Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ratri Sukta from Rigveda

Ratri Suktam of the Rig Veda (10:127:1-8)

atha vedoktaṃ rātrisūktam
om rātrī vyakhyadāyati purutrā devyakṣabhiḥ |
viśvā adhi śriyo'dhita ||1||
Om Divine Mother Ratri, who are the original primordial darkness, both the source and Final destination of all, you see and pervade your entire creation, reigning everywhere, over everything, in all your glory.
orbaprā amarttyā nivato devyudvataḥ |
jyotiṣā vādhate tamaḥ ||2||
Omnipresent, immortal, the Goddess of places high and low; darkness is repelled by the Light.
niru svasāramskṛtoṣasaṁ devyāyatī |
apeduhāsate tamaḥ ||3||
Divine Mother, You alone can bring forth the dawn of the highest liberating knowledge to dispel all the darkness of our ignorance.
sā no adya yasyā vayaṁ niteyāmanyavikṣmahi |
vṛkṣeṇ vasatiṁ vayaḥ ||4||
May You compassionately give us refuge from your own as-if-endless movements, bringing us home instead to rest in you, just as at nigh me, a bird re-enters its nest upon a tree.
ni grāmāso avikṣata nipadvanto nipakṣiṇaḥ |
ni śyenāsaścidarthinaḥ ||5||
For all of humanity, for animals who traverse by foot, or birds who fly in the air, Your is the only true object of our desperate search.
yāvayā vṛkyaṁ vṛkaṁ yavayastenamūrmmye |
athā naḥ sutarā bhava ||6||
Drive away the wolves of confusion, dispel the wolves of egotism, the thieves: hunger, thirst, greed, illusion, grief, and death. Then be to us the excellent crossing to Wisdom.
upa mā pepiśattamaḥ kṛṣṇaṁ vyaktamasthita |
uṣa ṛṇeva yātaya ||7||
Divine Mother, do not subject us anymore to this dark ignorance that has enveloped us. Please forgive our many debts, and come to us now instead as the dawning light.
upa te gā ivākaraṁ vṛṇīṣva duhitarddivaḥ |
rātri stomaṁ na jigyuṣe ||8||
O Divine Mother Ratri, expression of the heavens — you are the milk-giving cow, the source of Illumination. Please accept this, our prayer to You - and grant us victory!
iti ṛgvedoktaṁ rātrisuktaṁ samāptaṁ |

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