Saturday, May 3, 2014

Will I ever forget You?

By Ramalinga Swamigal, known as Vallalar, a great Tamil mystic and poet.
I am capering about
thinking that even if I forget Him,
He, my Spouse, will never forget me.
Though so far I have forgotten heaven,
the heavenly ones I have forgotten,
Vishnu and Brahma have I forgotten,
our Rudra I have forgotten,
my flesh I have forgotten,
forgotten have I my life,
all my sentience I have forgotten,
the world entire have I forgotten,
yet I do not know of ever forgetting You here!
Do not treat me like a too soon weaned baby,
do evince concern for me
and be graciously pleased to bestow on me
the effulgence of grace!
Will I ever forget You?
I do not know of my ever forgetting You;
if I forget You I shall give up my life;
I will not delay even a single moment,
I swear this by You.
Will You forget me?
If You forget me,
what will I do,
where will I go,
to whom will I relate (my tale of woe)?
Oh my Father!
Oh Lord more compassionate than a mother!
Even if You forget,
Your Grace
Who brought forth all this universe
will never forget me;
thus thinking I abide rejoicing exceedingly.
Do not forget that this is the fit moment,
do quickly bestow on me the effulgence of grace!

Translation by G Vanmikanathan

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