pancha samhathi - She who is made of five elements
793.Suprajaathaa - She who was born in a good family
794.Suveeraa - She who has great valour
795.Suposhaa - She who grants good health
796.Supathi - She who has a good husband
797.Shivaa - She who is the consort of Shiva
798.Sugrahee - She who has a home without sorrow
799.Raktha bheejanthaa - She who killed Raktha Bheeja
800.Hatha kandharpa jeevika - She who gave life to God of love who was killed
801.SAmudhra vyoma madhyasthaa - She who is in between sky and ocean
802.Sama Bindhu samasrayaa - She who lives in the dot in the Sri chakra
803.Soubhagya rasa jeevathu - She who lives with different forms of wealth and luck
804.Saara saara viveka druk - She who has wisdom to classify knowledge in to various aspects
805.Trivalyadhi supushtaangaa - She who has a healthy body with three folds in her hip
806.Bharathi - She who is Saraswathi
807.Bharathasrithaa - She who is Sita worshiped by Bharatha
808.Nada Brahma mayi Vidhyaa - The knowledge of the god of sound which pervades everywhere
809.Jnana brahma mayee paraa - She who is the divine knowledge of Brahman
810.Brhama nadi - She who is the Sushumnaa
811.Nirukthischa - She who cannot be explained
812.Brahma kaivalya sadhanam - She who is the way to salvation
813.Kalikeya Mahodhaara veerya Vikrama roopini - She who is responsible for the great strength of the Snake called Kalikeya
814.Vadavagni shikhaa vakthraa - She who has Vadavagni (fire underneath ocean) as her face
815.Maha kavala tharpanaa - She who swallows all at deluge and gets satisfied
816.Maha bhoothaa - She who has a big body
817.Maha darpaa - She who is very proud
818.Maha saaraa - She who is the ultimate meaning
819.Maha krathu - She who is worshiped by big yaga
820.Pancha Bhootha maha grasa - She who swallows five elements during deluge
821.Pancha bhoothadhi devathaa - The God controlling the five elements
822.Sarva pramaanaa - She who is the cause of everything
822.Sampathi - She who is wealth
823.Sarva roga prathi kriyaa - She who has cures for all diseases
824.Brhamandanthar barhi vyapthaa - S he who is spread inside and outside the Brahmanda
825.Vishnu Vaksho vibhooshini - She who decorates the chest of Lord Vishnu
826.Shaankari - She who is the power of Shankara
827.Vidhi Vakthrasthaa - She who is on the face of Brahma-Saraswathi
828.Pravaraa - She who is the greatest
829.Vara hethuki - She who is the cause of all boons
830.Hema mala - She who wears a golden necklace
831.Shikhaa maala - She who wears a garland of heads
832.Trishikhaa - She who is the three Vedas
833.Pancha lochanaa - She who has five eyes
834.Sarvagama sadachara maryaadhaa - She who observes all the rituals mentioned in all scriptures
835.Yathu bhanjani - She who destroys all asuras
836.Punya sloka prabhandhadyaa - She who is in the form of auspicious verses
837.Sarvantharyami roopini - She who is inside every being
838.Sama gana samaradhya - She who is worshiped by singing SamaVeda
839.Srothru karna rasayana - She who gives pleasure to all who hear about her
840.Jeeva lokaika jeevathu - She who takes care of all lives of this world
841.Bhadre dhara vilokanaa - She who has a glance that grants auspiciousness
842.Thadith koti lasad kanthi - She who is as pretty as billions of lightning
843.Tharuni - She who is a lass
844.Hari sundari - She who steals the heart by her prettiness/She who is pretty to Lord Vishnu
845.Meena nethraa - She who has fish like eyes
846.Indrakshi - She who has 1000 eyes like Indra
847.Viosalakshi - She who has wide eyes
848.Sumangalaa - She who has all auspiciousness
849. Sarva mangala sampanna - She who is full of all auspiciousness
850.Sakshath mangala devatha - She who is the real god of auspiciousness
851.Deha hrud deepikaa - She who is the light of body and the heart
852.Deepthi - She who is glowing with light
853.Jihwa papa pranasini - She who destroys sins done by the tongue
854.Ardha chandrollasad damshtra - She who has glowing teeth like the half moon
855.Yajna vati vilasini - She who makes the hall of fire sacrifice glow
856.Maha Durgaa - She who is the great Goddess who removes intense sorrows
857.Mahothsaha - She who has great enthusiasm
858.Maha deva balodhaya - She who is responsible for strength of Lord Shiva
859.Dakineedyaa - She who is being worshipped by Dakini who is the goddess of Vishudhi Chakra
860.Shakineedyaa - She who is being praised by Shakini who is the goddess of Mooladhara
861. Saakineedyaa - She who is praised by Saakini
862.Samastha jushaa - She who is being worshipped every where by every body
863.Nirangusaa - She who does not have a goad
864.Nakivandhyaa - She who is worshipped by all devas
865.Shadadharadhi devathaa - She who is the goddess of the six chakras
866.Bhuvana jnanini sreni - She who is the stair case of wise people of earth
867.Bhuvana kara vallari - She who is the flag of earth
868.Shasvathi - She who will always be there
869.Shasvathaakaaraa - She who is working always
870.Lokanugraha karini - She who blesses people
871.Saarasi - She who lives in the sea
872.Maanasi - She who lives in the mind
873.Hamsi - She who lives in the form of a swan
874.Hamsa loka pradhayini - She who blesses with Hamsa Loka
875.Chin mudhralankruthaakaraa - She whose hand is decorated by divine seal
876.Koti Surya sama prabha - She who shines like billion suns
877.Sukha prani siro rekhaa - She who determines fate of living happily
878.Nadha dhrushta pradhayini - She who gives the divine sight
879.Sarva sangarya doshagni - She removes all defects
880.Grahopadhrava nasini - She who removes problems created by planets
881.Kshudhra janthu bhayagni - She who removes fear caused by evil animals
882.Visha rogadhi bhanjani - She who removes diseases caused by poison
883.Sadhaa Saanthaa - She who is always peaceful
884.Sadha Shuddhaa - She who is always pure
885.Graha chidra nivarini - She who removes the shortcomings caused by planets
886.Kali dosha prasamani - She who solves problems during the Kali age
887.Kolahalapura sthithaa - She who stays in Kolhapur
888.Gouri - She who is white
889.Laakshaniki - She who has special properties
890.Mukhyaa - She who is the chief
891.Jagnya krutha varjithaa - She who does not have body subject to birth and death
892.Mayyaa - She who is the illusion
893.Vidhyaa - She who is Knowledge
894.Moola bhoothaa - She who is the basis of all life
895.Vasavi - She who is the Power of Indra
896.Vishnu chethanaa - She who is the power of Lord Vishnu
897.Vaadhini - She who makes us talk/argues
898.Vasu Roopaa - She who is wealth
899.Vasu rathna paricchadha - She who has all the jewels of happiness
900.Cchandhasi - She who knows meter of Vedas
901.Chandra hrudhayaa - She who has a mind like the moon
902.Mantra swacchanda bhairavi - She who is the meter of the mantras
903.Vana maala - She who wears garlands made out of forest flowers
904.Vaijayanthi - She who wears Vaijayanthi garland of Lord Vishnu
905.Pancha divyayudhathmikaa - She who is armed with five divine weapons
906.Pethambara mayee - She who is dressed in yellow silk
907.Chanchath Kausthubhaa - She who wears the moving Kousthubha gem
908.Hari kamini - She who is the sweet heart of Hari
909.Nithyaa - She who is always there
910.Thadhyaa - She who is real/truth
911.Remaa - She who attracts
912.Ramaa - She who is the consort of Rama
913.Ramani - She who makes devotees enjoy
914.Mruthyubhanjini - She who destroys death
915.Jyeshtaa - She who is elder
916.Kaashtaa - She who is superior
917.Dhanishtaanthaa - She who is inside the cloud
918.Sarangee - She who has a body like a bow/She who holds Saranga, the bow of Vishnu
919.Nirguna priyaa - She who likes people who are beyond the three Gunas
919.Maithreyaa - She who is friendly
920.Mitha Vindhaa - She who is Mithra Vinda, wife of Krishna
921.Seshya sesha kalasaya - She who can take independence with her devotees
922.Varanasi vasa labhyaa - She who can be attained by people living in Kasi
923.Arya vartha jana sthuthaa - She who is prayed by people of Aryavartha/people born in good families
924.Jagad uthpathi samsthaana samhara thrya karanam - She who is the Cause of creation, upkeep and destruction of the Universe
925.Thwam - She who is you
926.Amba - She who is Mother
927.Vishnu sarvaswam - She who is everything to Vishnu
928.Maheswari - She who is the greatest Goddess
929.SArvlokanaam janani - She who is the Mother of all worlds
930.Punya murthy - She who is auspiciousness personified.
931.Sidha Lakshmi - She who is Lakshmi giving powers
932.Mahakali - She who is the great Kali
933.Maha Lakshmi - She who is the great Lakshmi
934.Sadhyojathadhi Panchagni roopa - She who is the five faces of Shiva and she who did penance in the middle of five fires
935.Panchaka panchakam - She who is five times five
936.Yanthra Lakshmi - She who is Lakshmi of Yantras
937.Bhavathyadhi - She who is primeval
938.Aadhyadhye - She who is first among the first
939.Srushtyadhi karanakara - She who is the cause of acts like creation
940.Dosha Varjithaa - She who does not have any flaws
941.Jagallakshmi - She who is Lakshmi of the Universe
942. Jagan mathaa - She who is the Mother of Universe
943.Vishnu Pathni - She who is the wife of Vishnu
944. Nava koti maha Shakthi samupasya padambhuje - She whose lotus like feet are worshipped by 90 million great Shakthis
945.Kanath souarna rathnadyaa - She who wears gem studded gold ornaments
946.Sarvabharana bhooshithe - She who shines with all sort of ornaments
947.Anantha nithya mahishi - She who is the endless and ever lasting queen
948.Prapancheswara nayaki - She who is the leader for all gods of the world
949.Athyuchritha padantha sthaa - She who lives in a very tell house/She who is in Vaikuntha
950.Parama vyoma nayaki - She who is the leader of all divine beings of the sky
951.Naka prushta gathaaraadhyaa - She who is worshipped by all who have reached heaven
952.Vishnu loka vbilasini - She who makes the world of Vishnu shine
953.Vaikunta Raja mahishi - She who is the queen of the king of Vaikunta
954.Sri Ranga nagarasritha - She who lives in the town of Sri Ranga
955.Ranga Nayaki - She who is the chief of the stage of life
956.Bhooputhri - She who is the daughter of Earth
957.Krushne - She who is the wife of Krishna
958.Varada vallabhe - She who is the consort of Lord Varada Raja
959.Koti Brhamadhi samsevye - She who is served by billions of Brahmas
960.Koti Rudhradhi keerthithe - She who is sung about by billions of Rudras
961.Mathullangitha Khetam bhibrathi - She who holds the shield made by pomegranate
962.Souvarna chashakam Bhibrathi - She who holds the golden goblet in her hands
963.Padma dwayam , Poornakumbham , Keram , Varadhabhaye - She who holds two lotus flowers, a full pot, parrot and protects and blesses
964.Pasamanguasakam shankam chakram Shoolam Krupanikaam - She who holds rope, goad, wheel, trident and sword
965.Dhanurbanam Cha akshamalam Chinmudhram Bhibrathi - She who holds bow, arrow, rosary,and divine symbols
966.Ashtadasa bhuje - She who has eighteen hands
967.Lakshmi - She who is Lakshmi
968.Maha asthaa dasa peetage - She who has 18 great temples
969.Bhoomi neeladhi samsevye - She who is served by earth and Neela Devi
970.Swami chithanuvarthini - She who acts according to the wishes of her husband
971.Paamaa - She who is lotus like
972.Padmalayaa - She who lives in a lotus
973.Padmini - She who is as pretty as the lotus plant
974.Poorna kumbhabhishechithe - She who is anointed by a pot full of water
975.Indiraa - She who is of the form Of Indra
976.Indirindhirabhakshi - She who has shine like moon
977. Ksheera sagara Kanyakaa - She who is the lass of ocean of milk
978.Bhargavi - She who is the daughter of sage Bhrugu
979.Swthanthresaa - She who does acts independently from her Lord
980.Vasee Krutha jagat pathi - She who attracted the Lord of the universe
981.Mangalam mangalaanaam - She who is the auspicious among the auspicious ones
982.Devathaanaam cha devathaa - She who is god of all gods
983.Uthamothamaanam - She who is best among the best
984.Sreya - She who has great fame
985.Parmamruthaa - She who is the divine nectar
986.Dhandhanya abhivrudhischa sarva bhuma sukhechaya - She who blesses with increased wealth and a happy life of an emperor
987.AAdholikhadi Soubhagyam Mathebhadi mahodhaya - She who grants the luck to travel in a palanquin and posses exuberant elephants
988.Puthra puthrabhivridhischa Vidhya Bhoga phaladhikam - She who grants increase in sons, grand sons , knowledge and pleasure
989.Ayur arogya sampathir ashataiswarya - She who grants long life , health, wealth and eight types of wealth
990.Parameshwara Vibhoothi - She who is the power of Parameshwara
991.Sookshmath sookshma tharaa - She who is smaller than the smallest
992.Gathi - She who is the way
993.Adapanga sandatha brahmendradhi pada sthithi - She who by her mercy give stable positions to Brahma, Indra and others
994.Avyahatha Mahabhagyaa - She who is luck without any breaks or stops
995.Akshobhya vikramaa - She who has a valour that never diminishes
996.Vedanam samanvaya - She who is the meaning of Vedas
997.Vedanaam avirodha - She who is not the enemy of Vedas
998.Isreyasa pada prapthi sadhanam meva phalam - The way and end to the salvation
999.Sri Manthra raja Rajni - The queen of Sri Vidhyaa
1000.Srividhyaa - She who is Sri Vidhyaa
1001.Kshema karini - She who blesses with comfort
1002.Sreem Bheeja japa santhushtaa - She who becomes happy by the chanting of the root “Sreem”
1003.Iym, hreem Sreem Bheeja palika - She who is worshipped by chanting Iym, hreem , sreem
1004.Prapathi marga sulabha - She following him is easy
1005.Kleem karatha savithri - She who made the sound kleem
1006.Soumangalyadhi devatha - She who is the goddess of good luck
1007.Sri Shodasakshari vidhyaa - She who is the knowledge of 16 letter
1008.Sri Yanthra pura vasini - She who lives in Sree Chakra

Sidha Lakshmir Maha Kali, Mahalakshmi Namosthuthe,
Sadhyojathadhadhi panchagni roopa panchaka panchakam
Sarva mangala Mangalye, Shive Sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye trayambike Gowri Narayani namosthuthe