Monday, April 7, 2008

Narayani Stotram

Uma Parvati Anandamayii
Kali Durge Namoh Namah
Ma Kali Durge Namoh Namah

Jayanti Mangala Kali
Bhadra-kali Kapalini
Durga Kshama Shiva Datri
Swaha Swadha Namostute

Oh, Auspiscious Mother Kali,
Victorious and Loving, You adorn yourself
with your children's suffering,
Mother, Who embraces the entire creation,
accept from this one these prayers that have
been sung to You for all of time.
Sarva-mangala Mangale
Shive Sarvartha Sadhike
Sharanye Trambakye Gauri
Narayani Namostute

Oh, She Who is the most auspicious
of all, cause of all success
Three eyed Gauri,
Salutations to Narayani.
Sharana-gata Dinartha
Pari-trana Parayane
Sarva Shakti Hare Devi
Narayani Namostute

You are the savior of all
who seek your refuge
You remove all the pain of life,
Salutations to Narayani.
Sarva Swarupe Sarveshe
Sarva Shakti Samanvite
Bhaye Bhyastra Himo Devi
Durga Devi Namostute

You Who are everything
You Who are the life in all things
You Who are obsessed taking away
the suffering of those who take refuge in You
To You, Oh Golden Mother, salutations!
Srishti Stithi Vinashanam
Shakti-Bhute Sanatani
Gunashraye Gunamaye
Narayani Namostute

The Creator, Sustainer and the Destroyer,
The center of ultimate Energy,
The essence of Nature,
Salutations to Narayani!
Om Kali Kali Mahakali
Kalike Parameswari
Sarva-Ananda-Kare Devi
Narayani Namostute

AUM, Oh Great Mother
Kali, Supreme Goddess
Gracious Mother, Bestower of bliss,
Salutations to You, Narayani
Goddess of the Universe
Rupam Dehi, Jayam Dehi
Yasho Dehi, Dwisho Dehi
Jaya Twam Devi Chamunde
Jaya Bhutatri Harini
Jaya Sarva Cate Devi
Kalaratri Namostute
Be Victorious slaying our demons
Be Victorious saving all beings
Be Victorious everywhere
Oh Mother, Black as Night,
May I surrender more completely!

Jai Ma Kali!

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