Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Second Light

From the Shiva Rahasya, Chapter Two - "The Second Light".

Lord Shiva said:
7. O you who are at peace! Reality or Truth is Eternally One, without a doubt. Yet in order to manifest Its Eternal Glory, Truth creates the various Worlds out of Itself. Therefore It exists in different States or Forms. They are: Spirit, which is like unto Fire; Energy, which is like unto the Sun; and Matter which is like unto the Moon.

8. The Fiery Spirit is Self-Shining Intelligence, Awareness, Consciousness Itself. It is Shiva, the All-Encompassing, All-Illuminning Reality in Its Restful, Unmanifest State.

9. The Sunlike Energy is the Intelligent Power that flows from the Divine Fire even as rays flow from the Sun. It is the Power whereby Spirit creates the Worlds. It is Spirit in Its Active State of Pure, Flowing and Free, Creative Intelligence (Chit Shakti). It has two aspects, one likened unto a Bright Sun, the other unto a Dark Sun. The first named, the Bright Sun, gives rise to the Higher World of Spirit wherein dwell the Radiant Ones. The second, the Dark Sun, gives rise to the Dark World of Matter wherein abide the unawakened Souls. Embodied Souls are endowed with the quality of both brightness and darkness, and therefore they work good and evil deeds.

10. Verily, the same Sun-like Intelligent Power, having brought to pass the Creation of the Higher Worlds, materialises or solidifies to various degrees giving birth to the Material World from the Astral down to the Physical Planes. As such it is called Matter. It is Spirit in Its Materialised, Manifest State and is likened to the Moon.

11. The same Power Divine when elevating the Soul to the Abode of Light is called Shakti. When it envelops the Soul like a shroud and pulls him down into the Material World, is known as Maya, the Lord's Magic Power. In its aspect of Objectively Perceptible Substance, it is known as Matter (Prakrti). When experienced in dormant form, as in deep sleep, it is called Unmanifest Matter (Avyakta Prakrti) or Void.

12. Verily, everything perceived by the Soul is a manifestation of the Power of the Lord. The Universe consists of both Matter and Spirit which are the two Aspects of the One Reality. Time is the third aspect. The Great, Eternal and Beginning-less Time which is One with the Lord, gives rise to Matter. Having given birth to Matter it manifests itself in the interaction of Matter and Spirit. Thus limited Time known to unawakened man, is born.

13. Spirit, Time and Matter form the World wherein reside all mortal men. I am both identical with and different from these three, which are eternally stationed within Me, the Unmanifested Supreme.

14. That which is known as Matter or Material Energy (Prakrti) gives birth to the Material Universe (Jagat) beginning with the Intellect and ending with the particularised forms. The Life-Principle called Soul (Atma) enjoys the attributes of Matter as he interacts with it, and falls under its spell.

15. Though being One, the Soul is given various names such as, Spirit, Real I, True Man or Inner Self, by those who contemplate the Things-That-Are (Tattvas). Though being One, it is seen as many through the Lord's Magic that enchants the World. The wise who have freed themselves from the spell of the World and who have risen above material objects, senses, ego and mind, they alone know that the Soul is their real Self.

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