Monday, January 26, 2015

Gayatri Mantra Ghana Patha

Ghana Paatha (literally "dense recitation") is the very complicated, but very delightful, sentence structure where the Vedic mantra should be chanted in combinations when each ghana turn itself contains. So, if the original order of words in a sentence is: 1/2/3/4/5  - the ghana recital goes as follows:
45/54/45/ and so on...

Gaayatri Mantra Ghana Paatha

tathsavitu - ssavitu - ssattathsaviturvareNyam
vareNyagm savitu stattathsaviturvareNyam |
saviturvareNyam vareNyagm savitu -
bhargo bhargo vareNyagm savitu -
ssaviturvareNyaM bhargaha |
vareNyam bhargo bhargo vareNyam vareNyam
bhargo devasya devasya bhargo
vareNyam vareNyam bhargo devasya |
bhargo devasya devasya bhargo bhargo devasya
dheemahi dheemahi devasya
bhargo bhargo devasya dheemahi |
devasya dheemahi dheemahi devasya devasya dheemahi |
dheemaheeti dheemahi |
dhiyo yo yo dhiyo dhiyo yo no no yo dhiyo dhiyo yonaha |
yo no no yo yonah prachodayaat
prachodayaanno yo yonah prachodayaat |
nah prachodayaat prachodayaanno nah prachodayaat |
prachodayaaditi - pra -chodayaat ||

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