Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Holi!

This auspicious festival of wedding of shrI pArvatI paramEshvara is celebrated as the festival of colors - Holi.When the Sun is shining in the Pisces sign(mIna rAsi) that is in the month of paN^guni (mid of March to mid of April) on the uththara naxaththiram on the Moons growing face (shukla paxam), this vratam is observed. This is the day Shakthi married Lord Shiva after a great austerity in the Himaalayas, as the daughter of Himavaan. It is also observed as the auspicious day when Lord Muruga married devaseenaa. This vratam is explained in the skandha purANam.

Observing this vratam will get one the great boon of shri Lord shankara's delight. It would bring much joy and comfort in life, lead to the abode of Lord Shiva and give the liberation.

MahA VishNu got wedded to Laxmi sincerely observing this vratam.
Brahma wedded Saraswati,
Indra wedded IndrANi,
Moon wedded the 27 stars,
sage Agastiya wedded Lobhamudra ...
The two daughters of vishhNu namely AmR^itavalli, Saundaryavalli were married to the six faced Lord as DevasEna and VaLLI.
The daughter of vedAN^ga R^ishhi called Sukesi got married to Nandi devar.
The two daughters of sage satyapUrNar pUrNa, pushhkaLai were wedded to mahA sAsthA. KAma got Rathi,
SIta got RAma,
JAmbhavati got KR^ishhNa,

and I got You my Love!!!

There are more stories. Holi, the festival of colour, is celebrated in all over India with great festivity and joy. On this day, people come out wearing pure white clothes and gether together in a common place where they play it with gay abandon.

Holi is supposed to be an exuberant show of goodwill and cheer. The riot of colours follows a revelry of colour play - quite unmatched in its boisterousness - and takes place amidst the sprinkling or the shower of coloured powder. And when this is combined with water it is anything but a damp squib. Everybody is welcome and everybody is pardoned for his or her revelry.

and sing:

O hori khele raghuveeraa avadh mein hori khele raghuveeraa
Hori khele raghuveeraa avadh mein hori khele raghuveeraa
Holi hai!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maha Shiva Ratri

Shivaratri (literally: Shiva's night) is a festival of great significance. Esoterically, it is symbolic of the mystic union of Jiva (individual soul) with Paramatma (Supreme Godhead) and it represents the high state of spiritual realization wherein the world of relativity fades away and perfect peace and calm prevails. On this phenomenal night, the seeker remains fully aware of his identity with Shiva, the source of perennial joy, and thus experiences eternal Truth, Bliss and Beauty (Satyam Shivam Sundaram).

Shivaratri puja it signifies Lord Shiva's wedding with Uma, the beautiful daughter of the Himalayas. The divine marriage has a deeper, philosophic connotation. Shiva in His transcendental (para) aspect is inactive in creation. And His union with Shakti (energy or activating power), represented by His 'consorts', Uma, Parvati, Durga and Kali (variously named to signalize particular functions of the Divine Mother) make the infinite unfoldments in the cosmos possible. According to Saivism, Shiva represents the eternal process of creation and destruction, and His nature has primarily a two-fold aspect--immanent which pervades the universe and the transcendental that is beyond the universal manifestation of time, space and form.

An abhishekam to the crystal Siva Lingam of Kadavul Temple:

Ode to Shiva from Ramayana:

Om Namah Shivaya

Damaru pani shool pani hey Natarajan namo namo
Sheesh ganga bhasma anga karte dharan namo namo
Damaru pani shool pani hey Natarajan namo namo

Tum aadi-dev anaadi ho, tum anta-heen anant ho
Om Namah Shivaya
Shrimant ho bhagawant ho, hey naat girijaa kant ho
Om namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya
Shashi lalaat tanaha viraat, hey trilochan namo namo
Damaru pani shool pani hey Natarajan namo namo

Nis-saar is sansaar mein, Shiv naam kewal saar hai
Om Namah Shivaya
Shiv shakti hai, Shiv bhakti hai, Shiv mukti ka aadhaar hai
Om namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya, namah Shivaya
Rom rom om om, hey aghanaashan namo namo
Damaru pani shool pani hey Natarajan namo namo
Damaru pani shool pani hey Natarajan namo namo

Om namaha shambawaiyachar mayobhavayachar
Namaha shankarayachar mayuhskarayachar
Namaha shivayachar shivatarayachar