Monday, November 24, 2014

Dance, Snake, Dance!

Poem by Pampattic Siddhar, a mystic tamil saint of 14th or 15th century. His name means "The Siddha with the Dancing Snake."

Make the horse called mind a mount,
Insert the bit called intellect in its mouth,
Mount gracefully into the saddle called anger,
Ride to the Clear place and
Dance Snake Dance!

We placed our feet on the sandals of desire
And stamped to ruins the thorny forest of vanity;
We kindled a fire in the grass of evil traits
And transcended time, so 
Dance Snake Dance!

In the mountain called eternity we stood fast;
We accomplished whatever we thought; were purified;
Truthfully, our body won't be destroyed;
We'll even live forever, so 
Dance Snake Dance!
---translation by David C. Buck

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