Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shani and Hanuman

Small but learning mythological story when Shani's inevitability meets Hanuman's purity and about a lesson from this.

When Shani told Hanuman that his Shani Sade Sati (7½ years long troublesome time) was going to begin,
Hanuman asked: "Which part of my body do you intend to live in?"
Shani said:"I want to sit on your head."
Hanuman:"Very well."
When the first day of Hanuman's Sade Sati came, Shani Dev seated himself on the head of Hanuman comfortably. Now Hanuman began to play a little game. He would take a heavy mountain and throw it high in the air and let it fall on his head. After a few minutes, when Hanuman was just started to enjoy this game, Shani cried: "Stop, O Hanuman, Let me go, I leave you alone."
Hanuman: "You mean that you have had enough?"
Shani replied: "Yes, I have had enough, but at least I made you hit your head."

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