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Chandi Charitar

"Chandi Charitar" is the 4th chapter of "Dasam Granth", a religious text of Sikhism, whose authorship is generally attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. Beautiful and emotional, this text stands for Hindu warrior Goddess Chandi. The text begins with such introduction:

The Lord is Primal, Infinite, Account less, Boundless, Deathless, Garbless, Incomprehensible and Eternal.
He created Shiva-Shakti, four Vedas and three modes of maya and Pervades in three worlds.
He created day and night, the lamps of sun and moon and the whole world with five elements.
He extended enmity and fight between the gods and demons and Himself seated (on His Throne)1.
O Ocean of Mercy, if Thy Grace is bestowed upon me:
I may compose the story of Chandika and my poetry be all good.2.
Thy light is shining in the world, O Powerful Chand-Chamunda!
Thou art the Punisher of the demons with Thy strong arms and art the Creator of the nine regions.3.

Further, the feats of the Goddess in struggle against demons are described. They are followed by remarkable Eulogy to the Goddess:

O Yoga-fire, Enlightener of the Earth! I salute Thee.
O the Destroyer of Sumbh and dreadful manifestation of Death!
O the Destroyer of Dhumar Nain , O the Destroyer of Rakat Beej!
O Blazing like fire Kalika! I salute Thee.4.223.
O Ambika! O Jambhaha (the killer of the demon Jambh); O manifestation of Light! I salute Thee.
O the killer of Chand and Mund! O the Sovereign of Sovereigns! I salute Thee.
O the sawer of the demon Chamar! O the one looking like a portrait! I salute Thee.
O the bearer of knowledge, unique one! I Salute Thee.5.224.
O the supreme manifestation of the doer of dreadful actions! I salute thee.
O the bearer of the three modes of Rajas, Sattva and Tamas.
O the manifestation of supreme steel armour, O the destroyer of Mahishasura.
Destroyer of all, the killer of all! I salute Thee.6.225.
O the killer of Biralachh, the destroyer of Karurachh.
O the one showing mercy on Brahma in her delight, O Yog Maya! I salute Thee.
O Bhairavi, Bhavani, Jalandhari and the Destiny through all! I salute Thee.7.226.
Thou art seated everywhere, up and below.
Thou art Lakshmi, Kamakhya and Kumar Kanya.
Thou art Bhavani and manifestation of Bhairavi and Bhima,
Thou art seated at Hinglaj and Pinglaj, Thou art unique! I salute Thee.8.227.
Thou art the performer of dreadful acts, while infuriated in the battlefield.
Thou art most wise, master of powers and doer of pure deeds.
Thou art most beautiful like and apsara (heavenly damsel), Padmini and the goddess Parbati.
Thou art the source of power of Shiva, the power of Indra and the power of Brahma! I salute Thee.9.228.
Enchantress of the ghosts and goblins!
Thou art the greatest apsara, Parbati and the killer of tyrants.
Performer of gentle acts like children at the places like Hinglaj and Pinglaj.
Thou art the power of Kartikeya and Shiva etc.! I salute thee.10.229.
O the power of Yama, O the power of Bhrigu and the the wielder of weapons in Thy hands, I salute Thee.
Thou art the wearer of arms, most Glorious;
Unconquerable for ever and conqueror of all, bearer of elegant shield;
And performer of justice at all times, the Merciful Kalika! I salute thee. 11.230.
O the wielder of bow, sword, shield and mace,
The user of the disc, and of the honoured portrait, I salute Thee.
Thou art the mother of the universe and wielder of trident and dagger.
Thou art the knower of all the knowledge of all sciences! I salute Thee.12.231.
Thou art the preserver and destroyer of all, science! Thou art the rider of the dead.
Thou art the destroyer of tyrants in the manifestation of Kali, I salute Thee.
O Yoga-fire ! the power of Kartikeya;
Thou art ever new, the destroyer of tyrants;
The deceiver of all, the yoga-fire of Shiva;
The steel-armour for the saints and the dreadful Kali for the saints! I salute Thee.17.236.
Thou art the breath-moving process and the early morning worship.
Who has bound all the fourteen realms in the web of maya.
Thou art Anjani (mother of Hanuman), the crusher of the pride of all,
And the wielder and user of all the weapons! I salute Thee.18.237.
O Anjani ! the masher of the pride of tyrants,
The sustainer and bestowed of pleasure to all the saints, I salute thee.
O the manifestation of trident, wielder of sword in Thy hand;
The deliverer of all, the cause of causes and the manifestation of the sword! I salute Thee.19.238.
O Kali, with the begging bowl, and the besttower of bliss! I salute Thee.
O one of the most beautiful forms like the sun-rays and moon-beams.
The beauteous and the destroyer of the tyrants;
The sustainer of the world and the cause of all causes! I salute Thee.20.239.
O the one who showers her weapons in her pleasure,
Thou art the deliverer of all, I salute Thee.
O goddess Durga, Thou art most wise, a Yogini;
A goddess and a demoness, I salute Thee.21.240;
O the one of the dreadful forms and winsome eyes!
Thou art the wielder of trident and dagger and speaker of harsh words, I salute Thee.
O the blazer of Yoga-fire, the manifestation of supreme wisdom,
The destroyer of Chand and Munda and performer of the heinous action of crushing their dead bodies ! I salute Thee.22.241.
Thou art the bestower of bliss by destroying the great sinners.
Thou art the remover of the anguish of saints by destroying the tyrants with Thy dreadful teeth.
Thou art the knower of Shastras, knower of the use of weapons;
Perfect in knowledge of Yakshas, and the fulfiller of the desires! I salute Thee.23.242.
O the giver of suffering to the enemies, all the people worship Thee.
Thou art the creator of all interests and also their destroyer.
Thou art the power of Hanuman;
Thou art Kalika and manifestation of the sword and wielder of the power in Thy own hands ! I salute thee.24.243.
O the masterly power of Hanuman ! Thou art the goddess of Nagarkot (Kangra);
Thou art the manifestation of Kama (love). Thou art Kamakhya, the goddess.
And the bestower of bliss on al like kalratri (Kali);
O the bestower of the great miraculous powers and wealth and wielder of the sword! I salute Thee.25.244.
O Goddess ! thou art four-armed, eight-armed,
And sustainer of the whole world.
O Ambika ! Thou art the killer of the demon Jambh, the power of Kartikeya;
And the crusher of the dead, O Bhavani! I salute Thee.26.245.
O the destroyer of the enemies of the gods,
White-black and red-coloured.
O fire! the enchancer of bliss by conquering illusion.
Thou art the maya of Unmanifested Brahman and the Shakti of Shiva! I salute Thee.27.246.
Thou art the bestower of cheerfulness to all, the conqueror of all and the manifestation of Kal (death).
O Kapali! (the goddess carrying begging bowl), Shiva-Shakti! (the power of Shiva) and Bhadrakali!
Thou obtainest satisfaction by piercing Durga.
Thou art pure fire-manifestation and also cold-incarnate, I salute Thee.28.247.
O the masticator of the demons, the manifestation of the banners of all religions;
The source of the power of Hinglaj and Pinglaj, I salute Thee.
O the one of the dreadful teeth, the black complexioned,
Anjani, the masher of demons! Salute Thee. 29.248.
O the adopter of half-moon and wearer of the moon as an ornament;
Thou hast the power of clouds and hast dreadful jaws.
Thy forehead is like the moon, O Bhavani!
Thou art also Bhairavi and Bhutani, Thou art the wielder of the sword, I salute Thee.30.249.
O Kamakhya and Durga! Thou art the cause and deed of Kaliyuga (the iron age).
Like Apsara (heavenly damsels) and the Padmini women, Thou art the fulfiller of all desires.
Thou art the conqueror Yogini of all and performer of Yajnas (sacrifices).
Thou art the nature of all substances, Thou art the creator of the world and the destroyer of the enemies.31.250.
Thou art pure, holy, ancient, great;
Perfect, maya and unconquerable.
Thou art formless, unique, nameless and abodeless.
Thou art fearless, unconquerable and treasure of the great Dharma.32.251.
Thou art indestructible, indistinguishable, deedless and Dhrma-incarnate.
O the holder of the arrow in Thy hand and wearer of the armour, I salute Thee.
Thou art unconquerable, indistinguishable, formless, eternal;
Shapeless and the cause of nirvana (salvation) and all the works.33.252.
Thou art Parbati, fulfiller of the wishes, the power of Krishna;
Most powerful, the power of Vamana and art like the fire of the Yajna (sacrifice).
O the chewer of the enemies and masher of their pride;
Sustainer and destroyer in Thy pleasure, I salute Thee.34.253.
O the rider of the steed-like lion;
O Bhavani of beautiful limbs! Thou art the destroyer of all engaged in the war.
O the mother of the universe having large body!
Thou art the power of Yama, the giver of the fruit of actions performed in the world, Thou art also the power of Brahma! I salute Thee.35.254.
O the most pure power of God!
Thou art the maya and Gayatri, sustaining all.
Thou art Chamunda, the wearer of the necklace of head, Thou art also the fire of the matted locks of Shiva;
Thou art the donor of boons and destroyer of tyrants, but Thou Thyself ever remain indivisible.36.255.
O the Saviour of all the saints and the donor of boons to all;
The one who ferries across all over the terrible sea of life, the primary cause of all causes, O Bhavani! The mother of the universe.
I salute Thee again and again, O the manifestation of the sword!
Protect me ever with Thy Grace.37.256.
Here ends the Seventh Chapter entitled `The Eulogy of the Goddess` of Chandi Charitra.


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