Monday, August 29, 2016

For Whom the Bell Tolls

No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

--- by John Donne (1573-1631), from MEDITATION XVII
Devotions upon Emergent Occasions

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Come Walk on the Path of Love and See

Ghazal Song: Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jaani Padegi
Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Tumhein dillagi bhool jani pare gi
You will have to forget about lust flirting

Muhabbat ki raahon mein AA kar toh dekho
Come walk on the path of true love and see...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Krishna Kavacham

From Garga Samhita.

shree krishNa kavacham

gopya oochuhu -
shree krishNah te shirah paatu vaikunThah kanThameva hi |
shvetadveepapatih karNou naasikaam yagyaroopadhruk || 1 ||
nrusimho netra yugmam cha jihvaam dasharathaatmajaha |
adharaavataam te tu naranaaraayaNaavrushee || 2 ||
kapolou paatu te saakshaat sanakaadyaah kalaa harehe |
bhaalam te shvetavaaraaho naarado bhrulate avatu || 3 ||
chibukam kapilah paatu dattaatreya urovatu |
skandhou dvaavrushabhah paatu karou matsyah prapaatu te ||
dordanDam satatam rakshet prutih pruthulah vikramaha |
udaram kamaThah paatu naabhim dhanvatarishcha te || 5 ||
mohinee guhyadesham cha kaTim te vaamanovatu |
prushTham parashuraamashcha tavoru baadaraayaNaha | 6 ||
balo jaanudvayam paatu janghe buddhah prapaatu te |
paadou paatu sa gulphou cha kalkih dharmapatih prabhuhu ||
sarvarakshaakaram divyam shreekrishNa kavacham param |
idam bhagavataa dattam brahmaNe naabhi pankaje || 8 ||
brahmaNaa shambhave dattam shambhuh durvaasase dadou |
durvaasaah shreeyashomatyaih praadaat shreenandi mandire ||
|| iti shree garga samhitaayaam goloka khanDe pootanaamoksho naama trayodasho adhyaaye shree krishNa kavacham sampoorNam ||

Om Sri Krishnaya Namaha

Krishna Ashtakam

shree krishNaashTakam

vasudevasutam devam kamsachaaNoora mardanam |
devakeeparamaanandam krishNam vande jagadgurum || 1 ||
atasee pushpa sankaasham haara noopura shobhitam |
ratna kankaNa keyooram krishNam vande jagadgurum || 2 ||
kuTilaalaka samyuktam poorNachandra nibhaananam |
vilasat kunDaladharam devam krishNam vande jagadgurum ||
mandaara gandha samyuktam chaaruhaasam chaturbhujam |
barhipinChaava chooDaangam krishNam vande jagadgurum ||
utphulla padma patraaksham neelajeemuta sannibham |
yaadavaanaam shiroratnam krishNam vande jagadgurum || 5 ||
rukmiNee keLisamyuktam peetaambara sushobhitam |
avaapta tulaseegamdham krishNam vande jagadgurum || 6 ||
gopikaanaam kuchadvandva kunkumaankita vakshasam |
shreeniketam maheshvaasam krishNam vande jagadgurum ||
shreevatsaankam mahoraskam vanamaalaa viraajitam |
shankha chakra dharam devam krishNam vande jagadgurum ||
krishNaashTakam puNyam praatarutthaaya ya: paThet |
koTi janma kritam paapam smaraNena vinashyati || 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Secret Place

Mine the long night
The secret place
Where lovers meet
In long embrace
In purple dark
In silvered kiss
Forget the world
And grasp your bliss.
― By A.S. Byatt, from "Possession"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jaya Adya Shakti Aarti

Jaya Adya Shakti (Amba Ma Ni Aarati)

jaya aadyaa shakti, maa jaya aadyaa shakti
akhanDa brahmaanDa deepaavyaa (2)
paDave pragaTatayaa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 1 ||
dviteeyaa be svaroopa, shiva shakti jaaNu
maa shiva shakti jaaNu
brahmaa gaNapati gaaye (2)
hara gaaye hara maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 2 ||
truteeyaa traaNa svaroopa, tribhuvana maa beThaa
maa tribhuvana maa beThaa
traya takee taraveNee (2)
tame taraveNee maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 3 ||
chothe chaturaa mahaalakshmee
maa sacharaachara vyaapyaa (2)
chaara bhujaa chaudeeshaa (2)
pragaTyaa dakshiNamaa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 4 ||
panchamee pancharushi, panchamee guNa padamaa,
maa panchamee guNa padamaa,
pancha tattva tyaa sohiye (2)
panchatattve maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadabe || 5 ||
shashThi tu naaraayaNee, mahishaasura maaryo,
maa mahishaasura maaryo,
nara naaree ve roope (2)
vyaapyaa saghaLe maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 6 ||
saptamee sapta paataaLa sandhyaa saavitree
maa sandhyaa savitree
gau gangaa gaayatree (2)
gauree geetaa maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 7 ||
ashTamee ashTa bhujaa, aaee aanandaa,
maan aaee aanandaa
suranara munivara janamaa, (2)
deva daityo maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 8 ||
navamee navakuLa naaga seve nava durgaa,
maa seve nava durgaa
navaraatree naa poojana (2)
shivaraatri naa archana
keedhaa hara brahmaa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 9 ||
dashamee dasha avataara jaya vijayalakshmee
maa jaya vijayalakshmee
raame raama ramaaya (2)
raavaNa roLyo maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 10 ||
ekaadashee agiyaarasa kaatyaayanee kaamaa
maa kaatyaayanee kaamaa
kaamadurgaa kaalikaa (2)
shyaamaa ne raamaa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 11 ||
baarase baaLaa roopa bahucharee ambaa maa
maa bahucharee ambaa maa
baTuka bhairava sohiye
kaaLa bhairava sohiye
taaraa Che tuja maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 12 ||
terase tuLajaa roopa, tu taaruNee maa
maa tu taaruNee maa
brahmaa vishNu sadaashiva
guNa taaraa gaataa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 13 ||
chaudase chauda roopa
chanDee chaamunDaa,
maa chanDee chaamunDaa
bhaava bhakti kanee aapo
chaturaaee kanee aapo,
simhavaahinee maa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 14 ||
pooname kumbha bharyo, saambhaLajo karuNaa,
maa saaMbhaLajo karuNaa
vasiShTha deve vakhaaNyaa
maarkanDa deve vakhaaNyaa
gaaye shubha kavitaa
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 15 ||
savanta soLa sattaavana, soLase baaveesamaa
maa soLase baaveesamaa
savanta soLe maa pragaTyaa (2)
revaa ne teere,
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadanbe || 16 ||
trambaavatee nagaree aaee, roopaavatee nagaree
maa roopaavatee nagaree
soLa sahastra tyaa sohiye
kshamaa karo gauree
maa dayaa karo gauree
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 17 ||
shiva shakti nee aaratee je bhaave gaaye
maa je bhaave gaaye
bhaNe shivaananda svaamee
sukha sampati taashe
hara kailaase jaashe
maa ambaa dukha harashe
om jaya om jaya om maa jagadambe || 18 ||


Monday, August 22, 2016

Kurukshetra Today

Dear readers, you know, I do not intend to express my personal opinion here. I even carefully avoid it. I do that for so many reasons. Rarely, in cases of posts with tag philosophy, I break this rule. As the realized necessity only. That's enough preamble;)
As is known, the sacred texts are immeasurably more content than it seems. They have infinite different levels of interpretation: some were used to arrive at the plain meaning of the text, some expounded the law given in the text, and others found secret or mystical levels of understanding. As said the ancient Greeks:
Litera gesta docet, Quid credas allegoria, Moralis quid agas, Quo tendas anagogia.
It means:
The literal teaches what God and our ancestors did, 
The allegory is where our faith and belief is hid,
The moral meaning gives us the rule of daily life,
The anagogy [symbolic interpretation] shows us where we end our strife.
Mahabharata is the greatest text of this kind. And not only for Hindus but also for the whole of humanity, I think. In general, it is the outstanding Itihasa that tells about dharma, artha, kama, and moksha - all that make our life meaningful.  But it is also the biggest epic battle in world mythology. The battle between whom? It's clear that the main story line is the constant struggle between the human and the divine element in individuals. And Bhagavad-Gita, which is a discourse between the Divine and the human takes place in the battle field of Kurukshetra, which is known as Dharmakshetra. This scene of battle is between two dynasties symbolizing the Ego-self (Kurus) and the Divine-Self (Pandavas).
Kurukshetra, the battle-ground of the Mahabharata war, is inside us as well. At this level of understanding, there is absolutely no difference between the battle within and the battle without. In fact, the real battle is that which is waged within ourselves. It corresponds to the Greater inner jihad as the struggle of personal self-improvement against the self's base desires. But I was faced with the fact that the current internal battle is increasingly coming to the surface. It happens gradually but with increasing acceleration. 
It becomes a Kurukshetra battle on the world stage; and not only in allegory. This is not only a war between specific countries or religious organizations. Rather,  the different states are engaged in a battle on a par with individuals, with each of us. And the victory is not always on the side of those who have more weapons. The problem is that most people do not know what they are fighting.  They do not choose some side in this war, and then, the choice is made instead them. And then, unwittingly they become the pawns in this biggest chess game. In this sense, the fearsome words from the Bible are perfect: I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:15-16)
So, we have to choose. Upholding the code of dharma or not. How can I determine the fighting forces -  i would argue it the next time. Although, the entire story the Mahabharata is about it!
There is the Truth and a lie. The lie as the perversion of dharma. Sometimes, in order not to be driven away from that Truth by fear, it must be actively defended in the outer world, by word or by deed. If not, how can we be sure that our inner faithfulness to God is anything more than lip service, or spiritual pride?
Some say that the Gita is no longer relevant or unsuitable today. Nonsense. I quoted this book to the soldiers who had to go into battle - not Indians, not Hindus, or remembered the words of Krishna to the stuck weak people. Always, those who can hear - hear. Even if they had never heard. Without exception. It is an eternal book and the battle is today. Until we know that the struggle is entirely up to us, and that the battle will never end, we will never know that, in reality, the struggle against it is God's business alone, and the battle is ended already. It was never necessary. It never began. When, as is predicted in the Hindu scriptures for the end of the cycle, "a hundred suns arise at once in the sky", no nothingness can be located; no shadow appears. When God Himself takes the field of battle, He encounters no resistance: because only God is.

Therefore, fight, O Arjuna! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gayatri Stotram

From Devi Bhagavatpurana

bhaktAnukampin-sarvagya hrudayam pApanAshanam |
gAyatryAh kathitam tasmAd-gAyatryAh stotramIraya||1||
shrI nArAyaNa uvAcha
Adishakte jaganmAtar-bhaktAnugrahakAriNi |
sarvatra vyApike anante shrIsandhye te namo astu me||2||
tvameva sandhyA gAyatrI sAvitrI cha sarasvatI |
brAhmI cha vaishNavI roudrI raktA shvetA sitetarA||3||
prAtarbAlA cha madhyAnhe youvanasthA bhavetpunah |
brahmA sAyam bhagavatI chintyate munibhih sadA||4||
hamsasthA garuDArUDhA tathA vrushabhavAhinI |
rugvedAdhyAyinI bhUmou drushyate yA tapasvibhih||5||
yajurvedam paThantI cha antarikshe virAjite |
sA sAmagApi sarveshu bhrAmyamANA tathA bhuvi ||6||
rudralokam gatA tvam hi vishNulokanivAsinI |
tvameva brahmaNo loke amartyAnugrahakAriNI ||7||
saptarshiprItijananI mAyA bahuvarapradA |
shivayoh karanetrotthAh hyashrusveda-samudbhavA||8||
AnandajananI durgA dashadhA paripaThyate |
vareNyA varadA chaiva varishThA varavarNinI ||9||
garishThA cha varArhA cha varArohA cha saptamI |
nIlagangA tathA sandhyA sarvadA bhogamokshadA||10||
bhAgIrathI martyaloke pAtAle bhogavatyapi |
trilokavAhinI devI sthAnatrayanivAsinI ||11||
bhUrlokasthA tvamevAsi dharitrI lokadhAriNI |
bhuvoloke vAyushaktih svarloke tejasAm nidhih||12||
maharloke mahAsiddhir-janaloke janetyapi |
tapasvini tapoloke satyaloke tu satyavAk ||13||
kamalA vishNuloke cha gAyatrI brahmalokadA |
rudraloke sthitA gourI harArdhAnga-nivAsinI ||14||
ahamo mahatashchaiva prakrutistvam hi gIyase |
sAmyAvasthAtmikA tvam hi shabala-brahmarUpiNI||15||
tatah parA parA shaktih paramA tvam hi gIyase |
icChAshaktih kriyAshaktir-gyAnashaktis-trishaktitA||16||
gangA cha yamunA chaiva vipAshA cha sarasvatI |
sarayUrdevikA sindhur-narmadairAvatI tathA ||17||
godAvarI shatadrushcha kAverI devalokagA |
koushikI chandrabhAgA cha vitastA cha sarasvatI||18||
ganDakI tApinI toyA gomatI vetravatyapi |
iDA cha pingalA chaiva sushumnA cha trutIyakA||19||
gAndhArI hastijihvA cha pUshA apUshA tathaiva cha |
alambusA kuhUshchaiva shankhinI prANavAhinI ||20||
nADI cha tvam sharIrasthA gIyase prAktarnairbudhaih|
hrutpadmasthA prANashaktih kanThasthA svapnanAyikA||21||
tAlusthA tvam sadAdhArA bindusthA bindumAlinI |
mUle tu kunDalIshaktirvyApinI keshamUlagA ||22||
shikhAmadhyAsanA tvam hi shikhAgre tu manonmanI |
kimanyadbahunoktena yatkinchijjagatItraye ||23||
tatsarvam tvam mahAdevi shriye sandhye namo astu te|
itIdam kIrtitam stotram sandhyAyAm bahupuNyadam||24||
mahApApaprashamanam mahAsiddhividhAyakam |
ya idam kIrtayetstotram sandhyAkAle samAhitah||25||
aputrah prApnuyAtputram dhanArthI dhanamApnuyAt |
sarvatIrtha-tapodAna-yagyayogaphalam labhet ||26||
bhogAnbhuktvA chiram kAlamante mokshavApnuyAt |
tapasvibhih krutam stotram snAnakAle tu yah paThet||27||
yatra kutra jale magnah sandhyAmajjanajam phalam |
labhate nAtra sandehah satyam satyam cha nArada||28||
shruNuyAdyo api tadbhaktyA sa tu pApAtpramuchyate |
pIyUshasadrusham vAkyam samproktam nAradetiram||29||
iti shrIdevIbhAgavate mahApurANe dvAdasha-skandhe
gAyatrIstotram nAma panchamo adhyAyaha ||

Om Sri Gayatriyai Namaha

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hayagriva Shloka

praachee sandhyaa kaachidam tarNishaayaah
pragyaadrushTe ranjana shreerapoorvaa |
vaktree vedaan paatume vaaji vaktraa
vaageeshaakhyaa vaasudevasya moortihi ||
praNataa gyaana sandoha dhvaanta dhvamsana karmaTham |
namaami turagagreevam harim saarasvata pradam ||
shloka dvayam idam praatah ashTaavimshati vaarakam |
prayatah paThate nityam krutsnaavidyaa prasiddyati ||
ashesha vaagjaaDya maala apahaariNee navam navam spashTa suvaak pradaayinee |
mamaihi jivhaagra suranga nartakee bhava prasannaa vadanecha me shreehi ||

Shri Hayagreevaaya Namaha  

Monday, August 15, 2016

Enter the Door - 14

When shown the door,
take the door,
and put no trust in kings. 

-- Dhaumya to Yudhisthira
(Mahabharata, the Book of Virata)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shri LakshmI Pancha PushpanjalI

shrI lakShmI pancha puShpAnjalI

om garuDAchala shikhare ramye
devadevIm, vijayeshwarIm |
dhyAnovarata mAsInam
smarAmi prasanna mukha-pankajam || 1 |||
om lokAnugraha-kAriNIm
simhAsanA-dhyAyinIm |
tattvAtIta mahAprabhAm
smarAmi prasanna mukha-pankajam || 2 ||
om mAyA mAnuSha-dhAriNIm
madhurApurI-nAyikIm |
shrI vidyAm paripUrNa-chandra vadanAm
smarAmi prasanna mukha-pankajam || 3 ||
om bAlArka-manDala-prabhAm
shashiyuta jaTA-jUTa-makuTAm |
agnirUpAm, kuNDalinIm
smarAmi prasanna mukha-pankajam || 4 ||
om shinjan-nUpurI pAda-padma-yugaLAm
dAridrya-vidhvamsinI |
mandArudrama puShpa-vAsinIm hAsAm
smarAmi prasanna mukha-pankajam ||

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Varahi Nigrahashtakam

vaaraahee nigrahaashTakam
devi kroDamukhi tvadanghri kamala dvandva anuraktaatmane
mahyam druhyati yo maheshi manasaa kaayena vaachaa narah |
tasyaashu tvadayogra nishThura halaaghaata prabhoota vyathaa
paryasyanmanaso bhavantu
vapushah praaNaah prayaaNonmukhaah || 1 ||
devi tvat paadapadma bhaktivibhava praksheeNa dushkarmaNi
praadurbhoota nrushamsa
bhaavamalinaam vruttim vidhatte mayi |
yo dehee bhuvane tadeeya hrudayaannirgatvaraih lohitaih
sadyah poorayase karaabja
chashakam vaanChaaphalairmaamapi ||
chanDottunDa videerNa damshTra
hrudaya prodbhinna raktachChaTaa
haalaapaana madaaTTahaasa ninadaaTopa prataapotkaTam |
maatarmat paripanthinaamapahrutaih praaNaih tvadanghri dvayam
dhyaanoddaamaravaih bhavodaya
vashaat santarpayaami kshaNaat ||
shyaamaam taamarasaananaanghri nayanaam somaardhachooDaam
jagattraaNa vyagra halaayudhaagra
musalaam santraasa mudraavateem |
ye tvaam raktakapaalineem haravaraarohe varaahaananaam
bhaavaih sandadhate katham
kshaNamapi praaNanti teshaam dvishah || 4 ||
vishvaadheeshvara-vallabhe vijayase yaa tvam niyantryaatmikaa
bhootaantaa purushaayushaavadhikaree
paakapradaa karmaNaam |
tvaam yaache bhavateem kimapyavitatham yo madvirodhee
janah tasyaayurmama vaanChitaavadhi
bhaven maatah tavaivaaj~jayaa || 5 ||
maatah samyagupaasitum jaDamatistvaam naiva shaknomyaham
yadyapyanvita daishikaanghri kamalaanukrosha paatrasya me |
jantuh kashchana chintayatyakushalam yastasya tadvaishasam
bhooyaaddevi virodhino mama cha te
shreyah padaasanginah || 6 ||
vaaraahi vyathamaana maanasagalat saukhyam tadaashaabalim
seedantam yamapaakrutaadhyavasitam
praaptaakhilotpaaditam |
krandadbandhujanaih kalankitatulam kanThavraNodyatkrumi
pashyaami pratipakshamaashu patitam
bhraantam luThantam muhuh || 7 ||
vaaraahi tvam asheshajantushu punah praaNaatmikaa spandase
shakti vyaapta charaacharaa khalu
yatastvaam etadabhyarthaye |
tvat paadaambuja sangino mama sakrutpaapam chikeershanti ye
teshaam maa kuru shankara priyatame
dehaantara avasthitim || 8 ||
|| iti shree vaaraahee nigrahaashTakam sampoorNam || 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sudarshan Mantra

Om shreem hreem kleem shree krishNaaya govindaaya,
gopeejana vallabhaaya, paraaya parama purushaaya paramaatmane,
parakarma mantra yantra tantra,
oushadha astra shastraaNi samhara samhara,
mrutyor mochaya mochaya,
aayur vardhaya vardhaya,
shatroon naashaya naashaya,
om namo bhagavate mahaa sudarshanaaya
deeptre jvaalaa pareetaaya sarvadik kshobhaNa haraaya,
hum phaT brahmaNe paranjyotishe svaahaa

Sudarshana Gayatri
Om sudarshanaaya vidmahe
mahaajvaalaaya dheemahi 
tanno chakrah prachodayaat

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Naga Puja Mantra

naaga poojaa mantraaha

moola mantra
om namo bhagavate kaama roopiNe mahaabalaaya naagaadhipataye swaahaa ||

sarpa gaayatree
om damshTraa phaNaaya vidmahe suvarNa punjaaya dheemahi |
tanno sarpah prachodayaat ||

naagaraaja gaayatree
bhujangeshaaya vidmahe sarpajaataaya dheemahi |
tanno naagah prachodayaat ||

aavaahana mantra
aagachCha ananta devesha tejoraashe jagatpateh |
imaam mayaa krutaa poojaa gruhaaNa pannageshwara ||
aavaahayaami sarpesha dvibhujam peeta vaasasam |
veeNaa panchaka samyuktam sarvaabharaNa bhooshitam ||
om vaasuki aavaahayaami |
om takshaka aavaahayaami |
om airaavata aavaahayaami |
om dhananjaya aavaahayaami |
om karkoTaka aavaahayaami |
om yaatudhaana aavaahayaami |
om mahaanaaga aavaahayaami |
om kaalika aavaahayaami |
om ananta aavaahayaami ||

naaga stotra

brahma loke cha ye sarpaah sheshanaagaah purogamaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||1||
vishNu loke cha ye sarpaah vaasuki pramukhaashchaye |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||2||
rudra loke cha ye sarpaah takshakah pramukhaastathaa |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||3||
khaanDavasya tathaa daahe swargancha ye cha samaashritaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||4||
sarpa satre cha ye sarpaah asthikenaabhi rakshitaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||5||
malaye chaiva ye sarpaah kaarkoTa pramukhaashchaye |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||6||
dharma loke cha ye sarpaah vaitaraNyaam samaashritaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||7||
ye sarpaah parvata yeshu dhaari sandhishu samsthitaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||8||
graame vaa yadi vaaraNye ye sarpaah pracharanti cha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||9||
pruthivyaam chaiva ye sarpaah ye sarpaah bilasamsthitaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||10||
rasaatale cha ye sarpaah anantaadi mahaabalaaha |
namostutebhyah supreetaah prasannaah santu me sadaa ||11||

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bhairavi Kavacham

shrIgaNeshAya namaH |

shrIdevyuvAcha |
bhairavyAH sakalA vidyAH shrutAshchAdhigatA mayA |
sAmprataM shrotumichChAmi kavachaM yatpuroditam || 1||
trailokyavijayaM nAma shastrAstravinivAraNam |
tvattaH parataro nAtha kaH kR^ipAM kartumarhati || 2||
Ishvara uvAcha |
shruNu pArvati vakShyAmi sundari prANavallabhe |
trailokyavijayaM nAma shastrAstravinivArakam || 3||
paThitvA dhArayitvedaM trailokyavijayI bhavet |
jaghAna sakalAndaityAn yadhR^itvA madhusUdanaH || 4||
brahmA sR^iShTiM vitanute yadhR^itvAbhIShTadAyakam |
dhanAdhipaH kubero.api vAsavastridasheshvaraH || 5||
yasya prasAdAdIsho.ahaM trailokyavijayI vibhuH |
na deyaM parashiShyebhyo.asAdhakebhyaH kadAchana || 6||
putrebhyaH kimathAnyebhyo dadyAchchenmR^ityumApnuyAt |
R^iShistu kavachasyAsya dakShiNAmUrtireva cha || 7||
virAT Chando jagaddhAtrI devatA bAlabhairavI |
dharmArthakAmamokSheShu viniyogaH prakIrtitaH || 8||
adharo bindumAnAdyaH kAmaH shaktishashIyutaH |
bhR^igurmanusvarayutaH sargo bIjatrayAtmakaH || 9||
bAlaiShA me shiraH pAtu bindunAdayutApi sA |
bhAlaM pAtu kumArIshA sargahInA kumArikA || 10||
dR^ishau pAtu cha vAgbIjaM karNayugmaM sadAvatu |
kAmabIjaM sadA pAtu ghrANayugmaM parAvatu || 11||
sarasvatIpradA bAlA jihvAM pAtu shuchiprabhA |
hasraiM kaNThaM hasakalarI skandhau pAtu hasrau bhujau ||
pa~nchamI bhairavI pAtu karau hasaiM sadAvatu |
hR^idayaM hasakalIM vakShaH pAtu hasau stanau mama || 13||
pAtu sA bhairavI devI chaitanyarUpiNI mama |
hasraiM pAtu sadA pArshvayugmaM hasakalarIM sadA || 14||
kukShiM pAtu hasaurmadhye bhairavI bhuvi durlabhA |
aiMIMoMvaM madhyadeshaM bIjavidyA sadAvatu || 15||
hasraiM pR^iShThaM sadA pAtu nAbhiM hasakalahrIM sadA |
pAtu hasauM karau pAtu ShaTkUTA bhairavI mama || 16||
sahasraiM sakthinI pAtu sahasakalarIM sadAvatu |
guhyadeshaM hasrau pAtu janunI bhairavI mama || 17||
sampatpradA sadA pAtu haiM ja~Nghe hasaklIM padau |
pAtu haMsauH sarvadehaM bhairavI sarvadAvatu || 18||
hasaiM mAmavatu prAchyAM haraklIM pAvake.avatu |
hasauM me dakShiNe pAtu bhairavI chakrasa.nsthitA || 19||
hrIM klIM lveM mAM sadA pAtu niR^ityAM chakrabhairavI |
krIM krIM krIM pAtu vAyavye hU.N hU.N pAtu sadottare || 20||
hrIM hrIM pAtu sadaishAnye dakShiNe kAlikAvatu |
UrdhvaM prAguktabIjAni rakShantu mAmadhaHsthale || 21||
digvidikShu svAhA pAtu kAlikA khaDgadhAriNI |
OM hrIM strIM hU.N phaT sA tArA sarvatra mAM sadAvatu ||
sa~NgrAme kAnane durge toye tara~Ngadustare |
khaDgakartridharA sogrA sadA mAM parirakShatu || 23||
iti te kathitaM devi sArAtsArataraM mahat |
trailokyavijayaM nAma kavachaM paramAdbhutam || 24||
yaH paThetprayato bhUtvA pUjAyAH phalamApnuyAt |
spardhAmUddhUya bhavane lakShmIrvANI vasettataH || 25||
yaH shatrubhIto raNakAtaro vA bhIto vane vA salilAlaye vA |
vAde sabhAyAM prativAdino vA rakShaHprakopAd grahasakulAdvA || 26||
prachaNDadaNDAkShamanAchcha bhIto guroH prakopAdapi kR^ichChrasAdhyAt |
abhyarchya devIM prapaThetrisandhyaM sa syAnmaheshapratimo jayI cha || 27||
trailokyavijayaM nAma kavachaM manmukhoditam |
vilikhya bhUrjaguTikAM svarNasthAM dhArayedyadi || 28||
kaNThe vA dakShiNe bAhau trailokyavijayI bhavet |
tadgAtraM prApya shastrANi bhavanti kusumAni cha || 29||
lakShmIH sarasvatI tasya nivasedbhavane mukhe |
etatkavachamaj~nAtvA yo japedbhairavIM parAm |
bAlAM vA prajapedvidvAndaridro mR^ityumApnuyAt || 30||

|| iti shrIrudrayAmale devIshvarasa.nvAde
trailokyavijayaM nAma
bhairavI kavachaM samAptam ||