Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Heart of the Dance

Any symbol is unable to capture it in describing the One who transcends all. But it is a incredibly perfect symbol. Perfect and of Perfection. The wonderful symbiosis of the depth of stillness and whirling motion is a paradox of Eternity and Time. Shiva is Kala that means time, but also Shiva is Mahakala - Eternity. His eternal dance manifests itself everywhere and in all, from the movement of the planets to the constitution of our cells, molecules and atoms but in the centre is an absolute and unchanging calmness. And where is this centre? How can we to reach it? Really, how it's possible for that being, lying at His feet? That jiva is separated from Him or all is Shiva-leela here? Whatever that may appear to us as separate parts of one image is but an illusion that arises because of our experience of duality. And in our subtle vestures we can hear the rhythm of Shiva's cosmic dance and find what seemed a conflict resolved not into static form but into perpetual motion, streaming out ceaselessly with no limit from the still point at the very centre of the heart.  And ananda tandava, the cosmic dance expressing His divine totality, is danced within every human heart. What is this awesome mystery that is taking place within us? Who can express it in words? I cannot, therefore I just repeat my picture only.

 We move and change in Shiva's dance. But the things which change are not our real life. Within us there is another body, another beauty. It belongs to that heart of Light which never changes. May God give us an opportunity to opening the way to the dance's central point, to Truth.


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