Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shankaradikrit Gajanan Stotram

From Mudgala purana

The Devagaṇa spoke: Many salutations for You, Whose face is of elephant (Gajānana), Who is complete, Who is sāṅkhyarūpamaya (consisting of forms described in sāṅkhya), and Who is situated everywhere with in a formless (state) O Heramba! Many salutations for You, Who is immeasurable, Who is the holder of paraśu (an axe), Whose vehicle is the mouse, and Who is the Lord of the worlds.

Salutations for You, Whose powers are infinite, Whose form is beyond the (Brahmā and other) lords of the world, Who is the son of Shiva, Who is noble, and Who is the elder one to Guha (Kārtikeya). Many salutations for You Ganesha, Who is the dear one of Pārvatī, Who is the protector of devagana, and Whose form is worthy of worship by everyone.

Salutations for You, Who is dwelling in His own self (bliss), and Who is a distinct Kuladevatā from other kuladevatā namely Shiva, Vishnu and others. Salutations for You, Who is the impeller of Yoga, Who is the giver of calm (generated) by yoga, Who is the Lord of Brahmā, and Who is the giver of Brahman (life) to all the living beings.

O Lord (nātha), Who is the owner of siddhi and buddhi! Many salutations for You, Who is the giver of siddhi and buddhi, Who causes Māyā, and Who is the giver of attachment to those who can create illusions (māyā). Many salutations for You, Who has a large girth (lambodara), Who has gone into the core (udara) of everything (i.e., quintessential being), Who is beyond Māyā, and Who is the basis of Māyā.

O Vighnapa (Who absorbs away any obstacles)! That Gaja is the essential element of everything, those who see this sign of yours, those Yogi get to know You (completely) and they eventually become of You. O Gajānana! Then how can one eulogize You, Who has an elephant face, with a panegyric; even the Veda, Śaṅkara and others, and the devatā are keen on it.

Sukracarya and other teachers or Seshanaga and other scholars are also not capable to eulogize You. Even then You have been eulogized owing to the sudden appearance of Yours, Who is generally not seen. Having said thus, Shiva and others saluted Gajānana. He, Whose heart was pleased, and Who was satisfied by the devotion, spoke to them.

Gajānana spoke: This stotra created by you will become the giver of everything. Those who will recite or listen to it will receive knowledge or material.

Translation by Animesh Kumar

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