Monday, January 27, 2014

Only towards Me

dekhaiM manushyajAt sakala - heM svabhAvata bhajana SIL
jAhaleM ase kevaL - mAzici ThAyIM

I see that all of humankind has by nature a worshiping quality
This happens only towards me.

These lines are from Dnyaneshwari, written by the Marathi saint and poet Dnyaneshwar (Jñānadeva) during the 13th century at age 16(!). In the above lines, the saint is relaying to us the words of the Divine. 
What is actually conveyed here is the fundamental truth that human beings are by nature drawn for the transcendental. It is not which religion that matters, but this universal longing for Highest beyond is what constitutes the religious spirit. As creatures bound by history, tradition, and parochial affiliations we may consider one religion to be truer or better than another. But at the higher level, all these are different manifestations of that same inner urge. The search for the Divine is imprinted in the human spirit. That appeals to us from within us. And This is One.

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