Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lakshmi and Lotus

Om Padmapriyai namaha 
Om Padmashyai namaha 
Om Padmasundryai namaha
Lotus-born, Sri Lakshmi is Padmasambhava. As it is described in Ramayana:
The gods, the Asuras and the Gandharvas, again agitating the sea, after a long time appeared the great goddess, inhabiting the lotus, clothed with superlative beauty, in the first bloom of youth, covered with ornaments, and bearing every auspicious sign; adorned with a crown, with bracelets on her arms, her jetty locks flowing in ringlets, and her body, which resembled burning gold, adorned with ornaments of pearl. This great goddess appeared with four arms, holding a lotus in her hand; her countenance incomparable in beauty. Thus was produced the goddess Padma, or Shri, adored by the whole universe, Padma by name.
In Her names the lotus is very frequent and its symbolism is closely connected with it.
She is Padmamesthita (standing on a lotus), to be Padmavarna (lotus-coloured), Padmauru (lotus-thighed), Padmakshi (lotus-eyed), Padmini Pushkarini (abounding in lotuses), Padmapriya (the goddess to whom the lotus is dear). Her lotus pedestal has become attached to other deities both Hindu and Buddhist, and her characteristic attitude, known as padma hasta, or padmapani (lotus in hand), was taken over in the iconography of Mahayana Buddhism and can be seen in images of Padmapani. 
Lotus-born is a title of profoundly sacred significance throughout the East. At the creation of the world Brahma was born from a lotus rising from the navel of Vishnu. Lotus crowns were worn by kings, and numerous gods and goddesses of India, Egypt and the Far East are shown bearing emblems of open lotus flowers or sitting upon lotus thrones. In Buddhist tradition, the Buddha is related to the lotus and its petals are likened to the rays of the sun.
Lakshmi Devi is a force which transforms the visible energy of the Sun (of God) into action. The response to the sun's rays is the opening out of the lotus petals. But  opening up her petals to the illusory world, Devi is always focused at the feet of her Lord, at the Center.
The Lotus is the divine bridge between heaven and earth. And man is intended to manifest the flower that will reflect the Sun.
Om Padmayai namaha


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