Friday, August 28, 2015

Siddhalakshmi Stotram

From Shri Siddhalakshmi Stotram (Lakshmi of Spiritual Power).

The syllable OM is Lakshmi,
Embodiment of the imperishable heart of Vishnu.
The syllable HRIM is Lakshmi,
Embodiment of the unfathomable bliss of Vishnu.

SHRIM is the bright and auspicious one
Who bestows immortal bliss.
KLIM is the demon-destroying Shakti,
Garlanded with enemies she has slain.

That goddess who is divine resplendence,
Bestower of boons,
Source of auspiciousness,
And the feminine aspect of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva,
Embodies herself as the beautiful Kalika.

The primordial sound of the goddess is enunciated
In the syllable a, embodiment of Lakshmi,
In the syllable u, embodiment of the imperishable Vishnu,
And in the syllable m, embodiment of the unfathomable Purusha.

(The primordial sound)
Resembles the disc of the sun
And the crescent moon,
And radiates the same exquisite luster.
In between (the sun and moon) is embedded
The hidden treasure,
The essence of Brahman.

The syllable OM,
Greatest bliss of all,
Is none other than the lovely goddess,
Essence of happiness and well-being.
O Siddhalakshmi, Mokshalakshmi, Adyalakshmi,
Salutations to you!

Om Varalakshmiyai Namah

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