Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Angel by Giotto
For modern minds, the angel has become a utterly fantastic figure, a figure which invokes incredulity and disbelief. But in the early Christianity and medieval times, they were regarded as real creatures. In Islam, it is believed that angels have been created out of light (nur), before the creation of humans from dust. They are supernatural creatures, worshipping Allah and carrying out His commands. The Quran says, "They do not disobey Allah's commands that they receive; they do precisely what they are commanded".
The Bible reveals that there will be a flurry of angelic activity in the end times. The important function is defined for them."The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous" (Matthew 13:49)
Roger Wagner "The Harvest is the end of the world"
 Anyway, in different religions, they were and are a sign of God's intervention in human history and revelation. What therefore is an angel? On the one hand, the Angel is a creature who stands before God, oriented to God with his whole being. At same time, they are God's messengers (rusul in arabic). Precisely because they are with God, they can also be very close to man. The Angels speak to man of what constitutes his true being, of what in his life is so often concealed and buried. They bring him back to himself, touching him on God's behalf.
St Thomas Aquinas said: The angels work together for the benefit of us all. In this sense, we human beings must also always return to being messengers to one another - angels who turn us away from erroneous ways. Truly, such person, who helps us to find our true nature,  is the envoy of angels on the earth.

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