Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy and New

May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.
---An Old Irish Prayer

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sri Aishvaryalakshmi Namavali

shreem shreem shreem om...

aishvaryalakshmyai namaha
anaghaayai namaha
aliraajyai namaha
ahaskaraayai namaha
amayaghnyai namaha
alakaayai namaha
anekaayai namaha
ahalyaayai namaha
aadirakshaNaayai namaha
ishTeshTadaayai namaha || 10 ||
indraaNyai namaha
eesheshaanyai namaha
indramohinyai namaha
oorushaktyai namaha
oorupradaayai namaha
oordhvakeshyai namaha
kaalamaaryai namaha
kaalikaayai namaha
kiraNaayai namaha
kalpalatikaayai namaha || 20 ||
kalpasmkhyaayai namaha
kumudvatyai namaha
kaashyapyai namaha
kutukaayai namaha
kharadooshaNahamtryai namaha
khagaroopiNyai namaha
gurave namaha
guNaadhyakshaayai namaha
guNavatyai namaha
gopeechandanacharchitaayai namaha|| 30 ||
hamgaayai namaha
chakshushe namaha
chandrabhaagaayai namaha
chapalaayai namaha
chalatkuNDalaayai namaha
chatuhashashTi kalaagyaana daayinyai namaha
chaakshushee manave namaha
charmaNvatyai namaha
chandrikaayai namaha
giraye namaha || 40 ||
gopikaayai namaha
janeshTadaayai namaha
jeerNaayai namaha
jinamaatre namaha
janyaayai namaha
janakanandinyai namaha
jaalandharaharaayai namaha
tapahasiddhyai namaha
taponishThaayai namaha
triptaayai namaha || 50 ||
taapitadaanavaayai namaha
darapaaNaye namaha
dragdivyaayai namaha
dishaayai namaha
damitendriyaayai namaha
drikaayai namaha
dakshiNaayai namaha
deekshitaayai namaha
nidhipurasthaayai namaha
nyaayashriyai namaha || 60 ||
nyaayakovidaayai namaha
naabhistutaayai namaha
nayavatyai namaha
narakaartiharaayai namaha
phaNimaatre namaha
phaladaayai namaha
phalabhuje namaha
phenadaityahrite namaha
phulaambujaasanaayai namaha
phullaayai namaha || 70 ||
phullapadmakaraayai namaha
bheemanandinyai namaha
bhootyai namaha
bhavaanyai namaha
bhayadaayai namaha
bheeshaNaayai namaha
bhavabheeshaNaayai namaha
bhoopatistutaayai namaha
shreepatistutaayai namaha
bhoodharadharaayai namaha || 80 ||
bhootaaveshanivaasinyai namaha
madhughnyai namaha
madhuraayai namaha
maadhavyai namaha
yoginyai namaha
yaamalaayai namaha
yataye namaha
yantroddhaaravatyai namaha
rajaneepriyaayai namaha
raatryai namaha || 90 ||
raajeevanetraayai namaha
raNabhoomyai namaha
raNasthiraayai namaha
vashaTkrityai namaha
vanamaalaadharaayai namaha
vyaaptyai namaha
vikhyaataayai namaha
sharadhanvadharaayai namaha
shritaye namaha
sharadinduprabhaayai namaha || 100 ||
shikshaayai namaha
shataghnyai namaha
shaamtidaayinyai namaha
hreem beejaayai namaha
haravanditaayai namaha
haalaahaladharaayai namaha
hayaghnyai namaha
hamsavaahinyai namaha || 108 ||

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Sri Vidyalakshmi Namavali

aim om...

vidyaalakshmyai namaha
vaagdevyai namaha
paradevyai namaha
niravadyaayai namaha
pustakahastaayai namaha
gyaanamudraayai namaha
shreevidyaayai namaha
vidyaaroopaayai namaha
shaastraniroopiNyai namaha
trikaalagyaanaayai namaha || 10 ||
sarasvatyai namaha
mahaavidyaayai namaha
vaaNishriyai namaha
yashasvinyai namaha
vijayaayai namaha
aksharaayai namaha
varNaayai namaha
paraavidyaayai namaha
kavitaayai namaha
nityabuddhaayai namaha || 20 ||
nirvikalpaayai namaha
nigamaateetaayai namaha
nirguNaroopaayai namaha
nishkalaroopaayai namaha
nirmalaayai namaha
nirmalaroopaayai namaha
niraakaaraayai namaha
nirvikaaraayai namaha
nityashuddhaayai namaha
buddhyai namaha || 30 ||
muktyai namaha
nityaayai namaha
nirahamkaaraayai namaha
niraatamkaayai namaha
nishkalamkaayai namaha
nishkaariNyai namaha
nikhilakaaraNaayai namaha
nireeshvaraayai namaha
nityagyaanaayai namaha
nikhilaaNDeshvaryai namaha || 40 ||
nikhilavedyaayai namaha
guNadevyai namaha
suguNadevyai namaha
sarvasaakshiNyai namaha
sacchidaanandaayai namaha
sajjanapoojitaayai namaha
sakaladevyai namaha
mohinyai namaha
mohavarjitaayai namaha
mohanaashinyai namaha || 50 ||
shokaayai namaha
shokanaashinyai namaha
kaalaayai namaha
kaalaateetaayai namaha
kaalaprateetaayai namaha
akhilaayai namaha
akhilanidaanaayai namaha
ajaraamaraayai namaha
ajahitakaariNyai namaha
triguNaayai namaha || 60 ||
trimoortyai namaha
bhedaviheenaayai namaha
bhedakaaraNaayai namaha
shabdaayai namaha
shabdabhaNDaaraayai namaha
shabdakaariNyai namaha
sparshaayai namaha
sparshaviheenaayai namaha
roopaayai namaha
roopaviheenaayai namaha || 70 ||
roopakaaraNaayai namaha
rasagandhinyai namaha
rasaviheenaayai namaha
sarvavyaapinyai namaha
maayaaroopiNyai namaha
praNavalakshmyai namaha
maatre namaha
maatrisvaroopiNyai namaha
omkaaryai namaha || 80 ||
shabdashareeraayai namaha
bhaashaayai namaha
bhaashaaroopaayai namaha
gaayatryai namaha
vishvaayai namaha
vishvaroopaayai namaha
tejase namaha
praagyaayai namaha
sarvashaktyai namaha
vidyaavidyaayai namaha || 90 ||
vidushaayai namaha
munigaNaarchitaayai namaha
dhyaanaayai namaha
hamsavaahinyai namaha
hasitavadanaayai namaha
mandasmitaayai namaha
ambujavaasinyai namaha
mayooraayai namaha
padmahastaayai namaha
gurujanavanditaayai namaha || 100 ||
suhaasinyai namaha
mamgalaayai namaha
veeNaapustakadhaariNyai namaha

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sri Vijayalakshmi Namavali

om kleem om...

vijayalakshmyai namaha
ambikaayai namaha
ambaalikaayai namaha
ambudhishayanaayai namaha
ambudhaye namaha
antakaghnyai namaha
antakartryai namaha
antimaayai namaha
antakaroopiNyai namaha
eeDyaayai namaha || 10 ||
ibhaasyanutaayai namaha
eeshaanapriyaayai namaha
ootyai namaha
udyadbhaanukoTiprabhaayai namaha
udaaraamgaayai namaha
keliparaayai namaha
kalahaayai namaha
kaantalochanaayai namaha
kaamchyai namaha
kanakadhaaraayai namaha || 20 ||
kalyai namaha
kanakakuNDalaayai namaha
khaDgahastaayai namaha
khaTvaamgavaradhaariNyai namaha
kheTahastaayai namaha
gandhapriyaayai namaha
gopasakhyai namaha
gaaruDyai namaha
gatyai namaha
gohitaayai namaha || 30 ||
gopyaayai namaha
chidaatmikaayai namaha
chaturvargaphalapradaayai namaha
chaturaakrityai namaha
chakoraakshyai namaha
chaaruhaasaayai namaha
govardhanadharaayai namaha
gurvyai namaha
gokulaabhayadaayinyai namaha
tapoyuktaayai namaha || 40 ||
tapasvikulavanditaayai namaha
taapahaariNyai namaha
taarkshamaatre namaha
jayaayai namaha
japyaayai namaha
jaraayave namaha
javanaayai namaha
jananyai namaha
jaamboonadavibhooshaayai namaha
dayaanidhyai namaha || 50 ||
jvaalaayai namaha
jambhavadhodyataayai namaha
duhakhahamtryai namaha
daantaayai namaha
druteshTadaayai namaha
daatryai namaha
deenartishamanaayai namaha
neelaayai namaha
naagendrapoojitaayai namaha
naarasimhyai namaha || 60 ||
nandinandaayai namaha
nandyaavartapriyaayai namaha
nidhaye namaha
paramaanandaayai namaha
padmahastaayai namaha
pikasvaraayai namaha
purushaarthapradaayai namaha
prauDhaayai namaha
praaptyai namaha
balisamstutaayai namaha || 70 ||
baalendushekharaayai namaha
vandyai namaha
baalagrahavinaashanyai namaha
braahmyai namaha
brihattamaayai namaha
baaNaayai namaha
braahmaNyai namaha
madhusravaayai namaha
matyai namaha
medhaayai namaha || 80 ||
maneeshaayai namaha
mrityumaarikaayai namaha
mrigatvache namaha
yogijanapriyaayai namaha
yogaamgadhyaanasheelaayai namaha
yagyabhuve namaha
yagyavardhinyai namaha
raakaayai namaha
raakenduvadanaayai namaha
ramyaayai namaha || 90 ||
raNitanoopuraayai namaha
rakshoghnyai namaha
ratidaatryai namaha
lataayai namaha
leelaayai namaha
leelaanaravapushe namaha
lolaayai namaha
vareNyaayai namaha
vasudhaayai namaha
veeraayai namaha || 100 ||
varishThaayai namaha
shaatakumbhamayai namaha
shaktyai namaha
shyaamaayai namaha
sheelavatyai namaha
shivaayai namaha
horaayai namaha
hayagaayai namaha || 108 ||

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Sri Santanalakshmi Namavali

om hreem shreem kleem...

santaanalakshmyai namaha
asuraghnyai namaha
architaayai namaha
amritaprasave namaha
akaararoopaayai namaha
ayodhyaayai namaha
ashvinyai namaha
amaravallabhaayai namaha
akhaNDitaayushe namaha
indunibhaananaayai namaha || 10 ||
ijyaayai namaha
indraadistutaayai namaha
uttamaayai namaha
utkrishTavarNaayai namaha
urvyai namaha
kamalasragdharaayai namaha
kaamavaradaayai namaha
kamaThaakrityai namaha
kaamcheekalaaparamyaayai namaha
kamalaasanasamstutaayai namaha || 20 ||
kambeejaayai namaha
kautsavaradaayai namaha
kaamaroopa nivaasinyai namaha
khaDginyai namaha
guNaroopaayai namaha
guNoddhataayai namaha
gopaalaroopiNyai namaha
goptryai namaha
gahanaayai namaha
godhanapradaayai namaha || 30 ||
chitsvaroopaayai namaha
charaacharaayai namaha
chitriNyai namaha
chitraayai namaha
gurutamaayai namaha
gamyaayai namaha
godaayai namaha
gurusutapradaayai namaha
taamraparNyai namaha
teerthamayai namaha || 40 ||
taapasyai namaha
taapasapriyaayai namaha
tryailokyapoojitaayai namaha
janamohinyai namaha
jalamoortyai namaha
jagadbeejaayai namaha
jananyai namaha
janmanaashinyai namaha
jagaddhaatryai namaha
jitendriyaayai namaha || 50 ||
jyotirjaayaayai namaha
draupadyai namaha
devamaatre namaha
durdharshaayai namaha
deedhitipradaayai namaha
dashaananaharaayai namaha
Dolaayai namaha
dyutyai namaha
deeptaayai namaha
nutyai namaha || 60 ||
nishumbhaghnyai namaha
narmadaayai namaha
nakshatraakhyaayai namaha
nandinyai namaha
padminyai namaha
padmakoshaakshyai namaha
puNDareeka varapradaayai namaha
puraaNaparamaayai namaha
preetyai namaha
bhaalanetraayai namaha || 70 ||
bhairavyai namaha
bhootidaayai namaha
bhraamaryai namaha
bhramaayai namaha
bhoorbhuvasvaha svaroopiNyai namaha
maayaayai namaha
mrigaakshyai namaha
mohahamtryai namaha
manasvinyai namaha
mahepsitapradaayai namaha || 80 ||
maatramadahritaayai namaha
madirekshaNaayai namaha
yuddhagyaayai namaha
yaduvamshajaayai namaha
yaadavaartiharaayai namaha
yuktaayai namaha
yakshiNyai namaha
yavanaardinyai namaha
lakshmyai namaha
laavaNyaroopaayai namaha || 90 ||
lalitaayai namaha
lolalochanaayai namaha
leelaavatyai namaha
laksharoopaayai namaha
vimalaayai namaha
vasave namaha
vyaalaroopaayai namaha
vaidyavidyaayai namaha
vaasishThyai namaha
veeryadaayinyai namaha || 100 ||
shabalaayai namaha
shaamtaayai namaha
shaktaayai namaha
shokavinaashinyai namaha
shatrumaaryai namaha
shatruroopaayai namaha
sarasvatyai namaha
sushroNyai namaha || 108 ||
Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Sri Gajalakshmi Namavali

om shreem hreem kleem...

gajalakshmyai namaha
anantashaktyai namaha
agyeyaayai namaha
aNuroopaayai namaha
aruNaakrityai namaha
avaachyaayai namaha
anantaroopaayai namaha
ambudaayai namaha
ambarasamsthaamkaayai namaha
asheshasvarabhooshitaayai namaha || 10 ||
icChaayai namaha
indeevaraprabhaayai namaha
umaayai namaha
oorvashyai namaha
udayapradaayai namaha
kushaavartaayai namaha
kaamadhenave namaha
kapilaayai namaha
kulodbhavaayai namaha
kumkumaamkita dehaayai namaha || 20 ||
kumaaryai namaha
kumkumaaruNaayai namaha
kaashapushpaprateekaashaayai namaha
khalaapahaayai namaha
khagamaatre namaha
khagaakrityai namaha
gaandharvageetakeertyai namaha
geyavidyaavishaaradaayai namaha
gambheeranaabhyai namaha
garimaayai namaha || 30 ||
chaamaryai namaha
chaturaananaayai namaha
chatuhashashTi shreetantra poojanayaayai namaha
chitsukhaayai namaha
chintyaayai namaha
gambheeraayai namaha
geyaayai namaha
gandharvasevitaayai namaha
jaraamrityuvinaashinyai namaha
jaitryai namaha || 40 ||
jeemootasamkaashaayai namaha
jeevanaayai namaha
jeevanapradaayai namaha
jitashvaasaayai namaha
jitaaraataye namaha
janitryai namaha
triptyai namaha
trapaayai namaha
trishaayai namaha
dakshapoojitaayai namaha || 50 ||
deerghakeshyai namaha
dayaalave namaha
danujaapahaayai namaha
daaridryanaashinyai namaha
dravaayai namaha
neetinishThaayai namaha
naakagatipradaayai namaha
naagaroopaayai namaha
naagavallyai namaha
pratishThaayai namaha || 60 ||
peetaambaraayai namaha
paraayai namaha
puNyapragyaayai namaha
payoshNyai namaha
pampaayai namaha
padmapayasvinyai namaha
peevaraayai namaha
bheemaayai namaha
bhavabhayaapahaayai namaha
bheeshmaayai namaha || 70 ||
bhraajanmaNigreevaayai namaha
bhraatripoojyaayai namaha
bhaargavyai namaha
bhraajishNave namaha
bhaanukoTi samaprabhaayai namaha
maatamgyai namaha
maanadaayai namaha
maatre namaha
maatrimaNDalavaasinyai namaha
maayaayai namaha || 80 ||
maayaapuryai namaha
yashasvinyai namaha
yogagamyaayai namaha
yogyaayai namaha
ratnakeyooravalayaayai namaha
ratiraaga vivardhinyai namaha
rolambapoorNamaalaayai namaha
ramaNeeyaayai namaha
ramaapatyai namaha
lekhyaayai namaha || 90 ||
laavaNyabhuve namaha
lipyai namaha
lakshmaNaayai namaha
vedamaatre namaha
vahnisvaroopadhrishe namaha
vaaguraayai namaha
vadhuroopaayai namaha
vaalihamtryai namaha
varaapsarasyai namaha
shaambaryai namaha || 100 ||
shamanyai namaha
shaamtyai namaha
sundaryai namaha
seetaayai namaha
subhadraayai namaha
kshemamkaryai namaha
kshityai namaha || 107 ||

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Sri Dhairyalakshmi Namavali

om shreem hreem kleem...

dhairyalakshmyai namaha
apoorvaayai namaha
anaadyaayai namaha
adireeshvaryai namaha
abheeshTaayai namaha
aatmaroopiNyai namaha
aprameyaayai namaha
aruNaayai namaha
alakshyaayai namaha
advaitaayai namaha || 10 ||
aadilakshmyai namaha
eeshaanavaradaayai namaha
indiraayai namaha
unnataakaaraayai namaha
uddhaTamadaapahaayai namaha
kruddhaayai namaha
krishaamgyai namaha
kaayavarjitaayai namaha
kaaminyai namaha
kuntahastaayai namaha || 20 ||
kulavidyaayai namaha
kaulikyai namaha
kaavyashaktyai namaha
kalaatmikaayai namaha
khecharyai namaha
kheTakaamadaayai namaha
goptryai namaha
guNaaDhyaayai namaha
gave namaha
chandraayai namaha || 30 ||
chaarave namaha
chandraprabhaayai namaha
chamchave namaha
chaturaashrama poojitaayai namaha
chityai namaha
gosvaroopaayai namaha
gautamaakhya munistutaayai namaha
gaanapriyaayai namaha
Chadmadaitya vinaashinyai namaha
jayaayai namaha || 40 ||
jayantyai namaha
jayadaayai namaha
jagattraya hitaishiNyai namaha
jaataroopaayai namaha
jyotsnaayai namaha
janataayai namaha
taaraayai namaha
tripadaayai namaha
tomaraayai namaha
tushTyai namaha || 50 ||
dhanurdharaayai namaha
dhenukaayai namaha
dhvajinyai namaha
dheeraayai namaha
dhoolidhvaantaharaayai namaha
dhvanaye namaha
dhyeyaayai namaha
dhanyaayai namaha
naukaayai namaha
neelamegha samaprabhaayai namaha ||60||
navyaayai namaha
neelaambaraayai namaha
nakhajvaalaayai namaha
nalinyai namaha
paraatmikaayai namaha
paraapavaada samhartryai namaha
pannagendra shayanaayai namaha
patagendra kritaasanaayai namaha
paakashaasanaayai namaha
parashupriyaayai namaha || 70 ||
balipriyaayai namaha
baladaayai namaha
baalikaayai namaha
baalaayai namaha
badaryai namaha
balashaalinyai namaha
balabhadrapriyaayai namaha
buddhyai namaha
baahudaayai namaha
mukhyaayai namaha || 80 ||
mokshadaayai namaha
meenaroopiNyai namaha
yagyaayai namaha
yagyaamgaayai namaha
yagyakaamadaayai namaha
yagyaroopaayai namaha
yagyakartryai namaha
ramaNyai namaha
raamamoortyai namaha
raagiNyai namaha || 90 ||
raagagyaayai namaha
raagavallabhaayai namaha
ratnagarbhaayai namaha
ratnakhanyai namaha
raakshasyai namaha
lakshaNaaDhyaayai namaha
lolaarka paripoojitaayai namaha
vetravatyai namaha
vishveshaayai namaha
veeramaatre namaha || 100 ||
veerashriyai namaha
vaishNavyai namaha
shuchyai namaha
shraddhaayai namaha
shoNaakshyai namaha
sheshavanditaayai namaha
shataakshayai namaha
hatadaanavaayai namaha || 108 ||

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Sri Dhanyalakshmi Namavali

om shreem kleem...

dhaanyalakshmyai namaha
aanandaakrityai namaha
aninditaayai namaha
aadyaayai namaha
aachaaryaayai namaha
abhayaayai namaha
ashakyaayai namaha
ajayaayai namaha
ajeyaayai namaha
amalaayai namaha || 10 ||
amritaayai namaha
amaraayai namaha
indraaNeevaradaayai namaha
indeevareshvaryai namaha
uragendrashayanaayai namaha
utkelyai namaha
kaashmeeravaasinyai namaha
kaadambaryai namaha
kalaravaayai namaha
kuchamanDalamanDitaayai namaha || 20 ||
kaushikyai namaha
kritamaalaayai namaha
kaushaambyai namaha
koshavardhinyai namaha
khaDgadharaayai namaha
khanaye namaha
khasthaayai namaha
geetaayai namaha
geetapriyaayai namaha
geetyai namaha || 30 ||
gaayatryai namaha
gautamyai namaha
citraabharaNabhooshitaayai namaha
chaaNoora mardinyai namaha
chaNDaayai namaha
chaNDahamtryai namaha
chaNDikaayai namaha
gaNDakyai namaha
gomatyai namaha
gaathaayai namaha || 40 ||
tamohantryai namaha
trishaktidhrite namaha
tapasvinyai namaha
jaatavatsalaayai namaha
jagatyai namaha
jamgamaayai namaha
jyeshThaayai namaha
janmadaayai namaha
jvalitadyutyai namaha
jagajjeevaayai namaha || 50 ||
jagadvandyaayai namaha
dharmishThaayai namaha
dharmaphaladaayai namaha
dhyaanagamyaayai namaha
dhaaraNaayai namaha
dharaNyai namaha
dhavalaayai namaha
dharmaadhaaraayai namaha
dhanaayai namaha
dhaaraayai namaha || 60 ||
dhanurdharyai namaha
naabhasaayai namaha
naasaayai namaha
nootanaamgaayai namaha
narakaghnyai namaha
nutyai namaha
naagapaashadharaayai namaha
nityaayai namaha
parvatanandinyai namaha
pativrataayai namaha || 70 ||
patimayai namaha
priyaayai namaha
preetimanjaryai namaha
paataalavaasinyai namaha
poortyai namaha
paamchaalyai namaha
praaNinaam prasave namaha
paraashaktyai namaha
balimaatre namaha
brihaddhaamnyai namaha || 80 ||
baadaraayaNa samstutaayai namaha
bhayaghnyai namaha
bheemaroopaayai namaha
bilvaayai namaha
bhootasthaayai namaha
makhaayai namaha
maataamahyai namaha
mahaamaatre namaha
madhyamaayai namaha
maanasyai namaha || 90 ||
manave namaha
menakaayai namaha
mudaayai namaha
yattatpada nibandhinyai namaha
yashodaayai namaha
yaadavaayai namaha
yootyai namaha
raktadantikaayai namaha
ratipriyaayai namaha
ratikaryai namaha || 100 ||
raktakeshyai namaha
raNapriyaayai namaha
lamkaayai namaha
lavaNodadhaye namaha
lamkeshahamtryai namaha
lekhaayai namaha
varapradaayai namaha
vaamanaayai namaha|| 108 ||
Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sri Adilakshmi Namavali

om shreem...

aadilakshmyai namaha
akaaraayai namaha
avyayaayai namaha
achyutaayai namaha
aanandaayai namaha
architaayai namaha
anugrahaayai namaha
amritaayai namaha
anantaayai namaha
ishTapraaptyai namaha || 10 ||
eeshvaryai namaha
kartryai namaha
kaantaayai namaha
kalaayai namaha
kalyaaNyai namaha
kapardine namaha
kamalaayai namaha
kaantivardhinyai namaha
kumaaryai namaha
kaamaakshyai namaha || 20 ||
keertilakshmyai namaha
gandhinyai namaha
gajaarooDhaayai namaha
gambheeravadanaayai namaha
chakrahaasinyai namaha
chakraayai namaha
jyotilakshmyai namaha
jayalakshmyai namaha
jyeshThaayai namaha
jagajjananyai namaha || 30 ||
jaagritaayai namaha
triguNaayai namaha
tryailokyamohinyai namaha
trailokyapoojitaayai namaha
naanaaroopiNyai namaha
nikhilaayai namaha
naaraayaNyai namaha
padmaakshyai namaha
paramaayai namaha
praaNaayai namaha || 40 ||
pradhaanaayai namaha
praaNashaktyai namaha
brahmaaNyai namaha
bhaagyalakshmyai namaha
bhoodevyai namaha
bahuroopaayai namaha
bhadrakaalyai namaha
bheemaayai namaha
bhairavyai namaha
bhogalakshmyai namaha || 50 ||
bhoolakshmyai namaha
mahaashriyai namaha
maadhavyai namaha
maatre namaha
mahaalakshmyai namaha
mahaaveeraayai namaha
mahaashaktyai namaha
maalaashriyai namaha
raagyyai namaha
ramaayai namaha || 60 ||
raajyalakshmyai namaha
ramaNeeyaayai namaha
lakshmyai namaha
laakshitaayai namaha
lekhinyai namaha
vijayalakshmyai namaha
vishvaroopiNyai namaha
vishvaashrayaayai namaha
vishaalaakshyai namaha
vyaapinyai namaha || 70 ||
vedinyai namaha
vaaridhaye namaha
vyaaghryai namaha
vaaraahyai namaha
vainaayakyai namaha
varaarohaayai namaha
vaishaaradyai namaha
shubhaayai namaha
shaakambharyai namaha
shreekaantaayai namaha || 80 ||
kaalaayai namaha
sharaNyai namaha
shrutaye namaha
svapnadurgaayai namaha
sooryachandraagni netratrayaayai namaha
simhagaayai namaha
sarvadeepikaayai namaha
sthiraayai namaha
sarvasampatti roopiNyai namaha
svaaminyai namaha || 90 ||
sitaayai namaha
sookshmaayai namaha
sarvasampannaayai namaha
hamsinyai namaha
harshapradaayai namaha
hamsagaayai namaha
harisootaayai namaha
harshapraadhaanyai namaha
haritpataye namaha
sarvagyaanaayai namaha || 100 ||
sarvajananyai namaha
mukhaphalapradaayai namaha
mahaaroopaayai namaha
shreekaryai namaha
shreyase namaha
shreecakramadhyagaayai namaha
shreekaariNyai namaha
kshamaayai namaha || 108 ||

Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

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Ashtalakshmi in the New Year

The eight forms of Sri Lakshmi - AshtaLakshmi - are believed to fulfill different human necessities and desires through their individual nature and manifestations. Each goddess personifies one of delightful qualities of Devi Shakti's force giving the blessing. It seem, New Year's eve is a not religious holiday but it symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. And often, people wish all blessings on New year's eve with childlike trust in the benevolence of the universe. So, if we look forward to a good year ahead, these wonderful eight divine forms of Goddess Lakshmi personify these kind forces and can spread happiness for all us.
May Aadi-Lakshmi, or Maha Lakshmi, bless you and cares for you.
May Dhana-Lakshmi or Aishwarya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth, give you all that and the capacity to be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings.
May Dhanya-Lakshmi, the Goddess of food grains, give you calmness about food every day.
May Gaja-Lakshmi, the Elephant Goddess, give you prosperity, good luck, and abundance.
May Santana-Lakshmi, the Goddess of Progeny, give you possibility to see your children's children.
May Veera-Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Valor and Courage, give you the strength to meet your challenges.
May Vidya-Lakshmi, the Goddess of Knowledge, give you a deep understanding of your true value and clear sight to see your best and true path.
May Vijaya-Lakshmi, the Goddess of Victory, make your victorious if you battle for truth and justice.
May AshtaLakshmi 's love should be with all us throughout the coming year. And that is our greatest wealth.

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Om Sri Ashtalakshmiyai Namaha

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!

--- By Kalidasa

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Light in the Night

 Georges de La Tour "The New-born"(detail)
  Jesus was born in the night – in the darkness, in the silence and poverty of the cave of Bethlehem. "The people who walked in darkness has seen a great light: on those who live in a land of deep shadow a light has shone", declares the Prophet Isaiah.
What is it, this light?  I think, this light does not belong to any separate religion. It is a mystery of love. The light of truth is revealed to those who receive this most precious gift. Only those who are open to love are enveloped in this light. And on this dark night we heal all our wounds, strengthen our steps, open our hearts and minds to the loving kindness of the One Heart what loves us forever.

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All This is from His Goodness

Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) was a Christian mystic. She lived in a cell attached to the church. At the age of 30, suffering from a severe illness and believing she was dying, she had a series of visions which she recorded soon after, and then, after reflecting on them for twenty years, she wrote an expanded version. These are called "Revelations of Divine Love".

Fifth Showing
...Our good Lord showed to me a spiritual vision of His simple loving. 
I saw that He is to us everything that is good and comfortable for us.
He is our clothing which for love enwraps us,  holds us, and all encloses us because of His Tender love,
so that He may never leave us.
And so in this showing I saw that He is to us everything that is good, as I understand it.
Also in this revelation He showed a little thing, the size of a hazelnut in the palm of my hand, and it was as round as a ball.
I looked at it with the eye of my understanding and thought:
"What can this be?"
And it was generally answered thus: "It is all that is made."
I marveled how it could continue,
 Because it seemed to me it could suddenly have sunk into nothingness because of its littleness.
And I was answered in my understanding:
"It continues and always shall, because God loves it; 
and in this way everything hath its being by the love of God."
In this little thing I saw three characteristics:
the first is that God made it,
the second is that God loves it,
the third, that God keeps it.
But what did I observe in that?
Truly the Maker, the Lover, and the Keeper for,
until I am in essence one-ed to Him,
I can never have full rest nor true joy
(that is to say,  until I am made so fast to Him that there is absolutely nothing that is created separating my God and myself.)
It is necessary for us to have awareness  of the littleness of created things and to set at naught everything that is created, in order to love and have God who is uncreated.
For this is the reason why we are not fully at ease in heart and soul:
because here we seek rest in these things that are so little,
in which there is no rest,
and we recognize not our God who is all powerful, all wise, all
good, for He is the true rest.
God wishes to by known,
and He delights that we remain in Him,
because all that is less than He is not enough for us.
And this is the reason why no soul is at rest until it is emptied of everything that is created. When the soul is willingly emptied for love in order to have Him who is all, then is it able to receive spiritual rest.
Also our Lord God showed that it is full great pleasure to Him that a pitiable soul come to Him nakedly and plainly and simply. For this is the natural yearning of the soul,
Thanks to the touching of the Holy Spirit,
according to the understanding that I have in this showing -
"God, of Thy goodness, give me Thyself;
for Thou are enough to me,
and I can ask nothing that is less
that can be full honor to Thee.
And if I ask anything that is less,
ever shall I be in want,
for only in Thee have I all."
These words are full lovely to the soul and most nearly touch upon the will of God and His goodness, for His goodness fills all His creatures and all His blessed works, and surpasses them without end, for He is the endlessness.
And He has made us only for Himself
and restored us by His blessed passion
and ever keeps us in His blessed love.

And all this is from His goodness.

-- By Julian of Norwich

Monday, December 22, 2014

Indrakshi Kavacha Stotram

OM asya śrīindrākṣī kavacastotra mahāmantrasya śacīpurandara
ṛṣiḥ -anuṣṭup chandaḥ -śrīindrākṣī bhagavatī devatā -hrīṃ bījaṃ
-śrīṃ śaktiḥ -klīṃ kīlakaṃ -gāyatrī sāvitrī sarasvatī kavacaṃ -
ātmanaḥ vāṅmanaḥkāyopārjita pāpanivāraṇārthe śrīindrākṣī
bhagavatī prasāda siddhidvārā sakalakāmanā siddhyarthe pāṭhe viniyogaḥ ||

atha karanyāsaḥ
OM lakṣmyai aṅguṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ
OM bhuvaneśvaryai tarjanībhyāṃ namaḥ
OM māheśvaryai madhyamābhyāṃ namaḥ
OM vajrahastāyai anāmikābhyāṃ namaḥ
OM sahasranayanāyai kaniṣṭhikābhyāṃ namaḥ
OM indrākṣyai bhagavatyai karatalakarapṛṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

atha aṅganyāsaḥ
OM lakṣmyai hṛdayāya namaḥ
OM bhuvaneśvaryai śirase svāhā
OM māheśvaryai śikhāyai vaṣaṭ
OM vajrahastāyai kavacāya huṃ
OM sahasranayanāyai netrābhyāṃ vauṣaṭ
OM indrākṣyai bhagavatyai astrāya phaṭ

atha dhyānam
indrākṣīṃ dvibhujāṃ devīṃ pītavastradharāṃ śubhām |
vāme vajradharāṃ savyahaste.abhayavarapradām ||
sahasranetrāṃ sūryābhāṃ nānālaṅkārabhūṣitām |
prasannavadanāṃ nityāmapsarogaṇasevitām ||
śrīdurgāṃ saumyavadanāṃ pāśāṅkuśadharāṃ parām |
trailokyamohinīṃ devīṃ bhavānīṃ praṇamāmyaham ||
indvagnisūryanayanāṃ pāśāṅkuśadharāṃ parām |
dvibhujāṃ siṃhamadhyasthāṃ bhaje.ahamabhayaṅkarīm ||

atha indra gāyatrī
OM śacīpataye vidmahe -pākaśāsanāya dhīmahi -tanno indraḥ pracodayāt ||

praṇavaṃ kamalāṃ māyāṃ vāgbhavaṃ śaktimanmathau |
indrākṣi vajrahaste ca haramantre.agnivallabhā ||
śaktibījaṃ paṭhedādau ṭhadvayānte ca manmatham |
indrākṣīmantrarājasya syādutkīlanako manuḥ ||
manmathaṃ śaktibījaṃ ca japedādau ca sādhakaḥ |
indrākṣīmūlamantrasya sañjīvanamanuḥ paraḥ ||
tāraṃ vāṇī śaratkāmamindrākṣi brahmalāñchanam |
mocaya dvayamāpaśca vidyeyaṃ śāpanāśinī ||
śaktimādau paṭhenmantrī vāṇīmante maheśvari |
indrākṣyā vajrahastāyā mantro.ayaṃ sampuṭābhidaḥ ||
ṣaṭkoṇavṛttavasupatrakalāśramiśram |
bhūgehabimbamanalena śaśiprabhābhamindrākṣiṇī
priyataraṃ jayacakrametat ||
indrākṣī pūrvataḥ pātu pātvāgneyyāṃ daśeśvarī |
kaumārī dakṣiṇe pātu nairṛtyāṃ pātu pārvatī ||
vārāhī paścime pātu vāyavye nārasiṃhyapi |
udīcyāṃ kālarātrirmāmaiśānyāṃ sarvaśaktayaḥ ||
bhairavyūrdhvaṃ sadā pātu pātvadho vaiṣṇavī sadā |
evaṃ daśadiśo rakṣet sarvāṅgaṃ bhuvaneśvarī ||
OM namo bhagavatyai indrākṣyai mahālakṣmyai
sarvajanavaśakaryai sarvaduṣṭagrahastambhinyai svāhā |
OM namo bhagavati piṅgalabhairavi trailokyalakṣmi
trailokyamohini indrākṣi māṃ rakṣa rakṣa huṃ phaṭ svāhā |
OM namo bhagavati bhadrakāli mahādevi kṛṣṇavarṇe tuṅgastani
śūrpahaste kavāṭavakṣaḥsthale kapāladhare paraśudhare
cāpadhare vikṛtarūpadhare mahākṛṣṇasarpayajñopavītini
bhasmoddhūlitasarvagātri indrākṣi māṃ rakṣa rakṣa huṃ phaṭ svāhā |
OM namo bhagavati prāṇeśvari padmāsane siṃhavāhane
mahiṣāsuramardini uṣṇajvara pittajvara vātajvara śleṣmajvara
kaphajvara ālāpajvara sannipātajvara kṛtrimajvara kṛtyādijvara
ekāhikajvara dvayāhikajvara tryāhikajvara cāturthikajvara
pañcāhikajvara pakṣajvara māsajvara ṣaṇmāsajvara
saṃvatsarajvara sarvāṅgajvarān nāśaya nāśaya hara hara jahi
jahi daha daha paca paca tāḍaya tāḍaya ākarṣaya ākarṣaya
vidviṣaḥ stambhaya stambhaya mohaya mohaya uccāṭaya
uccāṭaya huṃ phaṭ svāhā OM hrīṃ |
OM namo bhagavati prāṇeśvari padmāsane lamboṣṭhi
kambukaṇṭhike kāli kāmarūpiṇi paramantra parayantra
paratantra prabhedini pratipakṣavidhvaṃsini
parabaladurgavimardini śatrukaracchedini
sakaladuṣṭajvaranivāriṇi bhūtapretapiśāca brahmarākṣasa
yakṣayamadūta śākinī ḍākinī kāminī stambhinī mohinī vaśaṅkarī
kukṣiroga śiroroga netraroga kṣayāpasmārakuṣṭhādi
mahāroganivāriṇi mama sarvarogān nāśaya nāśaya hrāṃ hrīṃ
hrūṃ hraiṃ hrauṃ hraḥ phaṭ svāhā |
OM aiṃ śrīṃ huṃ duṃ indrākṣi māṃ rakṣa rakṣa mama śatrūn
nāśaya nāśaya jalarogān śoṣaya śoṣaya duḥkhavyādhīn sphoṭaya
sphoṭaya krūrānarīn bhañjaya bhañjaya manogranthi
prāṇagranthi śirogranthīn sphoṭaya sphoṭaya indrākṣi māṃ rakṣa rakṣa huṃ phaṭ svāhā |
OM namo bhagavati māheśvari cintāmaṇi durge
sakalasiddheśvari sakalajanamanohāriṇi kāli kālarātryanale ajite
abhaye mahāghorarūpe viṣṇurūpiṇi madhusūdani
mahāviṣṇusvarūpiṇi netraśūla karṇaśūla kaṭiśūla pakṣaśūla
pāṇḍuroga kāmalādīn nāśaya nāśaya vaiṣṇavi brahmāstreṇa
viṣṇucakreṇa rudraśūlena yamadaṇḍena varuṇapāśena
vāsavavajreṇa sarvānarīn bhañjaya bhañjaya yakṣagraha
rākṣasagraha skandagraha vināyakagraha bālagraha cauragraha
kūṣmāṇḍagrahādīn nigṛhva nigṛhva rājayakṣma kṣayaroga
tāpajvaranivāriṇi mama sarvajvarān nāśaya nāśaya sarvagrahān
uccāṭaya uccāṭaya huṃ phaṭ svāhā |

indra uvāca
indrākṣī nāma sā devī daivataiḥ samudāhṛtā |
gaurī śākambharī devi durgā nāmnīti viśrutā ||
kātyāyanī mahādevī caṇḍaghaṇṭā mahātapā |
gāyatrī sā ca sāvitrī brahmāṇī brahmavādinī ||
nārāyaṇī bhadrakālī rudrāṇī kṛṣṇapiṅgalā |
agnijvālā raudramukhī kālarātriḥ tapasvinī ||
meghaśyāmā sahasrākṣī viṣṇumāyā jalodarī |
mahodarī muktakeśī ghorarūpā mahābalā ||
ānandā bhadrajā nandā rogahartrī śivapriyā |
śivadūtī karālī ca pratyākṣā parameśvarī ||
indrāṇī cendrarūpā ca indraśaktiparāyaṇā |
mahiṣāsurasaṃhartrī cāmuṇḍā garbhadevatā ||
vārāhī nārasiṃhī ca bhīmā bhairavanādinī |
śrutiḥ smṛtirdhṛtirmedhā vidyā lakṣmīḥ sarasvatī ||
anantā vijayā pūrṇā mānastoṣā.aparājitā |
bhavānī pārvatī durgā haimavatyambikā.aśivā ||
śivā bhavānī rudrāṇī śaṅkarārdhaśarīriṇī |
sadā sammohinī devī sundarī bhuvaneśvarī ||
trinetrā tripurārādhyā sarvātmā kamalātmikā |
caṇḍī bhagavatī bhadrā siddhibuddhisamanvitā ||
ekākṣarī parā brāhmī sthūlasūkṣmapravartinī |
nityā sakalakalyāṇī bhogamokṣapradāyinī ||
airāvatagajārūḍhā vajrahastā varapradā |
bhrāmarī kālarātriśca kvaṇanmāṇikyanūpurā ||
tripādbhasmapraharaṇā triśirā raktalocanā |
śivā ca śivarūpā ca śivabhaktiparāyaṇā ||

etairnāmapadairdivyaiḥ stutā śakreṇa dhīmatā |
āyurārogyamaiśvaryaṃ sukhasampattikārakam ||
kṣayāpasmārakuṣṭhādi tāpajvaranivārakam |
śatamāvartayedyastu mucyate vyādhibandhanāt ||
āvartayet sahasreṇa labhate vāñchitaṃ phalam |
rājā vaśamavāpnoti satyameva na saṃśayaḥ ||
lakṣamekaṃ japedyastu sākṣāddevī sa paśyati |
trikālaṃ paṭhate nityaṃ dhanadhānyavivardhanam ||
ardharātre paṭhennityaṃ mucyate vyādhibandhanāt |
aindrastotramidaṃ puṇyaṃ japataḥ phalamāpnuyāt ||
vināśāya tu rogāṇāmapamṛtyuharāya ca |
rājyārthī labhate rājyaṃ dhanārthī vipulaṃ dhanam ||
icchākāmaṃ tu kāmārthī dharmārthī dharmamavyayam |
vidyārthī labhate vidyāṃ mokṣārthī paramaṃ padam |
indreṇa kathitaṃ stotraṃ satyaṃ satyaṃ na saṃśayaḥ ||

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Aim Indrakshyai Namah

Jaganmangalam Kali Kavacha Stotram

bhairavi uvaacha
kaalee poojaa shrutaa naatha bhaavaashcha vividhaah prabho |
idaaneem shrotum icChaami kavacham poorva soochitam || 1 ||
tvameva srashTaa paataa cha samhartaa cha tvameva hi |
tvameva sharaNam naatha traahi maam duhkha samkaTaat || 2 ||
bhairava uvaacha
rahasyam shruNu vakshyaami bhairavi praaNavallabhe |
shreejaganmangalam naama kavacham mantravigraham || 3 ||
paThitvaa dhaarayitvaa vaa trailokyam mohayet kshaNaat |
naaraayaNo api yad dhrutvaa naaree bhootvaa maheshvaram || 4 ||
yogesham kshobhamanayad yaddhrutvaa cha raghoodvahah |
varadruptaan jaghaanaiva raavaNaadi nishaacharaan || 5 ||
yasya prasaadaat eesho aham trailokyavijayee prabhuh |
dhanaadhipah kubero api suresho abhoocChapeepatih || 6 ||
evam hi sakalaa devaah sarvasiddheeshvaraah priye |
shree jaganmangalasyaasya kavachasya rushih shivah || 7 ||
Chando anushTup devataa cha kaalikaa dakshiNeritaa |
jagataam mohane dushTanigrahe bhuktimuktishu || 8 ||
yoshidaakarshaNe chaiva viniyogah prakeertitah |
shiro me kaalikaa paatu kreemkaaraika aksharee paraa || 9 ||
kreem kreem kreem me lalaaTam cha kaalikaa khaDgadhaariNee |
hoom hoom paatu netrayugmam hreem hreem paatu shrutidvayam || 10 ||
dakshiNe kaalike paatu ghraaNayugmam maheshvari |
kreem kreem kreem rasanaam paatu hoom hoom paatu kapolakam || 11 ||
vadanam sakalam paatu hreem hreem svaahaaroopiNee |
dvaavimshatyaksharee skandhou mahaavidyaa akhilapradaa || 12 ||
khaDgamuNDadharaa kaalee sarvaangamabhito avat |
kreem hoom hreem tryaksharee paatu chaamuNDaa hrudayam mama || 13 ||
aim hoom om aim stanadvandvam hreem phaT svaahaa kakutsthalam |
ashTaaksharee mahaavidyaa bhujou paatu sa kartrukaa || 14 ||
kreem kreem hoom hoom hreem hreem paatu karou shaDaksharee mama |
kreem naabhim madhyadesham cha dakshiNe kaalike avatu || 15 ||
kreem svaahaa paatu prushTham cha kaalikaa saa dashaaksharee |
kreem me guhyam sadaa paatu kaalikaayai namastatah || 16 ||
saptaaksharee mahaavidyaa sarvatantreshu gopitaa |
hreem hreem dakshiNe kaalike hoom hoom paatu kaTidvayam || 17 ||
kaalee dashaaksharee vidyaa svaahaantaa choruyugmakam |
om hreem kreem svaahaa me paatu jaanunee kaalikaa sadaa || 18 ||
kaalee hrudayavidyeyam chaturvarga phalapradaa |
kreem hoom hreem paatu saa gulpham dakshiNe kaalike avatu || 19 ||
kreem hoom hreem svaahaa mem paatu chaturdashaaksharee mama |
khaDgamuNDadharaa kaalee varadaabhayadhaariNee || 20 ||
vidyaabhih sakalaabhih saa sarvaangamabhito avatu |
kaalee kapaalinee kullaa kurukullaa virodhinee || 21 ||
viprachittaa tathogrograprabhaa deeptaam dhanatvishah |
neelaa ghanaa balaakaa cha maatraa mudraa mitaa cha maam || 22 ||
etaah sarvaah khaDgadharaa muNDamaalaa vibhooshaNaah |
rakshantu maam digvidikshu braahmee naaraayaNee tathaa || 23 ||
maaheshvaree cha chaamuNDaa kaumaaree cha aparaajitaa |
vaaraahee naarasimhee cha sarvaashcha amitabhooshaNaah || 24 ||
rakshantu svaayudhairdikshu vidikshu maam yathaatathaa |
shubham te kathitam divyam kavacham parama adbhutam || 25 ||
shree jaganmangalam naama mahaavidyoughavimraham |
trailokyaakarshaNam brahmakavacham parama adbhutam || 26 ||
gurupoojaam vidhaayaatha vidhivat prapaThet tatah |
kavacham trihsakrud vaapi yaavat gyaanam cha vaa punah || 27 ||
etacChataardhamaavartya trailokyavijayee bhavet |
trailokyam kshobhayatyeva kavachasya prasaadatah || 28 ||
mahaakavih bhavenmaasaat sarvasiddheeshvaro bhavet |
pushpaanjalim kaalikaayai moolenaivaarpayeta sakrut || 29 ||
shatavarshasahasraaNaam poojaayaah phalam aapnuyaat |
bhoorje vilikhitam chaitat svarNastham dhaarayed yadi || 30 ||
shikhaayaam dakshiNe baahou kaNThe vaa dhaaraNaad budhah |
trailokyam mohayet krodhaat trailokyam choorNayet kshaNaat || 31 ||
putravaan dhanavaan shreemaan naanaavidyaanidhirbhavet |
brahmaastraadeeni shastraaNi tadgaatra sparshanaat tatah || 32 ||
naashamaayaanti sarvatra kavachasyaasya keertanaat |
mrutavatsaa cha yaa naaree vandhyaa mrutaputriNee || 33 ||
kaNThe vaa vaamabaahou vaa kavachasyaasya dhaaraNaat |
bahvapatyaa jeevavtsaa bhavatyeva na samshayah || 34 ||
na deyam parashishyebhyoh bhaktebhyo visheshatah |
spardhaamuddhooya kamalaa vaagdevee mandire mukhe || 35 ||
poutraantam sthairyam aasthaaya nivasatyeva nishchitam |
idam kavacham agyaatvaa yo japet dakshakaalikaan || 36 ||
shatalaksham prajaptvaa api tasyaa vidyaa na siddhyati |
sahasraghaatamaapnoti so achiraan mrutyumaapnuyaat || 37 ||
japedaadou japedante saptavaaraaNyanu kramaat |
noddhrutya yatrakutraapi gopaneeyam prayatnatah || 38 ||
likhitvaa svarNapaatrai vai poojaakaale tu saadhakah |
moordhni dhaarya prayatnena vidyaaratnam prapoojayet || 39 ||
|| iti shree bhairavatantre bhairavabhairaveesamvaade shreejaganmangalam naama kaalyaah kavacham sampoorNam ||

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hanumath Mangalashtakam

Vaisakhe maasi krishnayaam dasamyaam mandavaasare
Purvabhadraa prabhuthaaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Karunarasa purnaaya phala poopa priyaaya cha
Naanaa manikya haaraaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Suvarchala kalatraaya chaturbhuja dharaaya cha
Ushtrarudhaya veeraaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Divya mangala dehaaya pithaambara dharaaya cha
Thapthakaanchana varnaaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Bhaktha rakshna seelaaya janaki soka haarine
jwalatpaavaka netraaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Pampaatheera vihaaraaya soumithri praanadaayine
Srushti kaarana bhuthaaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Rambhaa vana vihaaraaya gandhamaadana vaasine
Sarva lokaika naadhaaya mangalam sri hanumathe.
Panchaananaaya bhimaaya kaalanemi haraaya cha
koundinya gotra jaathaaya mangalam sri hanumathe

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shani and Hanuman

Small but learning mythological story when Shani's inevitability meets Hanuman's purity and about a lesson from this.

When Shani told Hanuman that his Shani Sade Sati (7½ years long troublesome time) was going to begin,
Hanuman asked: "Which part of my body do you intend to live in?"
Shani said:"I want to sit on your head."
Hanuman:"Very well."
When the first day of Hanuman's Sade Sati came, Shani Dev seated himself on the head of Hanuman comfortably. Now Hanuman began to play a little game. He would take a heavy mountain and throw it high in the air and let it fall on his head. After a few minutes, when Hanuman was just started to enjoy this game, Shani cried: "Stop, O Hanuman, Let me go, I leave you alone."
Hanuman: "You mean that you have had enough?"
Shani replied: "Yes, I have had enough, but at least I made you hit your head."

Friday, December 19, 2014

Maha Mrityunjaya Kavacham

shrI gaNeshAya namaH |
bhairava uvAcha |

shrR^iNuShva parameshAni kavachaM manmukhoditam |
mahAmR^ityu~njayasyAsya na deyaM paramAdbhutam || 1||
yaM dhR^itvA yaM paThitvA cha shrutvA cha kavachottamam |
trailokyAdhipatirbhUtvA sukhito.asmi maheshvari || 2||
tathApi paramaM tatvaM na dAtavyaM durAtmane || 3||
asya shrImahAmR^ityu~njayakavachasya shrIbhairava R^iShiH\,
gAyatrIchhandaH\, shrImahAmR^ityu~njayo mahArudro devatA\,
OM bIjaM\, jUM shaktiH\, saH kIlakaM\, hraumiti tatvaM\,
chaturvargasAdhane mR^ityu~njayakavachapAThe viniyogaH |

OM jUM saH hrauM shiraH pAtu devo mR^ityu~njayo mama |
OM shrIM shivo lalATaM me OM hrauM bhruvau sadAshivaH || 2||

nIlakaNTho.avatAnnetre kapardI me.avatAchchhrutI |
trilochano.avatAd gaNDau nAsAM me tripurAntakaH || 3||

mukhaM pIyUShaghaTabhR^idoShThau me kR^ittikAmbaraH |
hanuM me hATakeshano mukhaM baTukabhairavaH || 4||

kandharAM kAlamathano galaM gaNapriyo.avatu |
skandhau skandapitA pAtu hastau me girisho.avatu || 5||

nakhAn me girijAnAthaH pAyAda~Ngulisa.nyutAn |
stanau tArApatiH pAtu vakShaH pashupatirmama || 6||

kukShiM kuberavaradaH pArshvau me mArashAsanaH |
sharvaH pAtu tathA nAbhiM shUlI pR^iShThaM mamAvatu || 7||

shishrnaM me sha~NkaraH pAtu guhyaM guhyakavallabhaH |
kaTiM kAlAntakaH pAyAdUrU me.andhakaghAtakaH || 8||

jAgarUko.avatAjjAnU ja~Nghe me kAlabhairavaH |
gulpho pAyAjjaTAdhArI pAdau mR^ityu~njayo.avatu || 9||

pAdAdimUrdhaparyantamaghoraH pAtu me sadA |
shirasaH pAdaparyantaM sadyojAto mamAvatu || 10||

rakShAhInaM nAmahInaM vapuH pAtvamR^iteshvaraH |
pUrve balavikaraNo dakShiNe kAlashAsanaH || 11||

pashchime pArvatInAtho hyuttare mAM manonmanaH |
aishAnyAmIshvaraH pAyAdAgneyyAmagnilochanaH || 12||

naiR^ityAM shambhuravyAnmAM vAyavyAM vAyuvAhanaH |
urdhve balapramathanaH pAtAle parameshvaraH || 13||

dashadikShu sadA pAtu mahAmR^ityu~njayashcha mAm |
raNe rAjakule dyUte viShame prANasa.nshaye || 14||

pAyAd oM jUM mahArudro devadevo dashAkSharaH |
prabhAte pAtu mAM brahmA madhyAhne bhairavo.avatu || 15||

sAyaM sarveshvaraH pAtu nishAyAM nityachetanaH |
ardharAtre mahAdevo nishAnte mAM mahomayaH || 16||

sarvadA sarvataH pAtu OM jUM saH hrauM mR^ityu~njayaH |
itIdaM kavachaM puNyaM triShu lokeShu durlabham || 17||

sarvamantramayaM guhyaM sarvatantreShu gopitam |
puNyaM puNyapradaM divyaM devadevAdhidaivatam || 18||

ya idaM cha paThenmantrI kavachaM vArchayet tataH |
tasya haste mahAdevi tryambakasyAShTa siddhayaH || 19||

raNe dhR^itvA charedyuddhaM hatvA shatrU~njayaM labhet |
jayaM kR^itvA gR^ihaM devi samprApsyati sukhI punaH || 20||

mahAbhaye mahAroge mahAmArIbhaye tathA |
durbhikShe shatrusa.nhAre paThet kavachamAdarAt || 21||

sarva tat prashamaM yAti mR^ityu~njayaprasAdataH |
dhanaM putrAn sukhaM lakShmImArogyaM sarvasampadaH || 22||

prApnoti sAdhakaH sadyo devi satyaM na sa.nshayaH
itIdaM kavachaM puNyaM mahAmR^ityu~njayasya tu |
gopyaM siddhipradaM guhyaM gopanIyaM svayonivat || 23||

| iti shrIrudrayAmale tantre shrIdevIrahasye mR^ityu~njayakavachaM sampUrNam |


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Remember, Heart!

Poem by Pattinathar (or Thiruvenkadar), a prominent shaivite Tamil saint.

Remember, heart! Remember!

Remember Lord Shiva of the hall of reddish gold.

Remember, heart! Remember!

Cherish not the false chariot and the whirl wind
that is false life on this earth.

Cherish not the body.
Those that are born will die,
the dead will be born again;

What appeared will disappear,
and that which disappeared will reappear;

That which enlarged will shrink,
and the shrunk will enlarge;

That which is felt will be forgotten,
and the ones that forgotten will be perceived

That which mated will separate,
and the separated will mate again.

What is eaten turns to shit,
what is worn turns dirty;

What delighted turns disgusting,
and the disgusting turns delightful;

All these you realised;

Yet You were born birth after birth:
Killed all, and all that were slain slew you.

You ate all, and all that ate you;
You bore all and all that bore you;

Cherished everything,
and everything cherished you;

Exulted during prosperity, wept in poverty;

Rejoiced pleasure and pain on this vast land;

Experienced not leaving out a single thing;

Despite that you considered the water bubble as a bird's nest;

This mean retreat as stronger than stone.

 ---translated by A.Rajaram Brammarajan


Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Was Adam Driven from the Garden?

"Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise" by Marc Chagall

 'Why was Adam driven from the garden?'
The pupil asked his master. 'His heart was hardened
With images, a hundred bonds that clutter the earth
Chained Adam to the cycle of death following birth.
He was blind to this equation, living for something other
Than God and so out of paradise he was driven
With his mortal body's cover his soul was shriven.
Noblest of God's creatures, Adam fell with blame,
Like a moth shriveled by the candle's flame,
Into history which taught mankind shame.
Since Adam had not given up his heart
To God's attachment, there was no part
For Adam in paradise where the only friend
Is God; His will is not for Adam to imagine and bend.'

---By Farid ud-Din Attar
traslation by Raficq Abdulla

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two in the Temple

The Biblical Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector from the Gospel of Luke (18:9-14).

To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable:
Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: "God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get."

But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, "God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Friday, December 12, 2014

13 Unanswered Questions

13 unanswered questions of the Buddha:

Are the self and the universe eternal?

Are the self and the universe transient?

Are the self and the universe both eternal and transient?

Are the self and the universe neither eternal nor transient?

Do the self and the universe have a beginning?

Do the self and the universe have no beginning?

Do the self and the universe have both beginning and no beginning?

Do the self and the universe have neither beginning nor no beginning?

Does the Blessed One exist after death?

Does the Blessed One not exist after death?

Does the Blessed One neither exist nor not exist after death?

Is the mind the same as the body?

Are the mind and body two separate entities?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Breathing In Breathing Out

Breathing in, I know that anger is here.
Breathing out, I know that the anger is in me.
Breathing in, I know that anger is unpleasant.
Breathing out, I know this feeling will pass.
Breathing in, I am calm. Breathing out.
I am strong enough to take care of this anger.

 By Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk

Monday, December 8, 2014

Enter the Door - 7

Let's return again to my Door's theme (others posts - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). This parable is from "The Conference of the Birds", written by one of my favourite authors -  Farid al-Din 'Attar. As a part of "The Valley of Bewilderment", it is a little sad in its uncertainty. Because there was a Door to which somebody found no Key. So, this story is called - "The Lost Key".

A Sufi once heard a man saying, “I have lost a key. Has any one found it anywhere? The door of my house is shut and I am without shelter in the street. If the door remains closed, what shall I do? I shall be for ever miserable. What shall I do?”
“Who wishes you to be miserable?” asked the Sufi. “Since you know where the door is, go and stay near it, even though it be closed. If you sit near it for a long time, there is no doubt that some one will open it for you. Your condition is not so bad as mine. My soul is consumed in stupefaction. Of the enigma that bewilders me there is no solution. There is neither a door nor a key for me.”
Would to God the Sufi could set out in all haste and find the door either open or closed! None can know, none can even imagine, the real state of things. To the man who asks, “What shall I do?”, reply “Do not do what you have done. Do not behave as you have behaved up to this moment.”

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Open the Window

There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,
the touch of spirit on the body.

Seawater begs the pearl
to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild darling.

At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face against mine.

Breathe into me.

Close the language-door
and open the love-window.

The moon won't use the door,
only the window.

By Rumi,
translated by Coleman Barks

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sri Dattatreya Ashtottara Sata Namavali

108 names of Sri Dattaatreya

shree dattaatreya ashTottara shatanaamaavali

om shree dattaaya namaha
om deva dattaaya namaha
om brahma dattaaya namaha
om vishNu dattaaya namaha
om shiva dattaaya namaha
om atri dattaaya namaha
om aatreyaaya namaha
om atri varadaaya namaha
om anasooyane namaha
om anasooyaa soonave namaha ||10||
om avadhootaaya namaha
om dharmaaya namaha
om dharma paraayaNaaya namaha
om dharma pataye namaha
om siddhaaya namaha
om siddhidaaya namaha
om siddhi pataye namaha
om siddha sevitaaya namaha
om gurave namaha
om guru gamyaaya namaha ||20||
om guror gurutaraaya namaha
om garishThaaya namaha
om varishThaaya namaha
om maheshThaaya namaha
om mahaatmane namaha
om yogaaya namaha
om yoga gamyaaya namaha
om yogaadeshakaraaya namaha
om yogapataye namaha
om yogeeshaaya namaha ||30||
om yogaadheeshaaya namaha
om yoga paraayaNaaya namaha
om yogadhyeyaanghri pankajaaya namaha
om digambaraaya namaha
om divyambaraaya namaha
om peeta ambaraaya namaha
om shveta ambaraaya namaha
om chitra ambaraaya namaha
om baalaaya namaha
om baala veeryaaya namaha ||40||
om kumaaraaya namaha
om kishoraaya namaha
om kandarpa mohanaaya namaha
om adthaangaalingita anganaaya namaha
om suraagaaya namaha
om viraagaaya namaha
om veeta raagaaya namaha
om amruta varshinee namaha
om ugraaya namaha
om anugraha roopaaya namaha ||50||
om sthaviraaya namaha
om sthaveeyase namaha
om shaantaaya namaha
om aghoraaya namaha
om gooDhaaya namaha
om oordhvaretase namaha
om eka vartaaya namaha
om aneka vaktaaya namaha
om dvinetraaya namaha
om trinetraaya namaha ||60||
om dvibhujaaya namaha 
om shaDbhujaaya namaha
om akshamaaline namaha
om kamanDala dhaariNe namaha
om shooline namaha
om shankhine namaha
om gadine namaha
om damaru dhaariNe namaha
om munaye namaha
om mauline namaha ||70||
om shreeni roopaaya namaha
om svaroopaaya namaha
om sahasra shirase namaha
om sahasra akshaaya namaha
om sahasra baahave namaha
om sahasra aayudhaaya namaha
om sahasra paadaaya namaha
om sahasra padma architaaya namaha
om padma hastaaya namaha
om padma paadaaya namaha ||80||
om padma naabhaaya namaha
om padma maaline namaha
om padma garbha aruNa akshaaya namaha
om padma kinjalka varchase namaha
om gyaanine namaha
om gyaana gamyaaya namaha
om gyaana vigyaana moortaye namaha
om dhyaanine namaha
om dhyaana nishThaaya namaha
om dhyaanasimitamUrtaye namaha ||90||
om dhooli dhoosaritaangaaya namaha
om chandana lipta moortaye namaha
om bhasmoddhoolita dehaaya namaha
om divya gandhaanulepine namaha
om prasannaaya namaha
om pramattaaya namaha
om prakrushTaartha pradaaya namaha
om ashTa aishvarya pradaaya namaha
om varadaaya namaha
om vareeyase namaha ||100||
om brahmaNe namaha
om brahma roopaaya namaha
om vishNave namaha
om vishva roopiNye namaha
om shankaraaya namaha
om aatmane namaha
om antaraatmane namaha
om paramaatmane namaha ||108||

om shri dattatreyaya namo namah