Monday, February 22, 2016

The Praise of Mahakala

The ancien Buddhist prayer to Mahakala.

Let me eloquently praise in rhymes
Your mighty wisdom renowned to all
With four arms and unique face
With three red circular eyes
With naturally growing yellow hair
With teeth grinding an entire human
You uproot sins of passion
With a sword in your front right hand
You disperse countless doubts
With a skull in your other hand
You crush the asuras on high
With a spear in your upper left hand
Holding an open trident
In your next lower hand
With a lean young face
With an elephant-skin robe
With an open back-vestment connected to
A half-cut of cowskin
With a heroic-hearted lion as
An earring on your right ear
With a dark and speckled snake as
An earring on your left ear too
With prayer beads linked around your neck
With a black snake as your belt
With might that is capable of everything
With a bald donkey mount
As your amazing wheel-vehicle
Making the sun in the blue sky
Rise by your sweat
Mahakala, who adorns admirably
His legs with metal chains
If your voice is heard
Firm Mount Sumeru quakes
Mahakala, who makes quiver from the depths
The hearts of bloody enemies
Though you are of a peaceful spirit
You frighten demons and hindrances
Mahakala, who leads towards alaraa
By showing an aguulsan quality
The wise divine Mahakala
Who by working various wonders
Did subject before himself
The powerful gods and asuras
Punish, luminous Mahakala
The evil rebellious spirits
Who destroy religion and dharma
Though outwardly of the Well-Departed (Buddha).
Give rest in peace, Mahakala
To all friendly sentient beings
While protecting scholars and the devout
May we shatter by your strength
Bloody enemy demons
Who speak sweetly in the ear
Yet wish evil in their hearts
Attach yourself to and protect, Mahakala
The lord of dharma, king and queen
Teachers, ministers, sons and daughters
Nobles and sons-in-law, each and everyone.
By the merit of praising in these rhymes
Your holiness’ mighty wisdom
May all beings reach nirvana
And may this cycle become empty
May the monk Choiji-Odser
Who summarizing all your mighty wisdom
Melodically offers these rhymed praises
If they sing with their melodious song
May all illnesses and demons be pacified
And each become Buddhas at the end.

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