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Prayer to the God of the Path

Photo by Colin Monteath, Minden Pictures

Margabandhu Stotram or Prayer to the God of the Path written by Appayya Deekshithar (1520-1593).
Lord Shiva, as Margabandhu, is believed to be with us during our journey and protect us from all hardships. Usually, this stotra is understood as an appeal to the divine help during a travel somewhere. But certainly, it can be understood in the widest sense of the spiritual journey or whole our life.

shambho mahAdeva deva shiva shambho mahAdeva devesha shambho shambho mahAdeva deva

phAlAvanamrat-kireeTam phAlanetrArchiShA dagdhapancheShukITam shoolAhatArAtikooTam shuddhamardhenduchooDam bhaje mArgabandhum
shambho mahAdeva deva …

I pray to that friend of the path,
Who wears a crown on his head,
Who kills his enemies by his trident,
Who wears a crescent which showers nectar,
And who burnt by the fire of his eyes,
Which are on his forehead,
Him who has the five arrows like an insect.

shambho mahAdeva deva ….

ange virAjad-bhujangam abhragangA-tangAbhirAmottamAngam omkAravATee-kurangam siddhasamsevitAnghrim bhaje mArgabandhum  
shambho mahAdeva deva … 2
I pray to that friend of the path,
Whose limbs are adorned by a snake,
Who is a deer in the park of holy pranava,
Whose feet is worshipped by great sages,
And who looks charming with his head,
Adorned by the Ganga of the sky

shambho mahAdeva deva …

nityam chidAnandarUpam nihnutAsheSha-lokesha-vairipratApam kArtasvarAgendrachApam kruttivAsam-bhaje divya-sanmArgabandhum 
shambho mahAdeva deva … 3
I pray to that friend of the good divine path,
Who is perennial and of the form of,
Truth, intelligence and bliss,
Who destroyed without reminder,
The glory of the fame of the enemy of Indra,
Who used the golden Mount Meru,
As his bow in the war against three asuras,
And who dresses himself in hides of trees.

shambho mahAdeva deva …

kandarpadarpaghnamIsham kAlakaNTham mahesham mahAvyomakesham kundAbhadantam suresham koTi sooryaprakAsham bhaje mArgabandhum 
shambho mahAdeva deva … 4
I pray to that friend of the path,
Who put an end to the pride of God of love,
Who is the great Lord who has a deep blue throat,
Who has the great sky as his matted lock,
Whose teeth resemble the white jasmine flowers,
And who has the shine of billions of Suns.

shambho mahAdeva deva ...
mandArabhUterudAram mantharAgendrasAram mahAgouryadUram sindhoora-dooraprachAram sindhurAjAtidheeram bhaje mArgabandhum 
shambho mahAdeva deva…5
I pray to that friend of the path,
Who is more generous than the wish giving tree,
Who is the strength behind the great Mandara Mountain,
Who is very close to the great Goddess Gauri,
Who has a red colour far intense than red lead,
And who is more resolute than the God of the ocean

shambho mahAdeva deva  …

apyayya-yajvendragItam stotrarAjam paThedyastu bhaktyA prayANe tasyArthasiddhim pradatte mArgamadhye'bhayam chAshutoSho maheshah
This king of stotras written by Appayya who is the performer of sacrifices, if read with devotion during journey would ensure fulfillment of wishes, protection during journey, and Lord Shiva would be easily pleased.
Translated by P.R.Ramachander


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