Sunday, February 15, 2015

O Gleaming Three-eyed One!

From the "Shivastotravali" of Utpaladeva (translated by Constantina Bailly).

Carry me into your abode, O Lord  -
I, who, through the touch of the guru
Have become attached
To the blissful touch
Of your blessed lotus feet.
The hair on my head glistens
With color from the dust of your lotus feet;
When shall I begin to dance
The dance of ever-impetuous delight?

O Lord! You are my only Lord!
I perpetually beseech
That I would sooner be made a mute
And dwell within you
Than become wise in any other way.
O Lord! Ocean of Nectar!
O Gleaming Three-eyed One!
O Sweet One even of the Monstrous Eyes!

Let me cry and dance
Exclaiming all this with joy.
With my eyes closed
At the touch of your lotus feet
May I rejoice,
Reeling with drunkenness
From the wine of your devotion.

May I live in that sanctuary, O Lord,
Where, taking many forms,
You reside with Devi
From the palace up to the city gates.
O Lord, may the rays
Of your brilliance beam steadily
Until the lotus of my heart opens
To worship you.

Grant, O Lord, That I fall at your feet always
And find such delight there
That even my mind becomes intoxicated
And dissolves in bliss.
Whether through immense joy or through anguish,
Whether from on a wall or in an earthen jug,
Whether from external objects or from within,
Reveal yourself to me, O Lord!


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