Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love is Fire

Who do you think I am?
A drunkard?
A love-sick fool, a slave of my senses, made senseless by desire?
I have risen above all that,
I am the King of Love in majesty.
My soul is purified from the darkness of lust, my longing purged of low desire, my mind free from shame.
I have broken the teeming bazaar of the senses in my body.
Love is the essence of my being.
Love is fire and I am wood burnt by the flame.
Love has moved in and adorned the house, my self tied up its bundle and left.
You imagine that you see me, but I no longer exist:
What remains is the beloved...

From "Laylâ and Majnûn" by Nizami Ganjavi (1141-1209)

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