Friday, August 1, 2014

Kālī Krama

Homage to You, mistress of the God of gods!
Great Kālī!
Ultimate joy
(Yet) No joy
You are both permanent and ephemeral
(But) You're still the same Majesty.
Sovereign cohorts (of Yoginis) as their cohorts
You are (yet) rich in mystical insight
You are the source of Time
Which concludes the indomitable time.
You are the source of the Maya and other (events).
Your event , the whole thing: protect me! 
You are the meaning of HA,
Its origin and its resorption, you who are able (all)
You are the great panic
(Yet) your form is sweet
You do not have color or notes (which you match)
(But) you are (their) matrix,
You who are installed at the end of the sixteen rays.
You are firm in your temperament
Which illustrates (in your) will,
You who are the centerpiece of Bhairava 
Greater awareness,
You are adorable through consciousness,
Thou art the essence of the objects of consciousness
Formless you to form action
You whose form is everything.
You're the absolute cessation
(In any difference) between
Phenomenon and no phenomenon.
(But) You're all freaks!
You live in the heart
The kingdom of joy.
(However), You're the end of (all) emotion
But (it is clear that) you are the matrix
The realm of delight,
Thou art the same expansion!
You who remains at your
The end of ecstasy, you reign over all!
You're the resonance, the large resonance
You are told that eternal.
You are such that this yourself in the seed,
Thee is said to be the seed of every pleasure.
In the body, you are energy
Present in all states
Impersonal, the person you live,
Thou art omnipresent.
Beneficent form, great healing
Beyond any cure.
You are present at the end of twelve (finger widths)
At the end of nine (syllables)
And at the end of thirty-six (elements).
You are the coiled splendor within
Corolla of the lotus of the heart.
Always present in the throat,
You soothe hunger.
But in the palace, O great Kālī,
You devour everything!
You are the points located
Between sourcils.
O Kālī form of real, You're installed
A door leading to the absolute
You are present in the endless cycle
Resorption, (but) you are (also) emanation.
You are never absent from Hara
O Lord, they say, like an earring
In the form of exhaled breath
You live (also) the flow
This perfume that crazy (elephants)
Kālī Oh, You're free of the six wheels (subtle)
You reign at the top of the wheels.
Sixteen free media concentration
You're the end of (all) support.
You're that cover all three targets
But you live in what can only be described,
That You're not a target.
You who are transcending the rays
That are reflected in the empty sky,
You are the ruler of the impersonal.
Beyond the realm of incomplete forms,
You reign at the end of (all) forms.
You're the end of the day
Before the dream and dreamless sleep,
(But) you are (also) that which prevails beyond the Fourth.
You are everything
You're the queen of all the kings who ruled over all,
You're late,
Without support,
Without disease,
Without event
Structured, you are without structure (own)
Thou art the structure of all.
Homage to you, Goddess!
Tribute to the beginning, middle and end.

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