Friday, February 13, 2015

Nectar of Devotion

From the "Shivastotravali" of Utpaladeva. The Stotra One - "The Pleasure of Devotion".

We praise the one who is filled with devotion,
Who meditates not nor recites by the rule,
And yet without any effort at all
Attains the splendor of Shiva.

Even the path of worldly living
Becomes blissful for the devotees
Who have obtained your blessing, O Lord,
And who live inside your realm.

When everything in the world is in your form,
How could there be a place
Not suitable for devotees?
Where in the world does their mantra
Fail to bear fruit?

Triumphant are they, intoxicated
With the celestial drink of devotion.
They are beyond duality
Yet retain you as "the other."

Only those who are immersed
In the joy of fervent devotion
Know the essence, O Lord,
Of your boundless ocean of bliss.

Lord! When the objective world has dissolved
Through a state of deep meditation,
You stand alone -
And who does not see you then?

But even in the state of differentiation
Between the knower and the known,
You are easily seen by the devotees.

Just as Devi,
Your most beloved, endless pool of bliss,
Is inseparable from you,
So may your devotion alone
Be inseparable from me.

The path of the senses is threefold,
Marked by pleasure, pain, and delusion.
For the devotee this is the path
That leads to your attainment.

How wonderful it is that the mind, O Lord,
In essence the seed of all suffering,
When doused with the nectar of devotion,
Bears the magnificent fruit of beatitude.
Translation by Constantina Rhodes Bailly


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