Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hand in Fire

 One day Parvathi Devi got very angry and ask Lord Shiva, her husband:
"Why are you giving so much pain to your devotees? They love you so much and you put them through such tough tests. I am a mother, I can't see their pain. They call you Baba, and you push them so much."
Disturbed in his meditation, Mahadev opened his eyes and smiled at his wife. He has told:
"Go to this man on Earth and see how he works. You'll get your answer." ... and He resumes his meditation.
Parvathi came to Earth and looked up this man, a goldsmith. The man was busy heating some precious metals. He was sitting very close to the fire and had his hand almost inside the flames, heating gold and silver.
"Why are you burning this?", she asked.
"I am not burning it, I am just getting rid of all the impurities in it."
"Are you going to sit like this whole day, putting your hand in the fire?"
"Yes", he smiled, "Not only will I keep doing it, also I cannot take my eyes off it even for a mili-second. A little carelessness and I will lose something very precious to me. I will have to keep watching it."
"But how will you know that it is purified?”... she wondered.
"When it starts glowing and shining from within, I will be able to see my face reflected in it."


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