Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bhringi's Fault

You know this entertaining and very  instructive mythological story. Sage  Bhringi was so loyal to Shiva that in his state of devotion he did not offer his worship to any one including Parvathi. Then, Shiva merged Himself with Parvathi such that Bhringi would have to circumambulate both of them. When  obstinate Bhringi has seen Shiva in his Ardhanarishwara form, he tried to bore through the middle of the body in the form of a bee to complete his obeisance to only the Shiva side of the form. Infuriated by his behaviour, Parvathi cursed Bhringi to lose all the flesh and turn like a skeleton. Losing all the flesh and blood, Bhringi was unable to stand. Shiva, moved by Bhringi's plight, gave a 3rd leg for support.
Thus Bhringi was made to realize his mistake and change his behavior.
The story of this helpless skeleton is very expressive of the idea that Shakti is an integral part of Him. Simultaneously it can be understood so nothing can be excluded as something that will not be complete without accepting the human angle to the divine. And physical aspect of our mind is inseparably linked with great spiritual comprehension. In this physical body with this flesh and this blood. And that both are tied and it is so silly to avoid one for the sake of another, without understanding that it is tied to the other.

He is the Highest Truth. She is Reality and the source of stimuli, the destination of responses, the fountainhead of experiences, desires, and learning.  Shiva's purity and dispassionateness is balanced with Shakti's involvement and passion. Both - balances the whole world. They make two sides of One reality.
So let's not repeat the Bhringi's fault!

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