Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Person Who is Beyond All Things

From the "Nine Mountains" written by Korean Zen Master Ku San Sunim (1909-1983).

The eyes of the enlightened man who has awakened to the true-nature which is absolutely unchanging, have direct insight into the great truth of the universe.

He has transcended the three time periods of past, present and future; and by transcending both time and space he is not obstructed by being and non-being; this is called liberation.

He sees all phenomena in the universe through the Great Perfect Mirror Wisdom, in the same manner as a mirror reflects everything in creation.

He is without contamination or attachments; he is like white clouds over green mountains or falling rain on the blue sea.

By staying within the mind of non-action (wu-wei), he has followed the stream and reached the marvel; he is vast and boundless.

This is the man who is without any obstruction.

All relativity is ended here; birth does not matter and death does not matter.

Everyone is Vairocana Buddha and all is a store of flowers. There is nothing which is not sacred.

One name for such a man is "a person who is beyond all things."

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