Sunday, January 31, 2016

Devi Stotra by Abhinavagupta

tava ca kaacana na stutir-ambike
sakala-shabda-mayii kila te tanuh/ 
nikhila-murtishu me bhavad-anvayo 
manasijaasu bahish-prasaraasu ca //
 O Divine Mother Ambika! There is nothing whatsoever in the form of the spoken word, which is not a hymn, or which does not constitute praise to Thee. Whether one prays reverently in church, in the mosque or the temple, or whether engaged in a worldly talk, in reality, it is all praise of you, because all words and all sounds are made up of letters which pervade your body. By virtue of this, whatever forms appears in this universe, or whatever ideas or thoughts arise in my mind, be they good or bad, they invariably afford me the opportunity to perceive You and embrace You.
 iti vicintya Shive ShamitaaShive
jagati jaatamayatnavaShaad idam/
stuti japaar canacintana varjitaa na
khalu kaacana kaala kalaapi me//
 Thus, O Mother, as the consort of supreme Bhairava you are ever intent on removing all afflictions and sufferings, without any effort on my part. Therefore there is neither any action, like meditation, or puja, nor are there any words, like singing praise or uttering mantrás, which do not constitute my worship of You.

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