Saturday, January 10, 2015

Enter the Door - 8

Sometimes, the door used as a symbol, is the usual physical door also. In any way, it does not take away the symbolical sense. On the contrary - this sense can extend. All depends on your understanding in this concrete time. The such happens with one of the four Saiva Samaya Acharyas of the 7th century - Thirunavukarasar (Appar). One interesting legend is connected with him.

Once upon a time, the Vedas themselves used to worship the Lord Shiva in the Vedaranyeswarar Temple. When people neglected the study of the Vedas, this was discontinued. From that time, the door by which the Vedas used to enter, remained closed. There was another door by which people would go in and worship. Appar and other saint, Thirugnanasambandhar (Sambanthar), heard of this when they came there. He requested Appar to sing a song. The doors opened by themselves, by the Will of God. They went in and worshipped the Lord. When they returned to that entrance, Sambanthar sang and the door closed again.

So, you can understand this opening and closing the temple doors symbolically or actually, but the main thing that  this miracle can happen to you.

O spouse of Uma, Her witli speech equalling music!
O Lord of Maraikkatu, worsipped by the world!
Favor me with your unfailing grace!
Open the door, Let me see You with my eyes!
O God who wears the white ash, infinite Lord,
God of lovely Maraikkatu!
Kindly open this great door,
so that your devotees may worship You!
O my Lord who quelled the demon with one toe,
Have you no pity?
Lord of Maraikkatu with fragrant puppai groves!
Oh, quickly open this door!

By  Appar
Photo by Dinodia Dinodia, Photolibrary

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