Saturday, November 22, 2014

12 Names of Sri Varahi

The twelve names of Sri Varahi are:
1. Panchami - The fifth Devi, the fifth of the eight matrikas, also She is the power behind Sadashiva as his Anugraha Shakti.
2. Dandhanatha - Commander in chief of the armed forces of Sri Lalita.
3. Sangyetha - Secret coded.
4. Samayeshwari - Goddess of the path where there are rules and restrictions.
5. Samaya sangyetha or Samayasanketa - Secret code in the Puja path, since She confers on us the understanding the meaning and the philosophy behind every act in the puja .
6. Varahi - The Divine power behind the Varaha avatar of Sri Vishnu.
7. Pothrini - Boar-faced. Since boar has an ability to float and swim in waters, she has the ability to keep her devotees afloat and steer them in the world.
8. Shivaa - Auspicious.
9. Varthali - Goddess of speech.
10. Mahasena - Having great army.
11. Agnachakreshwari - Goddess of the ajna cakra.
12. Arigni  - The remover of the enemies and upholder of rules.
Om Sri Maha Panchami
Om Sri Dhandanadha
Om Sri Sangetha
Om Sri Samayeshwari
Om Sri Samaya Sangetha
Om Sri Varahi
Om Sri Pothrini
 Om Sri Shiva
Om Sri Varthali
Om Sri Mahasena
Om Sri Aaagnya Chakreswari
Om Sri Arigni

 Om Sri Naarayani Namosthuthe

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