Thursday, September 11, 2014

Heramba Ganapati

Om Heramba Ganapataye Namaha

Ganesha's five-headed form is named Heramba or Pancamukha-Ganapati. He has five heads, ten arms, and rides on a lion. Their heads are arranged in different ways, they bear different attributes, sit on different vehicles, and are sometimes accompanied by a consort. Heramba is a general epithet of Ganapati. The Heramba Upanisad is not written in praise of the special five-headed form of Ganapati but eulogizes him in general. This Ganesha's tantric form is also known as magnificent "protector of the weak". His protective hand gesture, the Abhya Mudra, depicted in his right hand bestows blessing and the main left hand grants wishes, the others hold the rosary, the citron, the club, the elephant goad, the noose, the axe, the kadabu cake, the single tusk; his tenth hand shows the movement which bestows boons (Varada).
Traditionally, the heads are represented as arranged in one row, all four heads facing the cardinal directions while the fifth at the top looking upwards. The colours of the five faces of Heramba show close similarity to those of the five aspects of Shiva, known collectively as Pancha-Brahman . Heramba sit's on a lion, Devi's vehicle, which forms part of the royal symbolism. His yantra is eight-petalled lotus surrounded by three bhupuras with two vithis. This form is worshipped in Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Benares.

Heramba Ganapati mantra:

Abhaya Varadahastah Paashadantakshamala
Srini Parashu Dadhaano Mudgaram Modakam Cha
Phalamadhi Gatasimhah Panchamaatanga Vakthrah
Ganapatiratigaurah Paatu Herambanamaa

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