Sunday, September 14, 2014

Don't Ask Me

I am a hunter of taverns, don't ask me about the Beloved.

I am dumb, so from the dumb, and distracted

Don't ask for an oration.

I'm preoccupied with my own blindness and wretchedness,

So from the blind don't ask for sight and vision.

Your languid eyes have brought on my own languor,

So don't ask from one so smitten for aught but delirious ravings.

Don't consort with a wandering dervish, but if ever you do,

Never ask him about wisdom, philosophy, scripture, or of the sayings of the Prophet.

I am drunk with the wine of Thy love, so from such a drunkard

Don't ask for the sober counsel of a man of the world.

--- by Imam Khomeini 

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